Airsoft Warrior Announcement: Now Sponsoring The Chief Airsoft YouTube Channel!

Share is proud to announce that we are now sponsoring The Chief Airsoft YouTube Channel!

The Chief (see his Player Profile HERE) is an excellent airsofter who shares his knowledge with the airsoft community through his YouTube Channel.  On his channel you’ll find battle footage, gear reviews, tactical tips, and much more!

Be on the look out for more of the Chief’s videos with the NEW “sponsored by” intro!

For now, here is a great in-game battle video to get you started!



I hope you all enjoy the Chief’s videos and also learn a thing or two from this great airsoft warrior!


– Blake The Airsoft Warrior



How To Not Lose Your Gear!


How Not To Lose Your Gear- H&K Pistol |

I’m going to start out this post with a story….

Last summer, I was in the middle of a great day of airsofting at an outdoor field.  After an intense round (In which I had the pleasure of eliminating a single enemy that was holding up the advance of half our team), I realized that my sidearm was missing.

Unfortunately, even with the help of a fellow team member and 45 minutes of searching, I was unable to find it.  I hadn’t checked over my gear since I had started playing several hours before, so it could have came out of the holster long before I realized it was missing.

After missing out on almost a full round of airsofting, and having to eat my lunch while scouring the field, I was not in the best of moods.  I was thankfully able to get in a bit more airsofting that day, but the time spent searching had taken a big chunk out of the day and put a damper on the fun.

Don’t let this happen to you.

After that day, I did some research and started practicing a couple of good habits to make sure that I was doing everything I could to keep my gear functional and on me.  Here’s what I did:


1. Doing LACE Reports while I’m airsofting

LACE stands for Liquid, Ammo, Casualties, and Equipment.  The military use a LACE report as an after-action review on how all their soldiers are doing after an engagement.  I use the LACE report during a game to determine if anything is missing or out of place (while doing one of the checks, I’ve found that my helmet camera was pointing up at the sky).  LACE reports can also be used to determine what you need (drink of water, more BBs, or an extra magazine) and how many of your team members are still in the game.


2. Get Gear to Secure My Gear

To keep my pistol in my holster, I’ve looked into a bungee pistol lanyard and a molded holster (like the BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster) with a push button release.  With both these systems in place, my pistol should be plenty secure whether it’s in the holster or I’m using it to draw down on an enemy player.  I can also secure loose items to myself using para cord.


3.  Know What I Have

I always make sure I know what gear I’m running during a round so I can be sure I have it with me at the end of the day.  This can also come in handy if I have to report a missing item to the field’s admin.  I’ve also found that adding a strip of duck tape or electrical tape to several places on my gear can be a big help in making sure that I have the right gear and can identify it if it goes missing.


I hope these tips save you the frustration I went through when I lost my side arm.  Although even the most secure systems can fail, at least you’ll know you did everything you could.  At the end of the day, don’t let a missing piece of gear ruin the fun.  Recheck everything, search for it, and then report it to the staff.  Most players are honest, good people and will return a missing item if they found it.


SHOT SHOW 2015: Airsoft Warrior’s Picks


Shot Show 2015: Airsoft Warrior's Picks |
(affiliate links included)

SHOT SHOW is a massive event put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The event attracts dealers and commercial buyers from around the globe and all 50 states.  Airsoft companies like G&G, KWA, Krytac, and many more release their latest and greatest offerings at this event.

Though the event is not open to the public, many airsoft stores make videos featuring the latest gear and guns from these great companies.  I encourage you to watch some of these great videos to get a feel for what the airsoft market will look like in 2015.  HERE is a great video from on KWA’s new gas AK to get you started!

Below are my top airsoft guns, gear, and companies from SHOT SHOW 2015!

(Note: Not all guns and gear featured here are available at the time of posting.  Visit your favorite online airsoft retailer or the manufacturer’s website for more information on release dates and pricing.)



KWA AKG-KCR:  This newest offering of the KWA AKG line up is a modern interpretation of the popular AK platform.  It features both the standard AK fire selector, an AR-15 fire selector (that actuates both selectors), an LE-style stock that you find on many AR-15 rifles, and a RIS.  This new gun has a modern flare and appeals to a wide range of warriors.  It operates off green gas and retails for $400.


Krytac LMG: The Krytac LMG was offered last year in a limited edition style.  The new version features an updated handguard with the ability to accept keymod rail segments.  It is scheduled to come out in the middle of the year.  Although no pricing info has been released, the 2014 Limited Edition LMG retailed for $499, and I would expect the new version to retail for around that amount.


