Airsoft Tips From Videos: The Chief Airsoft: Intrigue Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Tips From Videos: The Chief Airsoft: Intrigue Airsoft Gameplay


In the below video (from The Chief Airsoft YouTube Channel), the Chief engages in some great airsoft combat at Intrigue Airsoft in Kansas City, MO.

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Here are some ways to improve your airsofting by using the shooting and CQB tactics from the Chief’s video:


Use The Angles

At 1:55, the Chief moves up to an excellent position that commands an great field of fire on the center field.  By using the great shooting angles, he is able to make kill after kill on enemy players trying to move up.

From the Chief’s perspective, this is a great spot.  He is able to sit tight in relative safety, and eliminate players who have to expose themselves to get to the cover provided by that centrally located crate.

From the enemy players’ perspective, they had several options that they could have used to limit the Chief’s effectiveness from this position.

By moving up the flank he is located on (which you can see that attempt at 4:25), they could push him out of the position.  Another option would be to use the opposite flank to pin him down in that position (you can see the effect this method has in my Intrigue Bomb Round video at 3:00 ).


Do Some Snap Shooting

A shooting method that the Chief uses throughout his video is snap shooting (a great example of this can be seen at 1:35).

Snap shooting is done by identifying where the enemy is, or may be, around a corner, and then coming out for a split second with your gun and sights at the ready to take him out.  By changing up the height and angle you come out of the corner at, you can make it almost impossible for the enemy to get a good shot.

(Note: An important thing to remember is to not get so target focused (also know as tunnel vision) on the enemy player you’re aiming for because when you come out to snap shoot, you may miss seeing another enemy who’s ready to take you out!)

The enemy team members could have combated the Chief’s snap shooting, by fighting it with some snap shooting of their own, combined with a bit of good ol’ suppressive fire.  By getting into a few key positions on the field, and focusing on keeping the Chief and his team behind cover (this is easy to do in a CQB game because most players won’t come out with BBs pelting the cover they’re hiding behind, whether there is a chance of BBs hitting them or not!), and practicing good use of their own cover, they would have had a better chance of taking down the Chief’s team.


Fire A String Of Rounds

You will notice that the Chief almost never fires just one BB at an enemy player.  He essentially uses a well aimed “burst,” or 3 or more rounds.  This is an excellent airsoft shooting method no matter what environment you are airsofting in.

By putting a “burst” of several rounds down range at the enemy, you do three things:
1. Up your chances of getting a kill (more BBs=better chances of a hit)
2. You can lead your BBs to the target throughout the enemy’s run from cover to cover (again, giving you a better chance of hitting him)
3. Intimidate the enemy player and team (this is a nice side effect)

I hope you enjoyed this video from The Chief Airsoft.  Be sure to check out his other great videos from Intrigue Airsoft!


1 Year Anniversary Announcement- Google+ Poll!


1 Year Anniversary: Announcement |

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  Remembering the reason for the season should be at the forefront of all of our minds year around.  Jesus is Born!


Airsoft Warrior Poll on G+ |

With the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration coming up fast, it’s time to pick the best post of 2014!

Right now, on the Airsoft Warrior Google+ Page, there is a poll that you can vote on to choose which of the most read posts of 2014 claims the Reader’s Choice Award (click HERE to go to the poll)!

The 3 posts in the running for the Reader’s Choice Award are:

Airsoft Tactics: Woodland

In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Team Deathmatch 

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Be sure to check them out, then cast your vote before the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration, starting soon!



Safety Kills: The Unfortunate Truth


Safety Kills: The Unfortunate Truth |

Safety kills are a part of airsoft that I understand but don’t fully enjoy.  I like that they give airsofters the chance to be honorable, test their skills, and keep the game safe.  On the other hand, I dislike that safety kills can create strife in a game and cause issues that wouldn’t arise if they weren’t implemented into the game.


How A Safety Kill Works

In case you are new to airsoft and don’t understand the safety kill, here is how it works:
(Note: A Safety Kill is not the same as a Knife Kill.  A Knife Kill involves the player physically touching the enemy player to make a kill (i.e. with a rubber knife, gun barrel, or hand).  A Safety Kill does not involve physically touching the player.  A Knife Kill focuses on stealth and speed, while a Safety Kill is focused on split second action when another player surprises you.)

Safety kills are used to prevent close range shots that may hurt airsoft players.  Often they are used within a Minimum Engagement Distance (MED) (i.e. don’t shoot within 10 feet.), that varies from field to field.  So, if the enemy player is withing that MED, you are supposed to offer a Safety Kill.

