Winter Airsoft Battles


Winter Airsoft Battles | Airsoftwarrior.netWinter is one of the best times to airsoft.  The cold weather allows you to battle longer without getting overheated, and you don’t have to worry about snakes, pesky mosquitoes, or flies.  But winter also presents a set of new challenges.

Safety is number one in all airsoft battles and winter battles are no exception.  Be sure to hydrate yourself and remind your buddies to do the same.  Although you may not feel thirsty you are still burning a lot of water and you need to replenish it.  Hot chocolate or soup in a thermos can be a great way to warm up and hydrate in between rounds. Dress in layers and take warm up breaks inside or around the campfire when possible to keep everyone at the top of their game.

Tactics change in winter.  A great defensive position or hide out in the summer can become completely useless in the winter because of lack of foliage.  If possible, scout out the field before the battle to determine how it has changed since summer and how you can adapt.  Be flexible and find new hide outs and cover that will allow you to take advantage of your enemy’s new lack of protection.

Maintenance of your airsoft guns is very important when battling in the winter.  Dry your gun after every battle to prevent damage.  Buying an extra battery may be a good choice if you plan on fighting in extended battles because the cold will zap your battery’s charge faster.

Winter is one of my favorite seasons to go airsofting.  It allows me to train and stay active so I have an edge in the spring.  Don’t let the cold keep you out of the field.  Remember to stay safe and adaptable and have fun!  Let me know what your favorite part of a winter battle is.


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  1. Trent aka The Cheif.

    My favorite part of winter battles is probably the fact that I can use the lack of cover to my advantage. Because I can set up in a good position and wait for my unsuspecting enemy to reveal himself due to the lack of cover.

  2. Trent aka The Cheif.

    Thank you Knuckles!!

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