Vulcan AR-1:  This new gun from Vulcan is an all in one HPA package.  Featuring the Vulcan V12 HPA system, a 13 cubic inch HPA tank, a new stock design to conceal the HPA tank, and an HPA blow back system, this is going to be a great, all-inclusive gun for an airsofter who wants to jump into the HPA world of airsoft guns!



SL-14 Magazine Adaptors:  The Speed Loader-14 (SL-14) from Elite Force is deemed the solution to loading mid caps quickly without the hassle associated with standard speed loaders. Although it used to only be compatible with M4 magazines, Elite Force has now released that they are making adapters to fit AK and G36 magazines! They may also release an MP5 and H&K 417 adapters in the near future!


Magpul M-LOK: This is a new rail system by the popular manufacturer, Magpul Industries.  As an evolution to the MOE system, it features a number of advancements.

Utilizing simple T nuts, you can lock in a variety of attachments and rail segments on multiple styles of M-LOK rail systems.  Magpul has released the M-LOK as a free licence platform, so many manufacturers are already developing it!

To take a look at the M-LOK, check out THIS video.


Odin Innovations’ Speed Loader:  This new product from ZShot (see below for more on ZShot) is one of the most innovative speed loaders ever. It will fit in a standard double stacked M4 pouch for easy storage and loading on the fly, it has a crank handle for high speed loading (that also has a built-in clutch to prevent any overloading of your mid-caps), and word is out that they will be creating magazine adapters for it shortly!



Condor released a wide variety of new products, including a super customizable plate carrier, a 950 lumen flashlight, and a new set of combat shirts that will retail for under $40!  See Airsoft GI’s take in their SHOT SHOW video HERE.


Zshot has been known for their recent release of the Amoeba series of AEGs (an M4 with a futuristic look).

Now, they are releasing a new version of the Systema PTW (Professional Training Weapon).  The new PTW will come with an unprecedented 5 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY (never fear using an 11.1V Li-Po as much as you want!), as well as a LIFETIME warranty on the motor.

They are also updating the Amoeba line-up and introducing a new customizable hand guard that will retail for around $50-$60.

ZShot has also introduced the new Odin Innovations Speedloader (see above for more on this speedloader).

Check out THIS great Airsoft GI video to learn more about these awesome products!


I’m really looking forward to seeing these new guns and gear in the upcoming year.  Be sure to comment below and let me know what your favorite releases at SHOT SHOW 2015 are!




Stay In The Game: Avoiding The Staging Mentality


Stay In The Game: Avoiding The Staging Mentality |
(this post contains affiliate links)

I’m sure you’ve seen it many a time.  After a great round of airsoft at your local field, you head back to the staging area to reload, get some water, and then get back into the next round.  Although this is supposed to be a simple grab-and-go thing, it turns into a time to gab about the latest gear and a time for players to outdo each other with tales of their airsofting awesomeness.  Your short reload and refuel time, quickly turns into a 15+ minute ordeal (at a CQB field, the staging time can take longer than the round itself!).

This is not to say that there isn’t a time and place to talk with other airsofters about their gear and stories, but in the staging area, with a limited amount of time to enjoy doing what you planned on, namely airsoft, may not be the best use of your (or others’) game time.

In this post, I will outline some ways to avoid getting into the “staging mentality”, and how to get back into the game faster, and still have time to talk with your fellow airsofters about the finer points of this great sport!


Keep Focused

This sounds easier than it is.  Keeping your focus on the task at hand (reloading and refueling) while others are chatting and hanging out can be difficult.

Having your ammo bottles at the ready, a couple of extra mags pre-loaded, and having  a couple of water bottles and a snack bar (I’m a fan of Clif Barseasily accessible can go a long way toward getting you back in the game, faster.

You can help other players keep their focus by helping them refocus.  If a player wants to talk, ask them if you can help them reload and refuel (be sure to have some extra water bottles on hand to offer to other players).  Get them refocused on the game by asking if they know what the next round’s scenario is, or how many extra magazines they think you’ll need to carry for the next scenario.

Be friendly, but be focused.

Be Friendly, But Be Focused |


“Be Prepared”

This Boy Scout motto still rings true.  It’s common sense that having all your gear in a row and ready to go will shorten the amount of time you spend in the staging area.

Before every game, organize your gear so you can easily find it.  Make sure you have some basic repair equipment (screw driver, electrical/duct tape, extra batteries, etc.) so you can fix minor gear malfunctions without having to ask around for some tools.

If you have room, carry a spare mask or goggles in case something goes wrong with the eye protection setup you have. (HERE is a very inexpensive option for a back-up mask)


Chat With The Staff

Try asking the staff a simple question like “What’s the next scenario” or “When do we get the next round started” to jump start the next round.  Ask if there is anything you can do to help out, and don’t be a problem creator.

