Summer Scenarios: “King Of The Hill”


Summer Scenarios: "King Of The Hill" |

Recently I was involved in an airsoft skirmish and played “King Of The Hill”.  I had so much fun capturing and attempting to hold the hill from the onslaught my fellow warriors.  Here is how to play the scenario and some tactics that you can use to be “King Of The Hill”!

How To Play “King Of Hill”:

Players: 3+ (The more players the more fast paced and difficult the game will be)
Re-spawn: Select a series of location (preferable surrounding the hill).  Each player will have a separate re-spawn area.  Re-spawn is 30 seconds for fast paced game play.
Battle Zone: A centrally located hill with lots of cover and places to hide on top and on the way up.
Supplies: No special supplies are necessary.

Battle Zone Set Up: Red dots are Re-Spawn areas (we had three players).  The blue dot is the location of the “King Of The Hill”.

"King Of The Hill" Map |

To Play:
1. One player is chosen as the “King Of The Hill”; and starts at the chosen location on the hill top.

2. All other players start at their separate re-spawn points.  They may work together to capture the hill; but only one player can be “King Of The Hill”.

3. Players attempt to capture the hill. First player to the top after the “King Of The Hill” is eliminated is the new “King Of The Hill”.

4. Play continues till a chosen end time (example is 30 minutes).  Player that has been the “King Of The Hill” the most times is the winner.

Keep Your Head Down: The enemy will be looking for your location (Remember: he only knows your general area, not your exact location).  Don’t give it away by “goose-necking”.  Find a piece of cover that works and stay low.

Wait For The Shot:  Get in a position that forces the enemy to expose himself to hit you.  Make him come to you and wait for the right moment before firing.  You don’t want to give away your position prematurely.

Keep Watch: Always be looking around.  The enemy can, and will, approach from any direction. Listen for the enemy making noise and don’t be surprised when the he comes out from that direction.

Let me know how this scenario works for you.  If there are any rule changes/improvements that you made please comment them below.


How To Communicate With Your Team During An Airsoft Battle (From The Chief Airsoft)


How To Communicate With Your Team During An Airsoft Battle (From The Chief Airsoft) |

The below videos are from The Chief Airsoft YouTube channel.  In this two part series, the Chief explains how to communicate with your teammates and mistakes to avoid in battle.  In an earlier post, I talked about the usefulness of springer battles.  These videos will help you to see how you can implement tactics and refine them even during a springer battle.

Be sure to check out the Chief’s channel and let him know that you saw his videos here on

Battle Tip: Team Communication Part 1- The Chief Airsoft

Battle Tip: Team Communication Part 2- The Chief Airsoft


Why You Should Have A Springer Battle


Why You Should Have A Springer Battle |

Spring powered airsoft guns (or “springers” for short) are one of the most overlooked gun types in airsoft.  The reason they are overlooked may be that some believe they are cheap (which most are, the exception being bolt action sniper rifles) or that the low rate of fire will cause them to be less effective on the battlefield.

I contend that basic springers can still be an effective weapon type if used properly in the right setting.  They force you to up your game.  You can no longer “spray and pray” that your bbs will hit the target, you must use tactics and accuracy to win the battle.

The best way to break out those spring guns and still be effective and tactical is to have a dedicated springer battle.  As you can imagine, in a springer battle everyone can only use spring guns that are relatively equal in ammo capacity and power.

I like to use spring weapons for training purposes.  I just recently had a springer battle at one of my battle buddy’s HQ.  I used my trusty Crosman Stinger P311 pistol.  I was able to refine my communication and teamwork skills without the stress of a full-on battle.  (I will be putting some videos that the Chief took of the battle on soon)

Now that you know why you should have a springer battle, here are some ideas to help you refine your skills and gain new ones for your more full-on battles-

1. Try new things
Test new tactics and strategies in a springer battle.  You have nothing to lose, and you may end up with a new tactic that will apply to you bigger battles.

2. Focus on your weakness
Have you noticed that you aren’t properly using cover?  Are you too impatient in battle?  If you notice an untactical habit you have picked up, try to fix it during a springer battle.  Focus on that issue and train yourself out of it.

