The 3E’s of Communication in Airsoft


The 3E's of Communication in Airsoft | AirsoftWarrior.netCommunication is a vital tool in airsoft.  It allows you to convey important team information like number of enemy players in a certain area,  the next big plan your team will implement, or how you will coordinate an attack with other players.  Communications can also be used to pass along information in a small squad or buddy team so you can both be effective.  Communication is a big player in successful operations, and ultimately, victory.

Here are some basics to follow in your communications on the battlefield

Communicate often
In several battles I have been the team commander.  I noticed that it is very helpful to me if players communicate with me and each other often.  It allows me to know about their well-being, tactical situation, and position so I can command them effectively.  It allows other players to feel more secure and allows them to help you in a pinch.  When you are on the battlefield try to stay in touch with your commander and other players.  Radio them or send a battle buddy so you all know where each of you are and what everyone is doing.

In communication the 3 Es can be helpful.

Explore-  Find out as much as you can about what you are talking about.  Know the terrain if you are trying to convey your location.  If you are communicating about the enemy,  find out strength, type of weaponry, and direction of travel.  Know as much as you can so you can answer any questions you or other players may have.

Eyesight or Earshot- be sure that those you are communicating to can hear you or see you if your using hand signals so they don’t miss any of your communication.

Expedient-  Your communication should be as long as it needs to be but as short as you can make it to avoid confusion.  Include all necessary information in your first communication, then let your contact ask the questions.  This way you won’t hog the radio or retell something they already know.

Use these tips in your communications to enhance their effectiveness.  As I have said communication is vital to consistence in your battlefield successes.  Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Here’s a free printable pocket version of the 3E’s of Communication for you!

3E's of Communication in Airsofting with FREE printable |

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