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Using Cover | AirsoftWarrior.netUsing cover is one of the basic skills you will have to master to become a better airsofter.  Cover is key to survival in an airsoft battle.  It provides you with protection and allows you to implement strategies effectively when used properly.

When I was in an airsoft battle on a 3 man team, we held a hill top position with a bunker for protection.  As the battle progressed both of my teammates were eliminated.  I had to defend the position by myself against 8 enemies!  In the end I was eliminated, but not before I had taken four of the opposing team with me!  In this post I will explain how to use cover so you too can be the “King of the Hill”.

When using cover, be sure to select a position that is big enough to protect you and your teammates with you.  You don’t want to be trapped or eliminated because there wasn’t enough room for you to maneuver.

Off-hand Cover | AirsoftWarrior.netMake sure that you can move behind your cover.  A good strategy when you are behind cover is to switch the side of the bunker you are firing from to allow you to engage more enemies and make yourself unpredictable so you don’t get eliminated.  Learn to shoot with your non-dominate hand or “off-hand” to allow you to get maximum protection from your piece of cover. I was able to stay alive as the “King of the Hill” because I frequently switched which side I fired from thereby keeping the enemy force off balance.

Another invaluable tip when you are in cover is to keep your head down!  It may sound obvious but you will be tempted to stick your head over the cover to observe the field and “just have a look”.  Try to only use the sides of your cover to fire and observe the field.  This technique will keep you from, as I call it, “goose-necking” and will allow you to survive longer.

I hope that you take these lessons and apply them to your airsofting skills.  Let me know how they work for you; and I would enjoy hearing about any “King of the Hill” stories you may have.

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  1. Thanks for the tip Blake.


  2. me and this one guy where able to hold off like 20 peps for 40 mins. the last 5 mins was with my side arm. They had unlimited lives and we had one each. attack and defend type style game

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