Springer battles are meant to be fun.  Get out there and relax.  Enjoy just airsofting and hanging out with your teammates.  If you don’t feel like being tactical, this is the time (just don’t train yourself into a bad habit).  If coming up with objectives and scenarios is your thing, go for it; but don’t let that get in the way of a relaxed game.

Let me know how your springer battle goes; and if there are any ideas you have to improve the training/relaxed atmosphere of them.  Watch for the videos of my recent springer battle, coming soon to



The 3 Secrets To Conserving BBs


The 3 Secrets of Conserving BBs |

I want to start out this post with a story…

Operator (insert your name of choice) is advancing through the field of battle.  He has eliminated several enemy operators and has made his way behind enemy lines.  His battle buddy was eliminated in a previous engagement, and has not rejoined him.  The Operator favors using automatic fire.  It makes him feel more secure on the battlefield.

The Operator takes a short break to observe his surroundings.

Spotting an enemy coming out of the bushes 30 feet away, the Operator prepares to eliminate him.  The enemy has no idea that the Operator is almost right next to him.

The Operator takes aim, pulls the trigger, and releases, what he thinks, is a hail of automatic fire.

Completely expecting the enemy to call “hit”, the Operator is surprised when the enemy returns a burst of auto then quickly maneuvers behind cover, unscathed.

The Operator ducks back behind his cover.  He hears the thud of semi coming for the enemy’s AEG.

The enemy releases a perfect burst of automatic fire right into the Operator’s barely exposed shoulder.  The strong cross wind allowed the bbs to partially curve around the Operator’s cover making the enemy’s fire even more effective.

On his way back to re-spawn, the Operator checks his mag.  It’s completely empty!  His careless use of automatic through out the round resulted in a lack of ammo at the critical moment.

Lets examine the above story to learn from the accidents/successes of the operators, so we can conserve our bbs better.

Tactical Use of Semi
Some airsofters rarely use the semi function on their AEG.  They prefer to spray auto the whole battle.  Although this may be effective, there is a place for semi.  Here are some tips to using semi to conserve your ammo.

  • Conserve bbs at close range: You can often still be as effective using semi instead of auto at close distances.  Practice using semi on your weapon so you can be accurate and effective.
  • Adjust for cross wind: The enemy operator used semi to get an idea of how his shots where effected by the wind.  This allowed him to use his burst of automatic to it fullest.

Tactical Use of Automatic
Firing auto is a very effective and intimidating tactic.  It also burns up a lot of ammo.  A short three second burst will burn up anywhere from 30-60+ rounds! That is a lot of round out of your mag, even if you are using a 300 round hi-cap.  But there is a place for automatic fire. Below are some good ways to use your auto effectively.

  • Temporary suppression: The enemy in the story used this tactic to force the Operator behind cover so he could maneuver to cover himself.  Using this tactic enabled him to get a few, precious seconds of safety.
  • Quick elimination:  Use auto to eliminate the enemy quickly if you are in a compromising position.  The enemy in the story didn’t have the best cover so he used auto to suppress/eliminate the Operator rapidly.

Target Selection
Selecting a specific target is critical to conserving you bbs.  Narrowing down the scope of your focus will keep you from randomly switching targets, and wasting bbs.  Here are some tips on how to effectively select your target.

  • Focus on what you can do:  The enemy didn’t get caught up in the stress of the moment; and haphazardly sprayed the Operators cover.  He located the Operator’s weak spot (shoulder) and focused on that.
  • Don’t forget the big picture: If you are surprised by a hidden enemy, by all means focus on him and get to cover.  Once the threat of getting eliminate is no longer paramount, try to get a look at your surroundings.  A smart enemy will rarely travel alone (the exception would be a sniper or recon operator), and you may need to turn your focus to another, more deadly enemy.

Comment below and let me know about the most amazing shot you made in battle using semi!


Revealing The Airsoft Warrior


Revealing The Airsoft Warrior |

I was aprehesive at first about revealing my identity.  My first thought before starting this blog was “Would succeed”?  What would people think of me as an airsofter?  Did I have the ability to meet the needs of other airsofters?

With the support of all of my fellow warriors that read, I felt that I would go for it. still has a long ways to go; but with time, support, and help from readers like you, will be able to help many airsofters around the globe.

