Airsoft Warrior’s Christmas List!


Airsoft Warrior's Christmas List |
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Tis the season for egg nog, tree trimming, the “joys” of hanging lights, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!  Of course, there will be gifts as well, which means it’s time to get your airsoft wish list together!  I’ve gathered these great airsoft items into one place and separated them into sections to make it easy to find what fits your airsoft style!


The Run and Gun Airsofter

We all like to rush the enemy team from time to time, but some of us are better at it than others.  Here’s what you need to take the fight to the enemy!

Gun: ICS CXP16S (Sportline) or KWA KZ.61 Scorpion ICS makes a great product that’s easy to upgrade.  The Sportline models feature a sturdy, light polymer body, reducing your fatigue while rushing up the field to spawn lock the enemy team.  The KZ.61 Scorpion features the NS2 gas system for lower gas consumption and a high ROF to insure the kill.  You’ll want to pick up some 40 round mags to keep the fun going.  You can find some HERE.

Gear: Blue Force Gear Chest Rig–  Want one of the lightest chest rigs around?  Look no further than the 8.5 ounce, 0.6 mm thick (half the thickness of a dime) Blue Force Gear Chest Rig.  Be sure to browse their other offerings to complete your extreme minimalist load out!

Accessories: Angled Fore Grip and Sightmark Reflex Sight– A low profile AFG (Angled Fore Grip) can help improve your weapon control and get you on-target faster.  For quicker aiming, get a Sightmark Reflex Sight.  I’ve used it for everything from full auto CQB games to long range field engagements without a problem!


Team Supporter

If you’re the kind of guy that likes to clear the way for your team with superior firepower while the rest of “those guys” kick down the doors, then here’s what you need for Christmas:

Gun: Krytac LMG Enhanced– It’s an LMG.  It’s made by Krytac.  It has Keymod rails.  ‘Nuff said.

Gear: Lancer Tactical Strike Plate Carrier and Condor M.O.L.L.E. Open Top M4 pouches– While you’re on the field, you must be able to carry as much gear as you need to help those that are less prepared.  Carry everything – all those “why not bring it” items – in the Strike Plate Carrier.  Keep extra mags at the ready with some open top mag pouches from Condor that use bungee cords to keep your mags secure.

Accessories: 5000 round Box Mag– Dump as many BBs as you feel like into those baddies.  This thing makes mid caps scream in terror!



You’re the guy who makes sure people are doing what they need to do to win the game.  Your tactics could be enhanced by adding these fine items to your wish list:

Gun: Elite Force 1911 Tac or KWA H&K USP–  Get a tactical back up weapon and look cool with the two-tone 1911 Tac from Elite Force.  1911s not your thing?  Get a fully trademarked H&K USP from KWA instead!

Gear: Motorola 23-Mile Two-Way Radios– Get battlefield updates and direct the team from across the field with some nice two-way radios!  I’ve even set these up with headsets for CQB games to talk with teammates over the noise!

Accessories: Fenix PD35 TAC or Streamlight Protac 2L– Light up the dark while tactically designating targets and stunning enemies with 1000 Lumens from the PD35 TAC.  If you’ve been really good this year, you may want to ask for a flashlight from the market leader, Streamlight.


The Working Man

Does functional gear beat out diamond studded, hippie guns any day in your world?  Here’s what you’re going to want to find under the tree:

Gun: KWA CQR MOD 2 or G&G CM16 Raider-L or CYMA AK 47-  KWA has built a workhorse of an AEG for under $200.  It includes the 2GX (2nd Generation eXtream) gearbox for maximum reliability.  If you want better parts compatibility for your champion tech skills, while still getting a competition grade weapon, check out the CM16.  If you’re looking for an AK that’s known for being a strong weapon both in the field and on the workbench, try a CYMA AK.

Gear: Condor Gen II Battle Belt– I’ve rigged up my own tac belt system before, and it works well, but it would be even better with the right gear.  Get the job done with a M.O.L.L.E. compatible battle belt from Condor.  Simple add a tactical belt, select some pouches for your mission, and you’re good to go!

