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Airsoft Basic Tactics | Airsoftwarrior.netGood tactics are key to becoming a good airsofter.  Great tactics can make up for the enemy’s greater numbers or better weapons.  A great example of superior tactics winning a battle can be seen in Germany’s invasion of France in 1940.  Germany employed a new tactic, the Blitzkrieg, a combination of fast movement, concentrated tanks, and close air support, to defeat the strong French army in just a few months.  Here are a few tactics that will allow you to up your game and understand what makes a tactic effective.

Stealth is a key factor in good tactics.  Being quiet allows you to sneak into a strong position unnoticed and then hammer down on the confused and vulnerable enemy.  One time I slid quietly along a ravine staying low and avoiding sticks and leaves that would alert the enemy to my position.  I then determined the location of my enemy,  just one unsuspecting sentry focusing on the rest of my team.  I hopped up and hammered down with my automatic.  He never knew what happened until it was too late.  I was then in a good position that the enemy never expected me to be in.  Stealth is key!

Team Coordination is very important to good tactics.  Let your team know what the plan is and what you are going to do and how they can help.  I ask my teammates to lay down covering fire to keep the enemy down while I move up.  Work with the rest of your team and coordinate attacks whenever possible to make everyone more effective in their mission.

Communication can not be stressed enough.  Talk to your team members!  Silence and stealth are important, but there is a time to talk.  Try hanging back in a battle and giving your stealthy teammates information on the enemy’s location and strength so they can be more effective.  Don’t be afraid to call for help if you are in a sticky situation.

I hope these tactics help you advance your game to a new level.  Try to incorporate them as often as you can; and adapt them to your situation or tactic.  Let me know how you incorporated one of the basic tactics, stealth, team coordination, or communication into one of your airsoft battles.

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  1. Is a sniper potion outside a building or bunker to cover your team a smart idea

    • Good question, Delta 1. It really depends on the situation and what the objective is. If you need to hold a key point from the enemy, then defending that point with a solid bunker is a great plan. On the other hand, an effective sniper is more mobile and can intercept the enemy in unexpected ways. No matter what, always try to work with your team to make sure you are doing your part to obtain the objective.

      If you want to learn more about what a good airsoft sniper does, you can check out THIS post.

      Have fun on the field!
      – TAW

  2. Like if we we’re doing a building raid should we have the sniper take in there rifle or use a side arm to help with clearing. Or should we have them in an outside potion in case of coming in reinforcements of the enemy, escaping enemies and window surveillance. There both good ideas but witch is the better one. By the way I’m on here a lot. We’re starting an advanced team call Delta Squad, I’m the commander, we are doing practices, meetings, and training constantly. So far we’ve never failed a single mission. We’ve mainly just done relief missions for ally teams so far. And this my be hard to believe, but besides training non of my man have been lost in battle. The worst injury is a shot in the arm, but we have a great medic. So far we’re the second best squad in the area. but facing fierce competition.

    • Great questions Delta 1. Glad to hear that you are growing the airsoft community with your team. Thank you so much for being a loyal follower of! I am so glad that you enjoy the blog and that I am keeping it interesting! Be sure to let me know if there is any content you would like to see in the future!

      To answer your question, I would say that your best bet is to decide if your team can do without the support of another team member in the building. A sniper is a valuable resource and should not be wasted. That being said, there are times where you have to have another player inside the building itself and not out on a limb where they could be flanked and eliminated easily. If you think that the rest of team can handle attacking the position, send the sniper (with a spotter if possible) out to cover the flank and lay down fire from a range. This will allow you to have more widespread protection, use the sniper’s skills to your advantage, and allow them to get more valuable battlefield experience.

      I hope this has helped. One of the best (and worst) thing about tactics is that they are very situation based. One tactic doesn’t always work (and how boring that would be if it did). You have to stay alert to the battlefield situation and be able to identify what is the best way to use your squad members in a given situation. Control the battlefield, don’t let it control you.

      Have fun on the field,

      – TAW

  3. If your Mission is to free a hostage from a big amount oft Terrorists, is it a smart tactic to go quit and try to lay low as in, no fire, or to overwhelm Thema enemy with fire and free the hostage while the team is distracting the enemy?

    • Good question, Alpah 7. I would consider using a combination of both if possible. Split your team into a small group of stealth players and another large group with good firepower. The stealth squad can flank and infiltrate the enemy lines to locate and secure the hostage with minimal casualties to themselves. The large, firepower group has several options when it comes to tactics. Depending on the situation, they could attack the enemy head on to draw them away from the hostage like you mentioned, they could wait until the stealth squad has completed their mission and then provide cover fire so they can return safely, or they could establish an strong, defensive position for the stealth squad to return to and be protected in.

      If you have a small team, use that to your advantage by moving quickly with stealth. Don’t let the enemy team get comfortable and establish strong defenses. Move silently and use the element of surprise to take them out. If you can, create the feeling of a larger group by attacking from multiple angles. This will confuse the enemy team and force them to split their firepower.

      I hope this helps you in your next airsoft hostage mission. Feel free to let me know if you have any other airsoft questions!

      Have fun on the field,
      – TAW

  4. Is there any situation were we would need an aquatic unit, say for like an extreme mil-sim. To take out a raft or anther small boat

    • Interesting question, Delta 1. Most of the time a boat isn’t needed/used in Airsoft games. Part of this is due to the risk of using an electric airsoft gun near, or in, the water. I have yet to see a boat in an airsoft game, but it could be a great element if the proper safety measures were taken!

      – TAW

  5. Delta Charlie 7

    Is it possible to have an airsoft war with only 3 people?

    • Hey Delta Charlie 7,
      I would consider a skirmish of that size to be more of an airsoft battle, personally. However, it is possible to have a lot of fun with just 2 or 3 players. With small player numbers, you can set up a series of matches that challenge and improve everyone. For example, some of my best stealth games have been played with just 1 or 2 other airsofters. Some of the most intense firefights have been just with just a couple battle buddies. When you think about it airsoft is typically just you verses another player or two anyway, and some of the best moments can be had in that very simple skirmish.

      Have fun on the field,

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