The 3 Rules of Tactical Movement


The 3 Rules of Tactical Movement |

In airsoft you are constantly on the move.  Movement is important to being effective in an airsoft game; but it is also the most likely time you will get eliminated.  I have gotten hit while moving from cover to cover, and it’s very frustrating.  That’s the reason I decided to write this post that will walk (pun intended) you through the basics of moving as a warrior and as a team so you can be effective and tactical.

Here are the 3 rules of tactical movement:

1. Watch your teammates 
I have seen many instances where an airsofter has moved up on the enemy without observing his teammates.  In one instance an airsofter advanced up to engage the opposing force and walked right in front of his battle buddy’s line of fire!  He got away with it that time; but there was a good chance that he could been taken out by friendly fire.

Getting hit by friendly fire, or being in the way of your team, due to not observing you teammates is a great way to help the opposing force win.  Be sure to know where your teammates are and how you can avoid getting in the way while still being effective.

2. Communicate
Communication is vital to successful airsofting.  Talk to your teammates to coordinate when and where you need to move.

If you need to move into a fellow warrior’s line of fire, communicate what you are doing to them and be sure to get their OK before you start moving to avoid friendly fire.

If you aren’t sure where you need to be during an airsoft battle or think that one of your teammates needs your support, ask your teammates for direction.  More experienced teammates, or teammates closer to the action, will be able to give you the information you need to successfully move to a position that will make you more effective.

For a more in-depth look at how to communicate with your teammates check out my 3 Es of Communication Post.

3. Practice Moving
Practice is a vital part of improving any skill.  Set up a course using some bunkers and obstacles in your backyard and practice moving tactically on it.

The military uses a movement system known as 3-5 second rushes.  The idea is that you get up, run for 3-5 seconds (the time it would take an enemy to line up his sights on you), then get down to avoid being hit.  After you are safely behind cover, you shift to a new location behind that cover to avoid being predictable.  Try to incorporate this method into your airsoft practice to prevent getting hit while moving.

Also practice moving side to side (laterally) when getting from cover to cover instead of directly forward.  This way the enemy can’t line up his sights and will have to rely on luck and leading his gun to hit you.

For more information on cover check out my Using Cover post.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on moving while airsofting.  If you have any questions on movement be sure to post them below.  Thanks for reading.


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  1. Great tips from a great airsofter!

    • Glad you think so, Chief. Pass these tips on to your fellow battle buddies. Together we can make more tactical airsofters!

      Blake the Airsoft Warrior

  2. What about diving to cover? It’s quick, but is it worth the risk of breaking equipment?

    • Caleb,

      Thank you for your comment. To answer your question, sometimes diving to cover is the best tactical option. I try to avoid it because, as you said, you risk breaking equipment. To stay within the 3-5 second rush time limit it may be necessary to dive. If possible, try to use your arms, elbows, and knees to soften the fall; and keep your equipment off the ground. You can also experiment with sliding base-ball style into cover.

      Hope this helps,
      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  3. I love sliding baseball style!

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