To initiate a Safety Kill, you say a phrase like “Safety Kill”, “Bang, Bang”, or another phrase created by the field to represent you shooting the enemy player.  The enemy player often has the choice of whether they will accept it or not.  If they do, they walk back to the respawn point.  If they don’t, they can start firing BBs at you, and you can return fire.  If both players safety kill each other at the same time, they “Parley” and both go back to respawn.


Warning Sign |

The Problems With Safety Kills

Although in theory the Safety Kill sounds like a good system, in practice it has several issues which I will go over.

First, your natural instinct in combat is to fire at the enemy, not say “Bang, Bang”.  You have to disengage yourself from combat, think about having to make a Safety Kill, and then act upon those thoughts quickly, which can result in some tricky situations.  It takes quite a bit of training to pull off a safety kill when an enemy comes around a corner and you aren’t expecting it.

Second, Safety Kills can result in some fairly unsafe situations.  If the other player disregards the safety kill, you had better be ready to get hosed down with BBs from less than 10 feet away.  It seems like it would be easier (and safer) to just put one or two rounds into the enemy player so he can call his hit and get on with the game, rather than engage in a slug fest in extreme close quarters.

Third, Safety Kills can create arguments on the field.  What happens if the other player chooses not to accept the Safety Kill, even though you could have hit him easily if you hadn’t have offered it?  What if the other player is sure they Safety Killed you first?  What do you do if you accidentally start firing on an enemy player (that you should have Safety Killed) and they become irate?

On the flip side, what do you do about friendly safety kills?  Since most fields allow the airsofter to have the option to accept/not accept the Safety Kill, do you or your teammates just have to not “accept” the Safety Kill to be rid of the friendly fire?  Or, because a Safety Kill is technically supposed to be the same as putting BBs down range, do those “friendly” Safety Kills count (but your enemies get a choice!)?


The Solution

Safety Kills are a solution to one set of problems that created another set, but since Safety Kills are a required part of the rules at many fields, you can’t simply ignore them if you’re an honorable, rule following airsofter (like we all should be).  Removing Safety Kills from the rule set of airsoft may be a solution to the problems created by it, but this is quite a ways down the road, and will require a change of thought by many fields.

Safety Kills aren’t all bad.  They add to the honor system that airsoft is based upon.  I’ve had instances where I was able to see first-hand the honorable airsofters that were willing to call themselves out when Safety Killed or make a Parley when the circumstances warranted it.

My solution is to follow the rules and be honorable on the field, even when others are not.  By understanding how Safety Kills work, being tactical and honorable, and doing your best to be prepared for the conflicts that arise when using Safety Kills, you can live and battle with them.


I hope that this post has helped you to better understand Safety Kills and to see the advantages, disadvantages, and limitations they have.  Let me know your thoughts on Safety Kills in the comment section below.


The Airsoft Warrior’s Christmas Buyer’s Guide


The Airsoft Warrior's Christmas Buyer's Guide |
(this post includes affiliate links)

With the Christmas season upon us, I’m sure many of you warriors (or family members of warriors) are building your airsoft wish lists.

Whether you’re new to airsoft, or are a seasoned veteran of the sport, it is important to make sure that you research the options available, so you can make a wish list that best fits your airsoft needs.

Here are three guidelines to follow when composing an airsoft wish list:

Pick The Gear That Fits Your Needs

If you want to enjoy airsoft to the fullest, buying quality weaponry that fits your goals is important. Remember that sometimes using your current gear and doing a few upgrades is better than buying a whole new load out, and will allow you to customize it to your purpose.

Ask yourself a few questions before making your airsoft wish list.

– What is my play style? (CQB, Field, or Both?)
– What is my price range? ($100-$200 is a good price range for a player’s first AEG and load out.  A veteran player will want to look in the $300+ model AEGs, and consider higher priced plate carriers and head gear)
– Do I want a specific model? (Does your new gun have to be an M4 that shoots 400 FPS and has realistic trade marks? Does your new plate carrier need to match your tan load out? )
– What accessories would I like? (A 9.6v Battery and a Smart Charger, extra magazine, and Grip Pod are a great place to start)
– If I’m a tech, what parts or tools might I want to upgrade my future or current weaponry?

Here are some things to add to your wish list based on your play style or upgrade style:

New Player:  A Umarex H&K USP Pistol (you can check out my review HERE), a G&G Combat Machineor KWA CQR MOD2 , and some good face protection (like the Lancer Tactical Gogglesand a Mesh Mask).  Make sure you pick up a Cyclone Mike Fan System (HERE is my review of it) from  to keep fogging away.