Show that you’re eager to get some more airsofting in and want to make the game time fun for everyone, no matter who’s winning.


Be sure your eagerness to get on to some more airsoft action doesn’t get in the way of having good time.

Remember, the most important aspect of airsoft is the people that play it.  Be friendly and helpful, ask other players about their experiences when it’s an appropriate time, and do your best to be the first one ready to get back in the game, and you’ll get plenty of fun-filled airsofting!

Share 2015 Resolutions!


2015 Resolutions Post |

With the start of a new year, and the end of the first full year of, I got to thinking about all that’s happened in the past year (I’m a bit sentimental like that).

Some of the 2014 Milestones for included:

  • Our site was launched on its way to help airsofters everywhere to become better, tactical airsoft warriors, expand their airsofting knowledge, and find great gear to make them more effective on the field. 
  • The Airsoft Warrior YouTube and Google+ Page were released to let warriors, like you, better connect with and one another.
  • The site was redesigned to make it more user friendly and cool looking (that’s what really matters, right?).
  • We had our first sponsored gear review (The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans)
  • We had amazing reader interaction through comments and emails!


Of course, this post would not be complete without making some resolutions for the new year!

In 2015, will…

  • Make even better posts and videos with the help of our readers (be sure to comment your thoughts for posts!)
  • Continue to make refinements and tweaks to the site and social media pages for a better user experience.
  • Release an Airsoft Warrior product (stay tuned for more details…).
  • And much, much more!


Thank you so much to everyone for a great first year.  It could not have been done without the support of readers like you.

As moves into its second year, my hope is that you will join me in improving not just the blog, but airsofting as a whole.  The airsoft community needs honorable, tactical, well informed airsoft warriors with a passion to see the sport grow and flourish.  My hope is that will become a place that airsofters can connect and learn as they expand the airsoft community to meet the challenges of the future.


Here’s to a new year of airsoft and!


Blake The Airsoft Warrior


Player Profile: “Chief”


Player Profile: "Chief" |

(Player profiles are interviews that has done with real airsoft players.  These airsofters all have a different style of game play that can teach and help other airsofters.  I hope you enjoy these profiles and learn a thing or two.  Don’t forget to ask questions for the featured player to answer!)


The featured player in this player profile is “Chief”.  You can check out all of his airsofting action at The Chief Airsoft YouTube Channel.

"Chief" Aiming |


  • AW: What is you Call Sign and the story behind it?

Chief: The first time I went to play airsoft at an actual field, I decided I needed a call name. I was thinking of different names but none that I liked. Then I was thinking of how some of my family’s heritage is native American, and that is how I got the call name: Chief.


  • AW: When did you start airsofting; and why?

Chief: I first started airsofting in August of 2012. I started because my friend (The Airsoft Warrior), along with other friends of mine, played and I wanted to join them. My first gun was a Beretta spring pistol that I still use in backyard battles today.


  • AW: What is your favorite part of airsofting?

Chief: My favorite part of airsofting is getting to hang out with my friends and getting to work with them as a team and collectively deciding tactics and making decisions TOGETHER on the battlefield. Being part of a team is not a one man show, and I like that.

Chief NOT A ONE MAN SHOW quote |


  • AW: What are your favorite pieces of gear; and why do you like them?

Chief: My number one favorite piece of gear would have to be my KWA KM4 SR7.  I like it because it is high quality and I don’t ever feel “if I just had a better gun I could have hit him” , which did cross my mind before I had it.

Some other of my favorites include (but are not limited to): My HK USP co2 pistol, MOLLE vest, FAST helmet and my SJ4000 action camera.


  • AW: If you could have one piece of airsoft gear, and money was no object, what would it be? 

Chief: If I could have one piece of airsoft gear, and money was no object, it would probably be a high quality, custom M4 AEG with the best internals and externals money could buy that could also easily be changed from a CQB length gun to a field length gun.

 "Chief" Helmet |


Thank you very much to “Chief” for his player profile.  If you would like to do a player profile for, just let me know by email at!


Intrigue Gear and FULL AUTO Round!!!


Intrigue Airsoft Gear and  Full Auto Round |

Airsoft Close Quarters Battles (CQB) or Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) are intense, fast paced, and often involve close up airsoft action.  The gear you use and the tactics you implement can make a difference when things get interesting during a game.

In this video, I’ll show you guys the gear I chose while playing at Intrigue Airsoft in Kansas City, MO, to make me more effective on the field.

