1 Year Anniversary Announcement- The Celebration is Incoming! January 19th, 2015!


1 Year Anniversary: Announcement | AirsoftWarrior.net

That’s right!  The 1 Year Anniversary Celebration of AirsoftWarrior.net is finally ready to begin on January 19th, 2015 (This coming Monday)!  The Celebration will be a full week of posts and fun!

One of the biggest parts of the week will be the revealing of the Reader’s Choice Award Post (If you haven’t had the chance to vote yet, click HERE to go to the Google+ poll).  The poll will be closing on Monday the 19th, so be sure to get your vote in this weekend.

I am so excited for the Celebration to begin!  Throughout the week, you will be able to interact with other airsofters through the Airsoft Warrior Google+ Page, watch new videos on the Airsoft Warrior YouTube Channel, as well as comment your thoughts and questions right here on AirsoftWarrior.net!

Looking forward to talking to all of you during the Celebration.  See you there!


Blake The Airsoft Warrior

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