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Intrigue Airsoft: Bomb Round |

This round at Intrigue Airsoft was one of my favorites.  Our goal was to defend the drop location for the enemy’s bomb (a box on a table).  This required our team to be strategic and work together to be successful.  The Intrigue Airsoft staff added another level of strategy and tactics by limiting each player to only two respawns.

My teammate, the General, and I worked together for most of this round.  We start by moving up on the left flank, falling back when the enemy starts to overtake that side, and then establish a very effective defensive line.

The below video features all of this action and more.

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Tactics from this video:

Keep track of your gun barrel:
One of the biggest mistakes you can make while in a CQB environment is not controlling your gun barrel.  Without proper control you’ll have a greater chance of being located, committing friendly fire, and potentially making the scenario more difficult for your team.  In the video, I do my best to be sure that my gun barrel was not sticking out around the corner of my hiding place and giving away my position.

Change what shooting position your in:
You will notice in the video that I switch between standing and kneeling.  This allowed me to take full advantage of the cover given me by my position, get the best angle on the enemy, and create a more stable shooting platform for better accuracy.  By changing your shooting position you can also confuse the enemy and keep him from anticipating where you’ll come out at.  Not many players will expect you to peek out at 5 feet and then come out with gun blazing 2 feet off the ground!

Think before you move:
In the middle of the round, I get eliminated in that excellent corner I had been using.  In my haste to get back there before the enemy could move up, I neglected to watch my right flank and those enemies hiding there.  That cost me one of my precious respawns.  I decided to adjust my plan, stay back in the lab, and use that position to stop the enemy in their tracks!

A couple notes on Intrigue Airsoft:

One thing to note is the excellent ref work.  Due to the balcony, they have a perfect view of the field (as you can see at the end of the video) and are able to assist players and call hits.  Many times they were able to help to shout out if a player was walking back to respawn, out of the game, etc.  Of course you can’t catch everything; but that is to be expected.  Thanks again to all of the refs for a great night of battle.

The last thing I would like to mention is assist shots, both by me and my teammates.  It’s very difficult in a CQB environment to be sure whether you were the one that connected first and made that enemy call his hit.  I would like to thank everyone there that night for the great battling and for the assistance in make all of these kills possible!

To watch more CQB action from Intrigue Airsoft check out my Team Deathmatch round.

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  1. Great video!!!

  2. Great footage Knuckles!

    Gave me great pointers on my own movements and reminded me of one thing most of all, we need to get back there ASAP!

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