I’ll also show you a RARE FULL AUTO Round that I played while there!  Most fields only allow semi for tactical and safety reasons.  But, for the last game of the night, everyone decided that a final five minute full auto round would be a great way to finish off the evening.

Although this was not my best round of the night, it was one of the most fun and unique games I’ve been in.  I hope you guys enjoy!




My Goofs in this Round

Although this round was fun, I got hit a lot (as you probably noticed).  One of the best and worst things about running a camera is that everything, good and bad, is caught on camera.  A benefit of this is that you can analyze your game play and make yourself a better airsoft warrior.

After going back through the footage of that round, I noticed what my main issues were.  I want to share those with you so you don’t make the same mistakes.


During the round, I noticed I was very distracted.  From getting my teammate’s lost item to trying to figure out who was friend or foe, I lost my concentration multiple times.  Correcting this really boils down to controlling your focus and letting your teammates do their job, instead of trying to be everywhere at once.

Stay Low and Move

Most of the times I got hit, I was standing and making myself a nice target in a window frame or hallway.  When you have the chance in a battle, get down in a safe place, think through your next move and work with your teammates to accomplish the mission.

Focus On Key Enemy Positions

You will realize the enemy team was focusing on holding the center of the field.  They almost always had someone defending there, and those enemy players got the most hits on me.

For most of the game, I failed to focus on coming up with a solution to defeat that key point.  As you will notice at the end of the video, I was able to move into the center field, and start neutralizing that key enemy point, although a bit too late in the game.


I hope that my experience will help you to avoid the same mistakes.  I want to congratulate the enemy team for an excellent defense and a great full auto round.

I want to extend a special thanks to Intrigue Airsoft and all the staff there for the great night of airsoft battling.  I can’t wait to get back up there for some more great airsoft CQB game play.  Be sure to check out to plan your trip!


Reader’s Choice Award 2014


Reader's Choice 2014 Award Post |

2014 was a great year for  We had over 8,500 page views and over 2,100 unique visitors!  As we go into 2015, my hope is that will continue to grow with your support!

Of the many posts here on the blog, I have boiled them down to a few that really shined to present during the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration.  I wanted your input, so I did a Google+ poll to select a reader’s choice from a list of’s most read posts.  So, without further ado, here are the best posts of 2014!

Reader’s Choice Award- In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Team Deathmatch 
Runner Up #1- Airsoft Tactics: Woodland 
Runner Up #2- Airsoft CQB: Basic Tactics for Buildings

The Airsoft Warrior’s Picks:

Here are some of my favorite posts from 2014!

1. The Reason I Airsoft 
This was my first post on  In it, I explain the reasons I airsoft and why you should, too!

2. Taking Your Airsofting To The Next Level
In this post, I explain how you can use airsofting to build and refine real world skills (See Turkey Hunt for a real world example of airsoft helping your real life abilities)

3. Which Airsofting Animal Are You
This post was one of the most fun I made on, and it seems like you all enjoyed it as well!


Overall Most Read Post of 2014

Airsoft Tactics: Woodland
This post was the most viewed out of all of the posts here on  Its basis on sound woodland tactics (and airsofters’ interest in those tactics) pushed it to the head of the pack in 2014.


Thank you to everyone who cast their vote for the Reader’s Choice Award 2014.   Be sure to check out all of the posts featured here, and let me know your favorites in the comment section below!


1 Year Anniversary Celebration: Game ON! (Blooper Reel)


1 Year Anniversary: GAME ON! Post Banner |


After months of planning, gathering post material, editing videos, and posting updates, the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration is LIVE!

To get this party started off right, here is the 1 Year Anniversary Blooper Reel!

This blooper reel is filled with the best (or worst) bloopers of 2014!  Enjoy watching me make a fool of myself on camera!


(If you’re an email subscriber, click HERE to watch the video on



1 Year Anniversary Announcement- The Celebration is Incoming! January 19th, 2015!


1 Year Anniversary: Announcement |

That’s right!  The 1 Year Anniversary Celebration of is finally ready to begin on January 19th, 2015 (This coming Monday)!  The Celebration will be a full week of posts and fun!

One of the biggest parts of the week will be the revealing of the Reader’s Choice Award Post (If you haven’t had the chance to vote yet, click HERE to go to the Google+ poll).  The poll will be closing on Monday the 19th, so be sure to get your vote in this weekend.

I am so excited for the Celebration to begin!  Throughout the week, you will be able to interact with other airsofters through the Airsoft Warrior Google+ Page, watch new videos on the Airsoft Warrior YouTube Channel, as well as comment your thoughts and questions right here on!

Looking forward to talking to all of you during the Celebration.  See you there!


Blake The Airsoft Warrior