CQB Commander:  Thunder B Grenades for softening up rooms, a CQB length AEG (like the KWA SR7,  KRYTAC Trident CRB , or a CQB style gun from G&P or VFC), and a red dot for faster aiming in close quarters.

Field Fighter: A DMR style AEG (like the G&G CM 16 R8-L , the KWA SR10, or the Echo1 Stag Arms STAG-15 RC)a Tactical Vest or Chest Rig with MOLLE (so you can carry all the gear you need in the field), and a 1-4X Scope for maximum field of view while still being able to aim with precision.

Pro Performance: An 11.1v LiPo for better RPS (make sure you have a Mosfet to keep your trigger contacts from burning out), some Mid Cap Magazine for improved feeding, and a 6.03 mm tight bore barrel for extra accuracy.

Top Tech:  A Dremel Rotary Tool to complete a variety of airsoft repairs and modifications, Shims and Gearbox Grease help your gearbox run its best, and some Sorbothane Pads to correct the Angle Of Engagement (AOE) and extend piston life.


Make A Cart

After you’ve decided on what you want on your wish list, make a cart with several reputable airsoft sites (some good ones are Evike AirsoftGI, and  This will allow you to compare prices (including shipping fees), get details on the gear you want, and check for holiday coupons.


Be a Well Informed Shopper

Do your research on the gear you want.  Be sure to price match.  Call up customer service reps and ask questions about the specific model you’re looking at.  Search airsoft forums to get other players’ thoughts on the gear you’re considering.

Being well informed will keep you from being disappointed in your new gear or missing out on choosing gear that better fits your needs.

Let me know what’s on the top of your Airsoft Christmas List!

Have a very merry Christmas and Holiday season!


In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Bomb Round


Intrigue Airsoft: Bomb Round |

This round at Intrigue Airsoft was one of my favorites.  Our goal was to defend the drop location for the enemy’s bomb (a box on a table).  This required our team to be strategic and work together to be successful.  The Intrigue Airsoft staff added another level of strategy and tactics by limiting each player to only two respawns.

My teammate, the General, and I worked together for most of this round.  We start by moving up on the left flank, falling back when the enemy starts to overtake that side, and then establish a very effective defensive line.

The below video features all of this action and more.

(If your an email subscriber click HERE to watch the video on

Tactics from this video:

Keep track of your gun barrel:
One of the biggest mistakes you can make while in a CQB environment is not controlling your gun barrel.  Without proper control you’ll have a greater chance of being located, committing friendly fire, and potentially making the scenario more difficult for your team.  In the video, I do my best to be sure that my gun barrel was not sticking out around the corner of my hiding place and giving away my position.

Change what shooting position your in:
You will notice in the video that I switch between standing and kneeling.  This allowed me to take full advantage of the cover given me by my position, get the best angle on the enemy, and create a more stable shooting platform for better accuracy.  By changing your shooting position you can also confuse the enemy and keep him from anticipating where you’ll come out at.  Not many players will expect you to peek out at 5 feet and then come out with gun blazing 2 feet off the ground!

Think before you move:
In the middle of the round, I get eliminated in that excellent corner I had been using.  In my haste to get back there before the enemy could move up, I neglected to watch my right flank and those enemies hiding there.  That cost me one of my precious respawns.  I decided to adjust my plan, stay back in the lab, and use that position to stop the enemy in their tracks!

A couple notes on Intrigue Airsoft:

One thing to note is the excellent ref work.  Due to the balcony, they have a perfect view of the field (as you can see at the end of the video) and are able to assist players and call hits.  Many times they were able to help to shout out if a player was walking back to respawn, out of the game, etc.  Of course you can’t catch everything; but that is to be expected.  Thanks again to all of the refs for a great night of battle.

The last thing I would like to mention is assist shots, both by me and my teammates.  It’s very difficult in a CQB environment to be sure whether you were the one that connected first and made that enemy call his hit.  I would like to thank everyone there that night for the great battling and for the assistance in make all of these kills possible!

To watch more CQB action from Intrigue Airsoft check out my Team Deathmatch round.


1 Year Anniversary Announcement: Dates Have Changed


1 Year Anniversary: Announcement |

Dear Warriors,

My desire is to provide all of you with the best content I can.  Due to factors outside my control, the preparations for the Anniversary Celebration have been delayed.  The 1 Year Anniversary Celebration of has moved to after the first of the year.