Accessories: Elite Force M4/M16 First Aid Tool Kit–  Have all the parts you need to fix almost any AEG problem, right here in this kit.  HERE is a list of everything you’ll find inside!  It’s like dozens of presents in one!


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas this year!  You can check out last year’s Christmas list HERE.  Let me know what’s on your Christmas list in the comments and on the Airsoft Warrior Facebook page!  As always, remember the Reason for the Season, and year round! 


Staying Hydrated


Staying Hydrated |
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One of the most likely injuries to occur during an airsoft game is dehydration. This occurs due to airsofters getting in the “zone” during a game and forgetting to drink liquids, or through lack of having water easily accessible.  I’ve seen enough issues arise due to dehydration to avoid it at all costs.  No matter how short the game is, I always have water accessible.

According to, it’s recommended to drink 16 ounces an hour before a game.  During the game you should drink 4-8 ounces every 15-20 minutes.  If the game lasts more than an hour, you need to have some sports drinks with electrolytes to replenish the minerals you’ve lost.

As you can tell, that adds up to quite a bit of water during a game.  Here’s some of the best options I found to keep hydrated during a game without being overloaded!



Hydration Reservoirs and Packs:

The Hydration Pack is one of the best options out there for airsofters.  It allows operators to keep large amounts of water on them during a mission without being cumbersome.  The packs come in many sizes to fit the needs of different operations and length of games.

The part of the hydration pack that holds the water is knows as the reservoir (or bladder).  If you’re looking for a hydration reservoir, then it’s hard to go wrong with the market leader, CamelBak.  This company offers a great, quality hydration pack system.  You can start your search by checking out THIS link for their reservoir offerings on

If you want a cheaper, but still functional option, try Outdoor Products’ 2L Reservoir (also known as the Cyclone Hydro Reservoir).  I’ve used it, and it works great! For $10-$20 USD, it’s hard to beat and is my go to option for on-a-budget hydration.

For those of you who are looking for a shiny, futuristic, terminator hydration system, look no further than the Geigerrig Pressurized Hydration Reservoirs. They use a pressurization system to allow you to use your hydration pack as an emergency, melee water thrower during games! 😉


Picking A Pack:

It’s easy to find a carrying system for your new hydration reservoir. If you use M.O.L.L.E. gear (like plate carriers or vests), many companies offer M.O.L.L.E. compatible packs to carry the hydration reservoir right on your gear!  One of my favorites is the Condor Hydration Carrier II.  Condor also offers versions that keep your water cool using a reflective insert.  CamelBak has many offerings (as you can imagine).  Check out their Mil Spec ThermoBak Antidote for a good, all purpose pack.

For a budget pack, check out THIS pack from Lancer Tactical. It allows you to carry a reservoir without attaching it to a M.O.L.L.E. system, and also gives you room to store extra gear, while being cheaper than most of the other options out there.



Water Bottles:

This is the cheap way to bring water to a game.  You trade off the ease of carrying the water on your back like a hydration pack, and risk it spilling all over you if you carry it during a game.  Keep in mind that it’s difficult to use them while wearing an airsoft mask.  The big benefits are that they’re easy to find and require zero prep time before a game.

I recommend using water bottles during CQB games where you can easily get back to the staging area for water.  This keeps you from carrying the extra weight of a hydration pack.  Consider getting a Nalgene bottle for a more durable (and reusable) option.



Water Purification:

This is probably the least used option of getting water during a game, but is a good option to consider if you attend large MilSim games.  Water purification allows you to reduce the amount of purified water you have to carry on you during long games (which equals reduced weight).

One of the best options is purification tablets.  Simply fill a container or Nalgene with contaminated water from a pond or stream during a game, add the recommended amount of purification tablets, and wait until they purify the water (time varies depending upon the amount and source of the water)!

I recommend Katadyn Micropur MP1 Tablets.  They’re tasteless and work great!

If you don’t mind the extra weight and bulk, and want purified water without the wait, then try a water filter.  I’ve used the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System before.  It does a great job filtering water and comes with a ton of accessories.  There’s even an option to make it an inline filter for your hydration pack so it cleans the water while you drink it!


