The 3 Secrets To Conserving BBs


The 3 Secrets of Conserving BBs |

I want to start out this post with a story…

Operator (insert your name of choice) is advancing through the field of battle.  He has eliminated several enemy operators and has made his way behind enemy lines.  His battle buddy was eliminated in a previous engagement, and has not rejoined him.  The Operator favors using automatic fire.  It makes him feel more secure on the battlefield.

The Operator takes a short break to observe his surroundings.

Spotting an enemy coming out of the bushes 30 feet away, the Operator prepares to eliminate him.  The enemy has no idea that the Operator is almost right next to him.

The Operator takes aim, pulls the trigger, and releases, what he thinks, is a hail of automatic fire.

Completely expecting the enemy to call “hit”, the Operator is surprised when the enemy returns a burst of auto then quickly maneuvers behind cover, unscathed.

The Operator ducks back behind his cover.  He hears the thud of semi coming for the enemy’s AEG.

The enemy releases a perfect burst of automatic fire right into the Operator’s barely exposed shoulder.  The strong cross wind allowed the bbs to partially curve around the Operator’s cover making the enemy’s fire even more effective.

On his way back to re-spawn, the Operator checks his mag.  It’s completely empty!  His careless use of automatic through out the round resulted in a lack of ammo at the critical moment.

Lets examine the above story to learn from the accidents/successes of the operators, so we can conserve our bbs better.

Tactical Use of Semi
Some airsofters rarely use the semi function on their AEG.  They prefer to spray auto the whole battle.  Although this may be effective, there is a place for semi.  Here are some tips to using semi to conserve your ammo.

  • Conserve bbs at close range: You can often still be as effective using semi instead of auto at close distances.  Practice using semi on your weapon so you can be accurate and effective.
  • Adjust for cross wind: The enemy operator used semi to get an idea of how his shots where effected by the wind.  This allowed him to use his burst of automatic to it fullest.

Tactical Use of Automatic
Firing auto is a very effective and intimidating tactic.  It also burns up a lot of ammo.  A short three second burst will burn up anywhere from 30-60+ rounds! That is a lot of round out of your mag, even if you are using a 300 round hi-cap.  But there is a place for automatic fire. Below are some good ways to use your auto effectively.

  • Temporary suppression: The enemy in the story used this tactic to force the Operator behind cover so he could maneuver to cover himself.  Using this tactic enabled him to get a few, precious seconds of safety.
  • Quick elimination:  Use auto to eliminate the enemy quickly if you are in a compromising position.  The enemy in the story didn’t have the best cover so he used auto to suppress/eliminate the Operator rapidly.

Target Selection
Selecting a specific target is critical to conserving you bbs.  Narrowing down the scope of your focus will keep you from randomly switching targets, and wasting bbs.  Here are some tips on how to effectively select your target.

  • Focus on what you can do:  The enemy didn’t get caught up in the stress of the moment; and haphazardly sprayed the Operators cover.  He located the Operator’s weak spot (shoulder) and focused on that.
  • Don’t forget the big picture: If you are surprised by a hidden enemy, by all means focus on him and get to cover.  Once the threat of getting eliminate is no longer paramount, try to get a look at your surroundings.  A smart enemy will rarely travel alone (the exception would be a sniper or recon operator), and you may need to turn your focus to another, more deadly enemy.

Comment below and let me know about the most amazing shot you made in battle using semi!

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  1. Great tips!

  2. Like the story! Good post.

  3. Love it! I am, at best, a trigger-happy player. Your tips will help me become a better warrior!

  4. Fantastic use of a story that really can be used for new and experienced players alike!

  5. Fantastic story used that can be applied to new and experienced players alike!

  6. Hey are you still running this blog

    • Hey Delta 1,
      Yes! I am still involved on the blog. Unfortunately life has a way of keeping me busy as of late. I will be posting as often as I can, and I am going to stay active on Facebook as well. Thanks for bearing with me as I sort out how to fit in the blog while being busy!
      – TAW

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