I am very sorry for any inconvenience this had caused any of you (including this gentleman in the below picture).

Angry Airsofter |

I appreciate your understanding.  I will continue to keep all of you updated on the celebration details as they become available.

Blake The Airsoft Warrior



In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Team Deathmatch


In Game At Intrigue Airsoft: Team Deathmatch |

Reader's Choice 2014 Award |

I recently had the chance to battle at Intrigue Airsoft in Kansas City, Missouri with my team, Front and Center Airsoft.  Intrigue Airsoft is a 10,000 square foot, indoor CQB arena that features a large number of bunkers; and tons of trigger time.

The below video is of my first round at Intrigue.  This first round was Team Deathmatch with unlimited respawns.  Respawn was instant as soon as you reached to respawn zone and touched the wall.

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A few things I noticed in my first round were:

Friendly fire is Easy To Do
Due to the stress, fast pace, and high contrast lighting, team identification is difficult in CQB environments.  I was involved in multiple instances where I received (or dished out) friendly fire.  Teams swapped players throughout the evening (to keep teams evened up for the different scenarios) creating more confusion.

One way for teams to prevent friendly fire is to mentally memorize who is on your team before the round; and not safety killing or taking a shot until you are sure the target is an enemy operator.  Taking the time to identify your target is important; and I am continuing to learn this aspect of airsoft.

Securing the flanks is vital
In any airsoft battle the flanks are important; but when you get into a CQB battle they are even more vital.  The tight quarters make wide, stealthy out flanking maneuvers that you can preform in outdoor fields impossible.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t move up and secure them.

My team and I moved up on the left flank for most of the first round in an attempt to secure it and pin down the enemy working up the right flank.  I quickly noticed that the angles of fire, and large number of bunkers that created those angles, prevented me from being effective or holding down the enemy without my team supporting me from other points on the field.

Learn how to use “ineffective” points on the field
During the first round I moved 3/4 of the way up the field to a bunker located in front of the “Bomb Shelter”.  I noticed, as the night went on, that this position could become a death trap if you didn’t have the “Lab” cleared before getting in it.  If you did get the Lab cleared, the position commanded the enemy’s only other exit from the respawn area.

Watch for these so called “ineffective” positions and figure out what makes them work.  If you can make them effective they can work well, if you don’t, the positions, and you, will become completely ineffective.

Stay tuned for more battle videos from Intrigue Airsoft, coming soon to!


1 Year Anniversary Coming Up!!! What Do You Want To See?


1 Year Anniversary Coming Up!!! What Do You Want To See |

Hey Warriors,

I wanted to bring to your attention that will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary on December 1st-6th!

I am so excited by how the blog has grown in the past year, due to the support of all of you readers.  Since you’re the reason for to exist, I wanted to get your ideas for the Anniversary celebration!  Battle footage, blooper reels, tactics, or interviews from airsoft players, you name it.  Let me know in the comments below.  Also, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already so you can stay up to date on all of the 1 year anniversary happenings.

Thanks again for all of your support,

Blake The Airsoft Warrior


Tactical Training: Train Like You Fight


Tactical Training: Train Like You Fight |

Training is key to building tactical skills and enhancing your airsoft abilities.  But, training is useless if you don’t do it properly.  Improper training can create bad habits that will cost you in battle.

One of the keys to proper airsoft training is to “Train Like You Fight”.  I’ll be explaining the meaning of this simple phrase in the remainder of this post.

“Train Like You Fight” basically means that every time you train, no matter how informal, you try to replicate real airsoft combat.  If you can make every training experience as close to the real deal as possible, you will be better prepared when you are actually in combat.   Here are some tips to make sure that you “Train Like You Fight”.

Wear The Gear

One of the best ways to condition yourself for airsoft combat is to wear all of the gear that you would bring into battle.  Filling your hydration pack, loading your magazines, and putting on your head gear are great ways to add realism to your training sessions.  By wearing your gear during training you will also be able to test it and weed out what gear you really don’t need in a given situation.

Add Reactive Targets

The best reactive targets are other teammates that are willing to have a few BBs shot their way.  Your teammates can tell you exactly where and when your BBs hit; and provide you with feed back on how well you did.

Your teammates can also fire back at you, adding an extra real and challenging training experience.

Add in some cans, metal plates, bottles, or any other target that will make noise or fall over (audio-visual targets) when hit to give you more feedback on your accuracy without having to walk over and check a paper target.

