Spring, Electric, or Gas, which is right for you?


Spring, Electric, or Gas | Airsoftwarrior.netWith the large assortment of airsoft weaponry available, it can be confusing even to some experienced airsoft users to determine what firing system they need in a gun.

I have used the three basic types of airsoft firing systems,spring, electric, and gas in my airsoft battles and in my arsenal.  Here is a basic rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Spring guns are known for their reliability. They use the tension of a spring to drive air forward to launch BBs. They are accurate and often higher powered than their counterparts.  Spring guns are single shot and have to be cocked each time after firing; therefore they have a low rate of fire.  Spring guns are cheaper than gas or electric and are often lighter.


Electric guns have a high rate of fire and are often automatic.  Electric guns use a gearbox that rotates using an electric motor to shoot BBs at high rates of fire.  Electric operated guns may have a lower power than their spring or gas conterparts and are often more expensive than spring weapons.  Electric guns also have to be recharged occasionally.


Gas guns are extremely powerful, but they are also the most expensive.  They use compressed gas to blast BBs at high speeds.  They are very accurate and are heavier than most electric and spring guns giving them a realistic feel.  The gas has to be changed out or refilled occasionally for the gun to continue shooting.

I really like my gas powered HK USP made by Umarex.  I whipped it out in a round and made a headshot on a  guy hiding behind a barrier as he popped his head out.  A gas gun’s accuracy can be amazing!

Whichever gun and firing system you choose remember to do your research and, after getting your weapon, to test it and put it through its paces so that you and it can be at maximum efficiency.  What do you think is the best airsoft power system? Spring, Electric, or Gas?

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  1. My boys just got their first airsoft guns for Christmas. I enjoyed reading your posts tonight and will be sharing them with my sons in the morning.

    • Sonita,
      Thank you for your comment. I am glad to see new airsofters will be using my blog to start their journey. It is an honor to be able to help them.
      Good airsofting!

  2. I like having an aeg for my primary gun( I
    personaly like ak platform) and for my secondary I have co2 desert eagle or a spring 1911. I like my co2 gun because it shoots hard but I don’t like how fast it goes through co2.

  3. What do you think of the spring-loaded Taurus PT 24/7 model. It is a metal gun which is my primary pistol.

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