Introducing The KWA KM4 SR7 “Devgru”


Introducing The KWA KM4 SR7 Devgru |
I recently purchased a KWA KM4 SR7 “Devgru”.  I wanted the reliability and battlefield prowess of a KWA.  So I purchased one from  It was the best deal I found because they include 3 Elite Force 140 round mid cap magazines and I was able to get 10% off!

In the below post and video, I’ll be introducing you to the SR7 and some of the features it has.  We will focus mainly on the externals in this post.  Upcoming posts and videos will include more information on the internals and function of the gun on the battlefield.

Here are some specs on the SR7 (per my testing and the manufacture’s specs):

Manufacturer: KWA Performance Industries
Length: 28″ Retracted/ 31″ Extended
Weight: approx. 6.3 lbs (I believe that this the unloaded weight.  It is a solid CQB gun.)
FPS (with 0.20g bbs): approx. 350 with no hop-up.  With my hop up adjusted for 0.25g bbs with a flat flight path and a range of 120 ft, it is about 330 FPS with 0.20g bbs (and 305 FPS with 0.25g bbs).
Gearbox: 2nd Generation Extreme (2GX)
Hop Up: 2nd Generation (2G) with two points of contact for better accuracy

In the box you get:
– KWA KM4 SR7 “Devgru”
– One K120 Mid Cap (120 round capacity)- Click HERE to compare to the price on Amazon.
– Barrel Cover (red color)
– KWA Manuel (in good English with great diagrams)
– KWA warranty sheet and the KWA lipo battery information sheet
– Two Allen wrenches (for removing the body pins)
– Front sight adjustment tool

Below is a video of the SR7 from the Airsoft Warrior YouTube Channel:
(If you are an email subscriber click here to watch the video on

In Depth Features of the SR7 (from tip to tail):
(All parts are matte black, except where noted)


KWA SR7 Free Float Rail |

Forward of the receiver:
Flash Hider- Metal/bright orange- some of the paint has nicked off as I have battled.
Barrel- Metal/One piece
Front Sight- Triangle style/Front sling swivel attached- I wish the SR7 had a removable sight (like on the SR10) to make mounting and sighting in optics easier; but you could always install one later.  The sling swivel is a bit noisy as it hits the RIS.
Gas Tube- Metal/Silver color- supports the free float rail system
RIS- 7 inch/Free float/picatinny/15 slots per side- I have heard that you can transfer this RIS to a real AR if you wanted to. Each slot on the rail is labeled.
Delta Ring- Metal/Screw on- This delta ring is not like the one you find on an airsoft gun with a two piece RIS system. I like its unique look.

KWA SR7 Receiver |

Upper and Lower Receiver- Metal/KWA Tradmarks/Unique serial number- The body feels very sturdy.
Magazine Release- Polymer/Concave- Good ergonomics.  Non Ambidextrous.  One thing I found strange, the mag can be pressed in after it has locked into the mag catch.  This creates a clicking sound when the mag is pressed up.  It may be part of the design, since the Chief’s SR7 does the same.  I have tested several different types of mags and get the same sound.  It doesn’t bother me, I just wish I could figure out why it does it and if it helps the gun’s function.
Bolt and Dust Cover- Polymer/Black Bolt/Gray Dust Cover
Forward Assist- Metal/Gray Button- The forward assist has no effect on the weapon; but does press in and spring back.
Bolt Catch- Polymer/Gray- The bolt catch is non functional.
Fire Selector- Polymer/Gray- It is very nice and crisp.  The fire selection labels are stamped into the lower receiver; but not painted in (which I like).  Non Ambidextrous.
Pistol Grip- Polymer/Textured- The vents on the bottom do not go all the way through to the motor compartment.  The motor height adjustment screw (gold colored) can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver.
Top Rail- Metal/13 slots- with the removable, rear sight on you will have 10 slots open for optics.
Rear Sight- Metal/Removable/Adjustable for wind-age and elevation using knobs- Clicks are audible and can be felt.  It feels very sturdy.  It almost seems that they integrated a magnet into it to give an even better connection to the top rail.
Charging Handle- Metal- Not much to say about it.  It does stick sometimes when you pull it back.  This may be due to the reinforcement of the gearbox shell.

KWA SR7 Crane Stock |

Behind the receiver:
One Point Sling Mount- Metal/One on each side
Buffer Tube- Metal- It does not have numbers to indicate the position of the stock.
Crane Stock- Polymer/Light Texturing/6 position/Hole on top to show numbers on buffer tube (but the buffer tube is not numbered)- Very nice and easy to adjust due to the spiral wiring inside.  Fuse is easy to check and change since it is integrated into the stock. The stock will fit a 9.6v 1600mAh Nunchuck Battery easily.
Stock Plate: Polymer/Textured/1.5 inches wide at back  – Very well designed.  The fins on the side prevent them from breaking as easily as some other stock plates do.  The stock plate is designed to fit a lipo battery inside of it.

I hope this overview helps you to better understand the SR7.  If you have any questions, comment them below.  Stay tuned for the upcoming posts and videos!




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  1. Great start to this series! Can’t wait for the next part!

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