Make An Objective

In any successful battle you will have an objective.  In battle, just taking out an enemy isn’t enough.  You must move up, claim good cover, and prevent the enemy team from accomplishing their goals.

In training, the goal shouldn’t be to simply hit targets.  You must go deeper than that if you want to become a better airsoft warrior.

A great way to add an objective to your training session is to time each part of the training using a stop watch or timer.  Try to improve your times on each part of the course every time you run it.  Timing the training will also allow you to identify what part of your airsofting you need to work on the most.

Another way to add an objective is to force yourself to shoot from a specific location and shooting position at each target.  For example, you may have to lay prone on low point and engage a target on a hill top 75 feet away.  This would make the shot more difficult than if you were, say, at 50 feet and kneeling.  This will help you to improve your ability to engage targets no matter what shooting position your in.


Always try to “Train Like You Fight” so you can become a better airsoft warrior.  Make every airsoft get together an opportunity to become more effective; and learn or try something new.


The Solution To Fogging: The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans


The Solution To Fogging: The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans |
(The Cyclone Mike was kindly given to me for review by its maker, Action Fans.  This in no way affects the content of this review.  I pride myself on providing honest, real world reviews that tell airsofters about products that make them more effective on the battlefield.)

Recently, I was in a battle with my team and I encountered one of the biggest issues in airsoft, FOGGING.  Within seconds of starting a round I couldn’t see much of anything.  There was no way I was going to be able to effectively fight in the battle.

After that game I decided I needed to find a solution.  During my research I found that most options were either too expensive, required permanent modification to your set up (which I don’t like to do), or weren’t effective enough for my needs (I sometimes wear prescription glasses during my airsofting, so I get double fog).

After looking around, I found the Cyclone Mike from Action Fans.  It had a unique design that interested me.  The fan features three main parts, the battery pack (It uses 4 AAA batteries.  The batteries are not included), a fan unit that sucks air in, and a sturdy air tube that allows you to direct air exactly where it’s needed to stop fogging.

The Cyclone Mike is inexpensive ($39.99+Shipping on, requires no permanent modification (just use the included self adhesive Velcro strips or Velcro-like straps to connect it to your helmet or goggles), and is very effective in all environments that I tested it in.

Cyclone Mike Fan |

Included in the package are:
– The Cyclone Mike Fan (fully assembled)
– One strip (approx. 3 inches) of both self adhesive hook and loop Velcro
– Two Velcro-like straps
– Two mini zip ties
– Instructions on using the fan as a cooling system instead of anti-fog.

In the video below, you can see my thoughts on the Cyclone Mike, as well as some footage of the Cyclone Mike doing its job in battle.

(If you’re an email subscriber, click HERE to watch the video on

The Cyclone Mike on a PJ FAST Helmet |

I tested the Cyclone Mike in both training and battle.  I have used it temperatures from 40 degrees to 80 degrees and up.  I also tested it both indoors and out.  It preformed excellently in every environment.

The only fogging I ever got was near the nose bridge of my goggles (I use Lancer Tactical Deluxe Ventilation Goggles) or when my sweat was pouring down the goggles like water after I had the fan off for a while.

The Cyclone Mike is made out of plastic, rubber, and reinforced wiring.  I found that the fan actually can withstand quite a bit of punishment.  I accidentally had it fall off a table while on my helmet and it was just fine.  My battle buddy, The Chief, also has a Cyclone Mike.  While in battle, he scraped his Cyclone Mike up against a tree and it still operated like new.

The Cyclone Mike with Filter Kit Mesh |

I decided to purchase the Filter Kit for the Cyclone Mike.  The Filter Kit includes a foam filter for really dusty environments, a plastic mesh cover to keep BBs and debris out of the fan, and two mini zip ties.

I found that the Filter Kit’s durability was not all it could be.  The plastic mesh split where the zip ties held it on to the fan unit.  I think a metal version (made out of the metal mesh used on airsoft masks) would be a big improvement on durability.

The Cyclone Mike is very quiet for the power it gives you.  I am still able to hear my teammates clearly and also hear the enemy moving around.  When in the woods, I sometimes turn the fan off and on as needed just to give me extra hearing ability while still staying defogged.

With the Cyclone Mike, I am able to go from completely fogged to defogged in a matter of seconds.  Needless to say I am very impressed with the features and function of the Cyclone Mike.  Thank you very much to Action Fans for sending the Cyclone Mike to me for review.   Be sure to check out to buy your Cyclone Mike; and start being fog free today.