Which Airsoft Weapon Are You?


Which Airsoft Weapon Are You? | AirsoftWarrior.net

Below are definitions of different airsofting styles and an accompanying weapon that best represents them.  Check all of them out and figure out which one, or combination of weapons, you are.  Let me know which one you are in the comments.  Have fun!


Which Airsoft Weapon Are You?: Spring Pistol | AirsoftWarrior.net
Spring Pistol
This airsofter prefers skill and patience to speed and power.  He uses only the basic gear he needs to complete a mission.  He spends most of his time in a battle working his way to a tactical position and waiting for a close-range eliminations.  He can get an advantage over the AEG or the Knife because of his good hiding and close-range battle skills .


Which Airsoft Weapon Are You?:  AEG | AirsoftWarrior.net
AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)
This warrior focuses on pushing up the battlefield.  He likes speeding up the field and gaining as much ground, getting as many eliminations, as possible.  Sometimes he forgets about needing to work with his team; but he is an invaluable member due to his “go get ’em” attitude.  He gets most of his eliminations by taking out unsuspecting Bolt Action Sniper Rifles using his speed and the element of surprise.


Which Airsoft Weapon Are You?:  Bolt Action Sniper Rifle | AirsoftWarrior.net
Sniper Rifle
This operator’s goal is to make “high-quality” eliminations and leading a team.  Focusing on getting into some excellent cover, waiting for the enemy, and taking the unsuspecting enemy down is the way he rolls.  He emphasizes tactics and weapon skills.  His likes to work with the Spring Pistol airsofters because they are the most willing to be patient on the battlefield.


Which Airsoft Weapon Are You?:  CO2/Green Gas Pistol | AirsoftWarrior.net
CO2/Green Gas Pistol
This airsofter has the same style as the Spring Pistol.  He uses skill to get eliminations.  The difference between him and the Spring pistol is that his focus is more on speed rather than patience.  He tries to combine his skill and “over the top” attitude to be one of the best warriors on the field.  He works best with the AEGs; but sometimes is upset by their less-than-tactical style.


Which Airsoft Weapon Are You: SMG | AirsoftWarrior.net
SMG (Sub Machine Gun)
The SMG warrior is a combination of the AEG and CO2/Green Gas Pistol warriors.  He is always ready to move; and prefers front line action.  He has tactical skills and good leadership abilities; but sometimes the desire to go for the enemy overrides everything else.  He is at his best when working with the C02/Green Gas Pistol warriors because they are able to work off of each others strengths and weaknesses.


Which Airsoft Weapon Are You?: Knife | AirsoftWarrior.net

What this airsofter doesn’t have in tactics and patience, he’s got in sheer guts.  He is the first into the battle.  Always charging head on into the heart of the enemy resistance.  Some think he’s untactical, which is true; but no one can say that he is afraid to attack the enemy.  No one is sure who he works best with.  It all depends on who is moving up on the enemy at the time.

I hope you had as much fun taking this test as I had making it.  Finding out your airsoft style is a big part of becoming a better airsoft warrior.  Learn from your style.  Improve on your less-than-awesome qualities and build on your best ones.  Good Airsofting!

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  1. I am the sniper, AEG, and the knife, all in one.

  2. Knife and AEG. Cool post.

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