The Tech Saga: Part 1- Inside the JG M4 RIS


The Tech Saga |

Recently I started getting into the technical side of airsoft.  I wanted to learn about the ins and outs of my AEG in an attempt to gain more knowledge about the awesome sport of airsoft.  This post is the first of the Tech Saga series.  In the Tech Saga I will show you the basics of teching your airsoft AEG, the problems I encountered during my tech work and how you can avoid them, and the end result of my tech job on my JG M4 RIS.

First we will get some lingo out of the way.  The gearbox (or mechbox) is the heart of your airsoft gun.  It provides the air compression that propels the BB down the barrel.  A good video on the inner workings of an AEG can be found here.  There are many types of gearboxes (Version 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) but they all work essentially the same.  The removal and part design are often different from version to version so be sure to research the parts you are getting to ensure compatibility. The version you have in your airsoft gun varies.  M4/M16 style airsofts often have Version 2 (V2) gearboxes.  An AK or G36 mainly have Version 3 (V3) gearboxes.  I have a Version 2 gearbox in my JG M4 RIS.

The obvious goal of teching (or airsmithing) your AEG is to repair, upgrade, and/or maintain your airsoft gun.  But always remember the real goal is to learn and enjoy your experience.  If you get tired or frustrated, put the pieces in a safe place (I have a special work table set up), take a break, and relax.  Believe me, it is better to wait until you feel up to the task then to press on.

I decided to tech my JG M4 RIS to repair the gearbox shell after the trigger post broke.  This is common problem with Version 2 (V2) gearboxes with weak shells due to the stress put on that post by the trigger trolley (watch the video to learn more).  I also wanted to upgrade the internals for CQB operations (350 fps or less) and increase the life of the weapon overall.  In this post is a video of my JG M4 RIS’s internals and what parts you will want to upgrade, or look for, in you airsoft gun.

Stay tuned for more installments of the Tech Saga.  We will be examining the parts that I used to build this Warrior Grade weapon, the end results, of this custom build, and more! Coming soon to!

The Tech Saga Series
The Tech Saga Part 1- Inside the JG M4 RIS
The Tech Saga Part 2- The Upgrade Parts of Champions
The Tech Saga Part 3- Final Test of the Custom JG M4 RIS

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  1. Great video! Good job explaining everything!!

  2. Where do you do your teching? Cause I don’t think my dad would let me do it anywhere.

    • Jason,
      I do my teching in a quiet, well lit part of my basement. I use a large table and cover part of it with protective material (a trash bag works fine to keep off the grease from my work). As you can imagine good lighting is important for tech work, so I also have a lamp and a window over the table to get as much light as I can. It is best if you can find a room with a door if you have other people in the house so thing don’t “disappear”.

      Hope this helps,
      Blake the Airsoft Warrior

  3. To Airsoft Warrior,
    I’m impressed! You sound like a “professional airsofter”. Are you?

    • RaLee,
      I consider myself a semi-pro airsofter. I write here on my blog to help others to become better airsofters and really enjoy airsofting. I enjoy learning from other airsofters and building my knowledge. I think it is important for airsofters to not get caught up in becoming a professional so much that they miss having fun.

      Thanks again for your support,
      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  4. Pls send us a video fot jg m4s system abs regarding the internal parts of geatbox what version what are the internal parts they use inside the gearbox and size of bushing etc

    • jose,
      I looked around for some resorces on the internals of the JG M4 S-System. Although I have not personally owned an S-System, The Chief (from The Chief Airsoft YouTube Channel) has and he could probably answer some of your questions in regards to internals and performance. HERE is a video from CrazyNCMan on the internals of the JG M4 S-System after 3 YEARS of use.

      I’m not sure on bushing size. My best guess would be 7mm, but again that is just a guess.

      I hope these resources will give you a better understanding of the internals of the S-System. If you have any other questions reguarding airsoft, feel free to leave me a comment or email me at!

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

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