Using Corners in Airsoft


Using Corners in Airsoft |

In airsoft you will often encounter operations that require you to go around corners.  Corners can be challenging because you can’t observe what is beyond them.  Don’t walk into a death trap.

Lets look at how to use corners properly and how to avoid getting eliminated.

Tight Method |

Tight Method
The first method you can use when going around corners is to cut the corner tightly.  This method allows you to get maximum use of the cover the corner provides and it is the quickest method.  Its main disadvantage is that it gives you less room to maneuver with your team or with a rifle.  You need to have confidence that your team will back you up and in your abilities within tight spaces.  Be prepared for quick action if there is an enemy around that corner.


Slice the Pie |

“Slice The Pie” Method
Another method you can use is to “slice the pie”.  You “slice the pie” by moving back 5-10 feet from the corner in the 4 o’ clock position.  Then side step around to the 8 o’ clock position keeping your focus, and gun, on the corner.  This method will allow you to have more room to maneuver and more time to react to the enemy.  It requires more room, time, and skill then the tight method which may not make it a good option for some situations.

A Tool for Corners |

A Tool for Corners
A helpful tool you can use on corners is the mirror on a stick.  I created mine using a telescoping rod, a small mirror, and a strip of camo duct tape.  You can also use a small fixed rod instead of a telescoping one.  I keep mine in a utility pouch on my uniform to keep the metal from giving my position away; but you could paint yours with green or tan spray paint.  To use it simply pull it out and stick it around the corner.  Cant it up and down and side to side to see what’s around the corner.  Be careful not to stick you hand or a piece of equipment around the corner or you may get eliminated.

Try using the methods on your next mission.  Good airsofting!

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  1. Trent aka The Chief.

    Great tips!! I will try and use them in my next battle!

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