No matter which hydration option you choose to bring to a game, the most important thing to do is REMEMBER TO DRINK!  Make it a habit to drink water between rounds, or when there is a lull in the action during a game.  You’ll be able to stay in the field longer, fight harder, and avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital!


Tac Shack: Installing A Crane Stock Battery


TAC Shack: Installing A Crane Stock Battery |

In this Tac Shack video, we’ll look at how to install a crane stock battery into your AEG.  I’ve included some helpful tips to make it a lot easier and get you up and gunning as fast as possible!




The battery used in this video is a Tenergy 9.6V nunchuck battery.  This is a great battery used by many airsofters due to it featuring a solid amount of power, no “battery memory” to reduce performance, and being easy to fit in most crane stocks!

The gun used is a KWA SR7.  Its crane stock is very similar to most generic crane stocks in size.  The main difference is the stock plate attachment, which varies from gun to gun.  Be sure to read your manual before attempting to install the crane stock battery.


Let the Airsoft Warrior Community know what type of battery you use in your AEG in the comments.  Be sure to share any tips you have for installing batteries into airsoft guns as well!


Why You Should Switch To 0.25g BBs


Why You Should Switch To 0.25g BBs |


When I first started playing airsoft, I learned that the best BB to use is one that weighs at least 0.20 grams, is white, and is seamless.  This allows the BB to get improved range, be easy to see so you can adjust your aim, and won’t jam the gun (which can happen with the BBs you find at your local sporting goods store).  I also discovered that the most common BBs around are 0.12g and 0.20g.

I used to buy only 0.20g BBs in all my airsoft weapons.  After a couple of years of using them in my weapons, I learned that there were other, better options for my weaponry.

Although most airsofters are satisfied with using 0.20g BBs in every weapon they own, you can get a lot more out of your games if you select BBs that best fit the FPS of your weapon and the goal of your mission.

I primarily use 0.25g BBs in my weapons (including a 350 FPS, KWA SR7 designed for CQB).  Although I could achieve similar accuracy/range with 0.20g BB while playing CQB games, the extra 0.05 grams give me an advantage while battling outdoors that I would lose if I stuck with a standard 0.20g BB.  Here is a few reasons why I made the switch-

Better Accuracy:

Physics dictate that the heavier a BB, the better it resists the effects of cross wind and other environmental factors.  This significantly increases accuracy in outdoor battles, giving you the edge.


Greater Effective Range:

My CQB gun shoots at 350-355 FPS with 0.20g BBs.  With 0.25g, I get around 320-330 FPS.  This may appear to be a disadvantage at first look.  Less FPS ought to equal less range, right?

While it’s true that the BB will have less speed when going out the barrel, it will have the same kinetic energy (the amount of energy stored during acceleration), aka Joules, as a 0.20g BB in most airsoft weapons.  The heavier BB will gain an increased momentum, which will result in increased accuracy and yield a better effective range (the distance a BB will travel forward while still being accurate).


One Myth About 0.25g BBs


“They Are Harder Hitting”

Since the same energy is stored in the heavier BB as a lighter one, it will not transfer more energy to the target it hits.  It won’t hurt enemy players anymore than normal BBs.  The only way you could increase hitting power of your airsoft gun with BBs would be because you’re using too heavy of a BB (say 0.40g in airsoft gun that fires 350 FPS with 0.20g gun).  This would reduce the kinetic energy (Joules), meaning less hitting power (or “punch”) with each shot.  Reducing BB weight to a 0.25g would increase your kinetic energy.


So you’ll gain an increase in accuracy and better effective range with each shot if you use 0.25g BBs instead of 0.20g.

Now before you run out and buy a bag of 0.25g BBs, make sure you have the right weapon to handle the higher weight.  You’ll need to have a airsoft gun with a velocity of around 350 FPS with 0.20g BBs and a good hop up system to take advantage of the benefits of the heavier BB.  Otherwise, your weapon will just lose range (and the effects of increased accuracy aren’t too noticeable at 15 feet!).

Check out my “Picking The Right Pellets Of Pain (aka BBs)” post for more information on picking the right BB weight for your gun.


Let me know what weight of BB you use on the field and how it improves your game in the comments.  Share this post with your battle buddies and find out what type of BBs they use!