With my readers in mind, I decided that it was time to reveal my true identity.  It was time to take a leap of faith and show the world The Airsoft Warrior.  The Airsoft Warrior TV video below is the result of that decision.  I hope that you all enjoy.

“See You On The Battlefield!”

HERE is a post on the H&K I mentioned on the video.  You can find a link to the H&K USP on Amazon HERE.   Thanks for watching!


Who is The Airsoft Warrior?


Who Is The Airsoft Warrior? |

Ever wondered who the Airsoft Warrior is?  Who that masked warrior really is in the videos you find on the Airsoft Warrior TV channel?  Well your questions are soon to be answered!

Get an exclusive look at the background of the Airsoft Warrior, how the Airsoft Warrior got his call sign “Knuckles”, and more when the Airsoft Warrior is revealed!

The true identity of the Airsoft Warrior will be revealed in a video coming soon to Airsoft Warrior TV and!




Summer Scenarios: “Hold the Flag”


Summer Scenarios: "Hold the Flag" |

Scenarios are a great way to train for an operation; or just to add an extra element to your backyard battles.  In today’s post I wanted to give you guys a scenario that you could play with your battle buddies during the summer. During Operation C14, I was able to participate in several scenarios, all of which were a lot of fun.  One of the scenarios was “Hold the Flag”.  I will be outlining how to play “Hold the Flag” and some of the tactics and strategies that worked for me.

Basic Rules of “Hold the Flag”

Size of Battle Zone: We used a 120′ by 100′ area.  It would have been better to have a larger area; but we made do. (The more players you have, the larger the playing area and number of bunkers you will need.  You may also need to limit the AEGs to semi only depending on the battlefield size)

Number of Players: 4+ (we played 2 on 3)- You will need one player be on the sidelines and keep track of time.

Re-spawn: Unlimited per player/30 seconds per re-spawn (If you have more players have a longer re-spawn.  The goal is for re-spawn to be long enough to tactically affect the battle.)

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 different colored flags (we used red and green bandannas)- put flags on a pole at different ends and stick pole in a 5 gallon bucket.
  • Bunkers- pallets covered with constructor-grade trash bags, trash cans, barrels, and even an old couch will work

Set Up:  Two (2) HQ Bunkers at each end of the battle area (these will also be your re-spawn point).  The flag should be centrally located and in an open area to make it more difficult to get to.  Spread several bunkers around the play area (more players=more bunkers)

Below is the lay out of our field for this scenario.  The couch is brown, trash cans are blue, wheelbarrow is gray, black lines are pallets, green circles are trees, and the flag is red.  Our play area was 120′ by 100′.

'Hold the Flag' Scenario Diagram |

To Play: 1. Both teams start at the HQ bunkers. 2.  At the start signal from the ref,  both teams begin the fight.  You can use a whistle or a air horn to start the game. 3.  Both teams try to flip the flag to their color.  After a set amount of time (we played a 10 minute game and counted points every two minutes) the ref will blow the whistle or air horn and count one point for the team that has the flag in their possession. 4. After the time limit is up the ref will end the game.  The team with the most points wins.

Tactics that worked for me:

  • In this small of an area you have to be very aggressive.  I often waited for an opening and then rushed the flag.  I got eliminated quite a bit; but sometimes it was a very effective move that secured my team some points.

I remember one instance where I rushed the flag; and accidentally slid.  I ended up with       the flag bucket in between my feet.  I was able to flip the flag, get up, and run back to             cover without getting hit by the three players that where pounding away on semi from           30 feet away!  Sometimes you just get lucky (or have skill, as my battle buddies like to             call it).

  • Be sure to use teamwork and get a good position near the flag.  When my teammate got eliminated it left a large hole in our defenses.  I was able to hold the flag by getting a good angle on the flag bucket and waiting it out till my teammate was back in.  Also, communicate with your teammate to coordinate rushes so you can get some covering fire.

I hope that you have a lot of fun with your team, battling through this scenario.  Let me know how it goes; and if there are any rules that you changed to make the scenario even more fun.


