H&K USP from Umarex Review


HK USP by Umarex Review | Airsoftwarrior.netMy favorite pistol in my armament is my H&K USP by Umarex.  It packs a punch with its CO2 powered system; and its strong 360 fps make it a good choice for a variety of situations you may encounter in airsoft.  In a recent battle I eliminated an opponent at 30 feet with a moderate wind blowing when he popped his head up from behind cover for a quick look around! The H&K USP is an excellent addition to any airsoft armament.

HK USP Pistol | Airsoftwarrior.net

Here are the specs:

-360 FPS
-12 gram CO2 capsule powered (located in magazine)
-16 round magazine capacity
-Ambidextrous magazine release
-Licensed by HK
-Large Trigger Guard fits gloves

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I recommend buying a metal magazine for your H&K USP.  The plastic mags that come with the gun seem unreliable and may malfunction.  The metal mag is strong and adds the extra weight to give the H&K a real steel feel.  Also you may look at the Umarex TAC converter.  That will turn your weapon into an awesome close quarters weapon as well as increase the accuracy for further shots.  Airrattle.com sells the H&K USP bundeled with the TAC Conversion kit .

Overall the accuracy and power as well as the low price make the H&K USP by Umarex an excellent buy.

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  1. Yeah this gun is great!!! I don’t have the metal mag yet but I am going to pick one up soon. I use it all the time for CQB battles.

  2. Trent aka The Chief.

    I got my new metal mag today. It’s heavy! Gives the gun a realistic feel!! I like it!!!!

  3. I’ve seen that gun before…;P

  4. Is there an Airrattle link for this gun?

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