Building An Airsoft Bazooka


Building An Airsoft Bazooka |


Awhile back, I got the urge to build something new to use at my airsoft games.  I wanted somthing effective, easy to build, and easy on the wallet.  After searching the airsoft DIY section of the internet, I found a great video on building a compressed air powered, airsoft bazooka.  The design was simple but effective.  Check out the video below to see how to build your own!


The design’s genius lies in the air compression system and the removable shells.  This makes it safe on the field and easy to reload.

In testing, I found that the effective range is about 30 feet with a horizontal spread of around 20 feet when the bazooka was charged to 40-60 psi.  FPS was around 100 (no need to worry about going over field FPS limits!).  Each shell holds approximately 70 BBs.

It only took me about an hour to get everything cut (using hand tools) and glued together.  Total cost was $30-$35 and I have enough PVC to make another one after I buy the extra fittings.

Another awesome feature of this type of airsoft weapon is the endless modifications and improvements that can be made.  I could easily see adding on a better trigger system, dual air tubes for fast follow up shots, and some cool paint schemes.

Although this bazooka is more of  a “just for fun” weapon than a serious battle winner, it’s a lot of fun to make and use.  The kick I get out of using it was well worth the effort and money I put into it!


Let me know in the comments what modifications you’ve made to this design when you build it!  Be sure to share this with your team members or battle buddies!


Tac Shack: Mounting Your Action Camera On A FAST Helmet


TAC Shack: Mounting Your Action Camera On A FAST Helmet |
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In this Tac Shack video, I’ll show you guys the system I use for mounting an action camera on a FAST helmet.  This can be harder than it looks and requires some special mounts to get the job done right.



The action camera used in this Tac Shack video is an SJ4000.  Click HERE to see the official WiFi version on Amazon (not the lower quality knock offs).  The original, non-WiFi version can be found HERE on  You can also check out my review of the SJ4000 (non-WiFi), right here on!

Here is a list of the mounts I use in the video:

If you’re looking to really build up your camera mount arsenal, check out THIS all inclusive mounting package!


If you have any questions about the mounting system, just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them ASAP.  Be sure to use the share button (found at the top and bottom of the post) to help your battle buddies set up their camera so they can start filming you owning them on the field. 😉


Airsoft Tulsa Indoor Gameplay: SAFETY KILL STREAK!


Airsoft Tulsa Indoor- Safety Kill Streak! |

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One of the most hated rules in airsoft is the “safety kill”.  In my “Safety Kills: The Unfortunate Truth” post, I explain some of the reasons why there is so much controversy surrounding this topic.  But, since I do my best to abide by the ruleset of every field I visit, I use it when I have to.  Airsoft Tulsa requires the use of safety kills within 10 feet, and I used this rule to rack up a nice safety kill streak on some unsuspecting players!  I hope you enjoy!




Numbers Change The Field

I’m used to playing at Airsoft Tulsa Indoor with 10-12 other players.  On this night, there were 16+ players on the field.  This definitely changed the tactics and how I moved around the field.  With multiple enemy players ready to line up their sights on me at any given time, snap shooting and “camping” on a certain pieces of cover became the name of the game.  Often times, I needed to spread out from other team members to provide an effective defense or to have room to make a quick offense move.

Don’t fall into the trap of using the same positions or tactics at a field just because it worked before.  Take into account how various numbers of players will change a field when you’re planning tactics before a game.


Keep Your Ears Open and Listen To The Refs

You will notice at (time) that an enemy player can’t hear me attempt a safety kill on him due to his laser focus on the rest of my team.  I often find that I miss information or commands my team tries to provide because of this battlefield “tunnel vision”.  Try to keep your ears open and scan the field with your eyes to stay in the whole battle and not just in your own little corner of it.

One way to stay aware is to listen to the refs and use what they tell you for more than just finding out if you’re hit or if the game is over.  The refs at Airsoft Tulsa do a good job of providing information on the condition of the field and the players on it.  During the game they will give you information on who is trying to claim an objective or let you know if a player is out.  Listen to the refs at your local field and try to use any information they give you to increase your battlefield awareness on the field.


