The Solution To Fogging: The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans


The Solution To Fogging: The Cyclone Mike from Action Fans |
(The Cyclone Mike was kindly given to me for review by its maker, Action Fans.  This in no way affects the content of this review.  I pride myself on providing honest, real world reviews that tell airsofters about products that make them more effective on the battlefield.)

Recently, I was in a battle with my team and I encountered one of the biggest issues in airsoft, FOGGING.  Within seconds of starting a round I couldn’t see much of anything.  There was no way I was going to be able to effectively fight in the battle.

After that game I decided I needed to find a solution.  During my research I found that most options were either too expensive, required permanent modification to your set up (which I don’t like to do), or weren’t effective enough for my needs (I sometimes wear prescription glasses during my airsofting, so I get double fog).

After looking around, I found the Cyclone Mike from Action Fans.  It had a unique design that interested me.  The fan features three main parts, the battery pack (It uses 4 AAA batteries.  The batteries are not included), a fan unit that sucks air in, and a sturdy air tube that allows you to direct air exactly where it’s needed to stop fogging.

The Cyclone Mike is inexpensive ($39.99+Shipping on, requires no permanent modification (just use the included self adhesive Velcro strips or Velcro-like straps to connect it to your helmet or goggles), and is very effective in all environments that I tested it in.

Cyclone Mike Fan |

Included in the package are:
– The Cyclone Mike Fan (fully assembled)
– One strip (approx. 3 inches) of both self adhesive hook and loop Velcro
– Two Velcro-like straps
– Two mini zip ties
– Instructions on using the fan as a cooling system instead of anti-fog.

In the video below, you can see my thoughts on the Cyclone Mike, as well as some footage of the Cyclone Mike doing its job in battle.

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The Cyclone Mike on a PJ FAST Helmet |

I tested the Cyclone Mike in both training and battle.  I have used it temperatures from 40 degrees to 80 degrees and up.  I also tested it both indoors and out.  It preformed excellently in every environment.

The only fogging I ever got was near the nose bridge of my goggles (I use Lancer Tactical Deluxe Ventilation Goggles) or when my sweat was pouring down the goggles like water after I had the fan off for a while.

The Cyclone Mike is made out of plastic, rubber, and reinforced wiring.  I found that the fan actually can withstand quite a bit of punishment.  I accidentally had it fall off a table while on my helmet and it was just fine.  My battle buddy, The Chief, also has a Cyclone Mike.  While in battle, he scraped his Cyclone Mike up against a tree and it still operated like new.

The Cyclone Mike with Filter Kit Mesh |

I decided to purchase the Filter Kit for the Cyclone Mike.  The Filter Kit includes a foam filter for really dusty environments, a plastic mesh cover to keep BBs and debris out of the fan, and two mini zip ties.

I found that the Filter Kit’s durability was not all it could be.  The plastic mesh split where the zip ties held it on to the fan unit.  I think a metal version (made out of the metal mesh used on airsoft masks) would be a big improvement on durability.

The Cyclone Mike is very quiet for the power it gives you.  I am still able to hear my teammates clearly and also hear the enemy moving around.  When in the woods, I sometimes turn the fan off and on as needed just to give me extra hearing ability while still staying defogged.

With the Cyclone Mike, I am able to go from completely fogged to defogged in a matter of seconds.  Needless to say I am very impressed with the features and function of the Cyclone Mike.  Thank you very much to Action Fans for sending the Cyclone Mike to me for review.   Be sure to check out to buy your Cyclone Mike; and start being fog free today.



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  1. I see you painted your helmet like Jet’s!

  2. Hey there Knuckles!

    I was happy that we were able to have a game where you used your Cyclone Mike so I could see its dependability and durability in action. Needless to say, it’s on the top of my list for items to buy this month.

    Fogging is always an issue with me no matter the time of year and I have been looking for a reliable way to fix the issue (While also not having to spend massive amounts of money or make permanent modifications, like you stated)

    Your CM operated well and I am still baffled at how quiet it was! Half the time I didn’t even know it was on when we were teamed up! I agree that there needs to be a metal upgrade for the mesh cover, and will make one myself until they do it themselves.

    Overall I love the product and will own one within the next two weeks. I also thought the review was precise, honest and to the point while also pointing out all the aspects of the CM in a great way.

    Good job and keep it up, can’t wait to read your next review!


  3. Very well done!

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