The 3 Rules of Tactical Movement


The 3 Rules of Tactical Movement |

In airsoft you are constantly on the move.  Movement is important to being effective in an airsoft game; but it is also the most likely time you will get eliminated.  I have gotten hit while moving from cover to cover, and it’s very frustrating.  That’s the reason I decided to write this post that will walk (pun intended) you through the basics of moving as a warrior and as a team so you can be effective and tactical.

Here are the 3 rules of tactical movement:

1. Watch your teammates 
I have seen many instances where an airsofter has moved up on the enemy without observing his teammates.  In one instance an airsofter advanced up to engage the opposing force and walked right in front of his battle buddy’s line of fire!  He got away with it that time; but there was a good chance that he could been taken out by friendly fire.

Getting hit by friendly fire, or being in the way of your team, due to not observing you teammates is a great way to help the opposing force win.  Be sure to know where your teammates are and how you can avoid getting in the way while still being effective.

2. Communicate
Communication is vital to successful airsofting.  Talk to your teammates to coordinate when and where you need to move.

If you need to move into a fellow warrior’s line of fire, communicate what you are doing to them and be sure to get their OK before you start moving to avoid friendly fire.

If you aren’t sure where you need to be during an airsoft battle or think that one of your teammates needs your support, ask your teammates for direction.  More experienced teammates, or teammates closer to the action, will be able to give you the information you need to successfully move to a position that will make you more effective.

For a more in-depth look at how to communicate with your teammates check out my 3 Es of Communication Post.

3. Practice Moving
Practice is a vital part of improving any skill.  Set up a course using some bunkers and obstacles in your backyard and practice moving tactically on it.

The military uses a movement system known as 3-5 second rushes.  The idea is that you get up, run for 3-5 seconds (the time it would take an enemy to line up his sights on you), then get down to avoid being hit.  After you are safely behind cover, you shift to a new location behind that cover to avoid being predictable.  Try to incorporate this method into your airsoft practice to prevent getting hit while moving.

Also practice moving side to side (laterally) when getting from cover to cover instead of directly forward.  This way the enemy can’t line up his sights and will have to rely on luck and leading his gun to hit you.

For more information on cover check out my Using Cover post.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on moving while airsofting.  If you have any questions on movement be sure to post them below.  Thanks for reading.



Summer Airsoft Battle Tips


Summer Airsoft Battle Tips |

Summer means a lot of things for airsofters.  Gas guns work better because the air temperature heats up the CO2, creating more gas, allowing for more power.  More players are around because school is out; and many airsoft companies are offering great deals on gear and guns, like the 21% off sale.

Below are some tips for keeping your team mates and yourself safe and effective this summer.

Drink Water
Although this may seem obvious, your body constantly needs water while engaged in battle.  During an airsoft game be sure to drink water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.   Tell your battle buddy to remind you to drink; and do the same for him.

I highly recommend carrying a hydration pack into battle for convenience and portability.

Watch for Heat Exhaustion
Heat exhaustion is the beginning stages of heat stroke which can cause major issues.  The signs of heat exhaustion include a head ache, clammy skin, muscle cramps, and extreme thirst.  To avoid heat exhaustion drink plenty of water, take breaks (preferably in an air conditioned room), and try to stay cool while playing.

If you or one of your team mates develops heat exhaustion get them to a cool place, like the shade or an air conditioned room.  Have them sit down and drink plenty of fluids (not sugary or caffeinated drinks).  Wet down some towels, bandanna, or a shirt and use it to cool them down.  It may be best to call off the battle for the rest of the day.

Use the Heat
Learning to use the heat to your advantage is critical to have a fun and successful mission.

While in battle try to position your forces so that your team is in the shade.  Everyone will be more alert, happy, and effective if they aren’t having to deal with the sun beating down on them.

If you can, try to force the enemy to take up position in the sun or have a to crawl through the battlefield with the sun lighting them up.  The more uncomfortable and distracted the enemy is, the less effective he will be.

Try to take a more defensive posture while it is hot to conserve energy and to limit fatigue.  Set up comfortable bunkers; and try to position yourselves where there is a breeze to keep the bugs, sweat, and fogged masks away.

I hope that these tips will help you have a more enjoyable and tactical summer.  Have fun in the sun!