Ditching Your Tac Vest

This particular night, I decided to leave my chest harness at the staging area and wear a MOLLE drop leg platform with a MOLLE magazine pouch capable of carrying up to 6 M4 mags.

I wanted to try out this system to see if it would improve my speed, reduce fatigue after the game, and be a good option for some one that wanted to run a private military contractor (PMC) load out.  I found its simplicity to be a good thing.  I only had the gear I needed on me, reducing the time I spent through my gear in between games.  Although I don’t think it significantly reduce fatigue (which is mostly due to the amount of running to cover and crouching I do during a game), I do think that I had a slight increase in overall speed and that it would work great for a player that wants an inexpensive set up for their PMC load out.


As stated above, I decided not to use my standard Lancer Tactical Chest Rig, and instead used just my Condor MOLLE Drop Leg Platform with a MOLLE 6 M4 Mag Pouch.  I also used my Condor Dump Pouch to hold my empty magazines.  My primary weapon was a KWA SR7 fed by K120 Mid Caps and fueled with a Tenergy 9.6V Nunchuck Battery.


Thank you for reading!  Be sure to leave any of your thoughts on this post in the comments.  If you enjoyed the video, make sure to give it a like and also subscribe to Airsoft Warrior TV to stay up to date and help the airsoft community find out about these resources.


Airsoft Discoveries (October 2015)


Airsoft Discoveries- October 2015 |
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This is Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries,” where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month.  So without further ado, let’s jump into the airsoft discoveries I’ve made this past month!



ICS Airsoft– ICS is know for their AEG’s proprietary split gearbox design, giving you the ability to make rapid FPS changes and easily diagnose and repair your AEG on the fly.  I just purchased their CXP16S from to try out the brand and see what I think.  I’ll be posting a review in a couple of months after thorough testing, but initial impressions are good.

Steelmouth Mesh Mask–  I heard about this product on the Pneumatic Musketeers podcast.  This ultra low profile mesh mask by is designed to give you adequate protection without ruining that certain “look” you’re trying to achieve with your load out.  They retail for $13.95.

M-3 Tri Shot Shotgun Mag Converter– This 3D printed adapter allows you to use an M4 magazine with your Tri Shot M3 shotgun!  It looks like it may include a tracer unit for night or CQB games.  All of this for the price of $30!  AEG operators will fear your 300 round shotgun of doom! 😉

MilSim Drones?

Drone Rules– One of the tools that is becoming more prevalent in the airsoft community is drones.  Drones can take great ariel footage and aid in recon operations.  But how does a team neutralize a $700+ weapon the enemy is using without destroying it (and paying the owner for the damages)?

Milsim Tactical Training Podcast suggested using a Polaroid camera to take a picture of a drone and, after showing the drone in the picture to a ref, the drone would be disabled for a certain amount of time.  Let me know your solution in the comments!

Anti-Drone Systems– I heard about the Battelle Drone Defender on  It is designed to give the user the ability to safely disable drones and bring them under the operator’s control.  Although likely to be very expensive (and restricted to law enforcement and military use), the concept would still be awesome for disabling drones during MilSim games if it became available to the public!


Websites:– Airsoft Mike’s YouTube page has tons of reviews on gear and guns for airsofters.  I recently watched his review of the SJ5000+ (an upgraded, built-in WiFi version of the SJ4000 I use) on Popular Airsoft and liked his style and thoroughness.  His website also features lots of airsoft gear pics for airsofters to download!– This website is the home of some really cool, 3D printed airsoft gear!  You can purchase unique airsoft stuff like shotgun shell to M4 mag converters, a “wrench” for melee kills,  or trip wires for your next airsoft game!


I hope you enjoyed this month’s “Airsoft Discoveries.”  Be sure to stay tuned for November’s edition!  If you have anything airsoft related you’ve discovered this month, be sure to comment about it!




New Gun Arrival: ICS CXP16S |

I would like to announce that my new ICS CXP16S has arrived!  I will be thoroughly testing it in the next couple of months and then write up a review for you guys.  Here are a few things about the CXP16S to get you guys excited for the upcoming review!

