Airsoft CQB: Basic Tactics for Buildings


Airsoft CQB Basic: Tactics for Buildings |

Airsoft Close Quarters Battle(s) (CQB) are some of the most intense and fun battles you can participate in.  In this 3 part series we will examine how to enter buildings, clear rooms, and find out what type of gear and equipment you will need to be effective in a CQB environment.

Note: The use of cover is vital to your success as an effective CQB solider.  You have to know how to move to cover and how to stay nice and tight behind it.  Keeping your gear, elbows, head, etc. close to your body and behind cover is vital.  At such close distances your enemy’s accuracy will be dead on and you have to give him less chances of eliminating you.  Check out this video and this post for more on how to use cover.

Entering Buildings

CQB often involves buildings.  Buildings have rooms.  Rooms make it difficult to eliminate tactical enemies.  There is usually one main entrance (a door) and that is where the enemy will be concentrating his fire power.

There are two methods to entering and “clearing” out buildings.  One method is the noisy method.  Your team enters the building with a lot of shooting and yelling.  The goal is to confuse the enemy and keep him from reacting.  The noisy method also allows you to communicate quickly and get the job done faster.

The other method is the quiet method.  Your team silently enters the building through an unguarded back door or window.  Your team tries to sneak into the heart of the enemy building and eliminate a key enemy, or rescue hostages without being detected.  This method is difficult and risky because the whole plan can fall apart if the enemy finds you before you complete your mission.

Now that you understand the basic methods of clearing a building, let’s look at how to enter a building and start clearing it.

Entering a Building Example

When entering buildings it is best to have at least a 6 man team.  Separate the team into 2 man buddy teams.  Two of these buddy teams will clear rooms and the third buddy team will provide support and prevent the enemy from reoccupying the rooms that have already been cleared.

Buddy Teams for Building Entering |

The team enters the building from the same side of the door or window.  You may want to recon the room you will be entering before hand by cracking open the door and waiting to see if anyone starts shooting.  You can also examine a window from a distance to see if the enemy is using that room.  If you are unsure if the people in the building are enemies or friendly soldiers be sure to yell out your team name upon entering the building.

Entering Buildings Team Formation |

After you have entered the building have the room clearing teams start searching the rooms and eliminating the enemy.  The support team will stay outside of the rooms to eliminate any enemies that try to advance toward the room clearing teams from other rooms.

Room Entering with Team |

The room clearing teams leap frog each other as they clear the building.  The support team moves up just behind the room clearing teams as they “push” the building.

Room Clearing- Leapfrog Method |

If there is only one room clearing team they will snake back and forth between rooms.

Room Clearing- Snake Method |

In the next post in this series we will look at how to clear rooms effectively and without getting eliminated in the process.

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  1. Excellent Post!

    • Dead Shot,
      Thank you! If you have any questions or ideas for upcoming posts let me know.

      • There are 2 types of room entry, dynamic and deliberate. Dynamic entry is the rapid and loud method of getting the team in and on target as fast as possible. This method is used mainly if you know the layout of the room or building.

        Deliberate entry is the more methodical method, where the entry is rapid or silent and each area of the room or structure is searched slowly with purpose.

        Dynamic is the faster more risky method and deliberate is the slower less riskier method, but it takes longer to execute.

    • What is your exp. in CQB? Are you ex military or SWAT? If not then how do you know what your talking about? Movies and Video games and the internet will only get you so far compared to true experience.

      • Zac,
        I consult with military, Special Reaction Team, Government LEO, and past/current law enforcement members when compiling tactical posts. I also analyze prior military engagements, and read FMs and other well written, accurate military literature. I apply the tactics I write about in my airsoft engagements and training exercises so I can provide my readers with the best airsoft tactical information available.


  2. Trent aka The Chief.

    Great tactics!! I’ll use these tips in my next CQB battle. Can’t wait for the rest of the series.

  3. Can’t wait for a chance to have a CQB battle! Thanks for the tips.

  4. Let me know the next time you are at Intrigue!

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