Which Airsofting Animal Are You?


Which Airsofting Animal are You? | AirsoftWarrior.netHere is a list of animals that represent some of the airsofters you will encounter on the battlefield.  Look at the descriptions below, then find which one best fits you, and which one you want to be most like.  Discuss with your battle buddies what animal you thought best represented you and then have them tell you which one they think you are most like.  This will help you to develop into a better airsofter and to increase your understanding of your abilities.  Be honest with yourself, and have fun!

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Wolf | AirsoftWarrior.net
The wolf airsofter likes to work in a team and coordinate his attacks with his buddies.  He relies on strength, cunning, and teamwork to bring down his enemies.  Even without his team the wolf is still a formidable foe and deserves respect.  His best buddy is the fox due to his leadership skills .  He is weak against the cheetah if he gets into a one on one battle with him .

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Fox | AirsoftWarrior.net

The fox airsofter is the most cunning and thoughtful airsofter.  He likes to think things through and determine a plan of action before going into battle.  He prefers to work in a team and tries not to go off on his own.  It is difficult for the fox to understand airsofters that don’t like to operate in a team or develop elaborate plans before going into battle .  His best battle buddies are the vulture and wolf due to their willingness to be lead by him and support his plans.  His worst foe is the monkey because of his unpredictability and disregard for leadership.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Cheetah | AirsoftWarrior.net

The cheetah relies on his speed and airsofting skill to carry him through a battle.  He has little regard for weaponry and tends to look down on the elephant’s pride in his weaponry.  He is a very effective lone warrior and sometimes has trouble working in a team.  His best buddy is the wolf because of his skill level.  He is weak against a tough elephant or a strong team of wolves.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Elephant | AirsoftWarrior.net

The elephant doesn’t have the skills or tactics to be effective, so he uses his weapons.  He likes to collect guns and have the best of everything on the battlefield.  His worst enemy is the cheetah because the elephant can’t figure out how he can fight without the most amazing guns and gear .  His best friend is a fellow elephant although they sometimes get into arguments over who has the best gear.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Vulture | AirsoftWarrior.net

The vulture likes to work in a team so he can use the good ideas and leadership of others to accomplish his mission.  He doesn’t have the most kills but he is the best team player.  He loves to learn from other players.  His partner is fox due to his skill and cunning use of tactics that the vulture can copy and learn from in his missions.  His arch enemy is monkey because the vulture has nothing to gain from working with him.

Which Airsofting Animal are You?-Monkey | AirsoftWarrior.net

The monkey may have skills and guns but he doesn’t use them.  He prefers to rush into battle and hope for the best.  He rarely listens to or obeys orders.  He occasionally comes out on top due to his aggressiveness but this is often an exception.  Not many other airsofters care for his company and purposely send him on his own “special” missions.  He has no special friends; and it is difficult to put a finger on his worst enemy because of the various “styles” of fighting he uses.

I hope this list helps you to better examine yourself and your airsofting style so you can improve.  Have fun and work towards your goal animal and help your buddies achieve theirs.

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  1. I’m a cheetah for sure!

    • Thanks for commenting, Jason. I think that cheetahs have an advantage in airsoft battles when they get separated from their teammates. Because they are used to fighting alone, they don’t panic and are still effective.

      Blake the Airsoft Warrior

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