  • Uses the ICS Split Gearbox for fast FPS changes and repairs
  • Has a one piece RIS with a monolithic top rail (looks like a H&K 416 RIS)
  • Rear wired to the crane stock (uses screws to hold the stock plate on for added durability)
  • Rotary style hop up for easier and more consistent hop up adjustment
  • Flip up front and rear sights (MBUS style)

Overall,  I think this is going to be a great weapon on the field and at the work bench.  I’m really looking forward to showing you all what it can do!


ICS CXP16S Zoom (Sun glow) |


Player Profile: “The General”


Player Profile "The General" |
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(Player profiles are interviews has done with real airsoft players.  These players all have a different style of game play that can teach and help other airsofters.  I hope you enjoy them and learn a thing or two.  Don’t forget to ask questions for the featured player to answer!)


The "General" |

The featured player in this player profile is the “General” (You can find him in THIS video on the Airsoft Warrior YouTube Channel).


AW: What’s your Call Sign and the story behind it?

 “That goes back to my childhood, my family would call me that because I was all about getting work done before play.  I wanted to get all the work done and then go play around, and would sometimes get frustrated when my siblings took all day to get jobs done because they were goofing off.  So “General Jake” became the title for a period of time.  I’ve learned to appreciate it now, I want to do all the planning and working that needs done before an Airsoft game so I can go onto the field and have a blast!”


AW: When did you start airsofting; and why?

 “I started Airsofting around sixteen, 2008 I believe.  When I first learned about it I was fascinated with the idea and look.  It was a million times cooler then paintball would ever be!”

“I started with all plastic 150 FPS Junkers, and at the time thought they were awesome.  I had tons of them just so I could give them to my friends to use so we could game with them.”

“Over the years I learned of the growing interest in Airsoft throughout the country and started getting more serious in it around 2011.  Since then I’ve pulled my brother in law into it (Bear) and we have created a vision for the future of airsoft.  I love it!”


AW: What is your favorite part of airsofting?

 “I don’t know that I could nail down “One” thing honestly.  I love the game! The planning, the strategy, the teamwork, the gear, the guns, the fields.  I truly love Airsoft for every aspect of the game, on and off field.”


AW: What are your favorite pieces of gear; and why do you like them?

 “That’s hard…I love a good plate carrier, or any vest with plenty of MOLLE webbing.  I like having the ability to custom fit my gear and the amount of gear for each game.  Light weight for CQB, or extra equipment and pouches for a longer game.  Being able to diversify and customize my Loadout is one of my favorite things to be able to do.

“That and my face mask I guess, I have the Gen 2 Striker unit.  Having full facial and ear protection while being able to see and hear comfortably has made the game ten times better.  I started with just glasses, then a full face meshed mask.  Both of those didn’t work very well, I was either worried about getting a tooth shot out or had a very small field of vision.  The Striker with a pair of goggles is the best setup I’ve found yet.”


AW: What is your vision for the future of the sport of airsoft? What do you think airsofting will be like in 10 years?

 “My vision is one of growth and recognition for the sport and game.”

“I want to see Airsoft shops and fields opening in all city’s and large towns across the country.  People need safe places to play Airsoft and get guns and gear.  I’d like to see more actual teams formed and training regularly, maybe even one day have national competitions on one level or another.  I want Airsoft to always be able to be a game, but also a sport and training tool.”

My Vision - Quote by The General |

“I also want to see safety being taught by every seller of Airsoft equipment as well.  If the majority of Airsofters in the nation are trained and can maturely and properly be safe with a Gun, I believe we will have little to no issues with groups and politicians making laws against Airsoft, thinking they are doing right.”

“I really hope to see the game instill a better sense of personal honor and integrity with all players. This game gives everybody the chance to really test themselves on personal levels, and I pray to see that most use the challenge as a way to better themselves.”

“Overall, in ten years I want to see Airsoft be a sport and game recognized by most people in the nation.  I want kids to be able to safely enjoy it and teams be able to travel to large games to play with it. I want it to grow!”

Many many things.


Thank you very much to the “General” for his player profile.  If you would like to do a player profile for, just let me know by email at!