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Outflanking  | Airsoftwarrior.net

The outflanking tactic is a basic yet effective tactic used in battles throughout history.  One of the best parts of the outflanking tactics is its versatility and simplicity.  It is easy to adapt to most situations and doesn’t usually take a lot of planning.

Outflanking Tactic | Airsoftwarrior.net

The first step to outflanking is to establish a base of fire that will keep down the enemy’s heads and keep them from eliminating your outflanking team or from expecting and preparing for the maneuver.

After establishing your base of fire, plan your outflanking team’s advance and decide where you will engage the enemy.  What cover is available?  How can you conceal the maneuver?  Will you wait to engage the enemy until you get completely behind him and attack from the rear?  Should you attack from both of the enemy’s flanks?  These are all good questions to ask yourself before you start the outflanking maneuver; and how you answer them will depend upon the terrain, number of soldiers in your team and the enemy’s,  and what the tactical situation is.

Complete the maneuver as planned using stealth and teamwork.  Do your best to coordinate your attack with your base of fire element and the rest of your team.



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  1. Trent aka The Cheif.

    This is a great tactic! Works almost every time.

    • Trent aka The Cheif,
      I’m glad you appreciate the outflanking tactic. As with any tactic, it takes time and training to master it, so it’s a good idea to get out and train.
      Good airsofting!

  2. Trent aka The Cheif.

    I try to get out and train about once a week.

    • Trent aka The Cheif,
      Excellent! Let me know what kind of training you do. I hope to do an upcoming post on training and would appreciate the impute.

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