Airsoft Tips From Videos: The Chief Airsoft: Intrigue Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Tips From Videos: The Chief Airsoft: Intrigue Airsoft Gameplay


In the below video (from The Chief Airsoft YouTube Channel), the Chief engages in some great airsoft combat at Intrigue Airsoft in Kansas City, MO.

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Here are some ways to improve your airsofting by using the shooting and CQB tactics from the Chief’s video:


Use The Angles

At 1:55, the Chief moves up to an excellent position that commands an great field of fire on the center field.  By using the great shooting angles, he is able to make kill after kill on enemy players trying to move up.

From the Chief’s perspective, this is a great spot.  He is able to sit tight in relative safety, and eliminate players who have to expose themselves to get to the cover provided by that centrally located crate.

From the enemy players’ perspective, they had several options that they could have used to limit the Chief’s effectiveness from this position.

By moving up the flank he is located on (which you can see that attempt at 4:25), they could push him out of the position.  Another option would be to use the opposite flank to pin him down in that position (you can see the effect this method has in my Intrigue Bomb Round video at 3:00 ).


Do Some Snap Shooting

A shooting method that the Chief uses throughout his video is snap shooting (a great example of this can be seen at 1:35).

Snap shooting is done by identifying where the enemy is, or may be, around a corner, and then coming out for a split second with your gun and sights at the ready to take him out.  By changing up the height and angle you come out of the corner at, you can make it almost impossible for the enemy to get a good shot.

(Note: An important thing to remember is to not get so target focused (also know as tunnel vision) on the enemy player you’re aiming for because when you come out to snap shoot, you may miss seeing another enemy who’s ready to take you out!)

The enemy team members could have combated the Chief’s snap shooting, by fighting it with some snap shooting of their own, combined with a bit of good ol’ suppressive fire.  By getting into a few key positions on the field, and focusing on keeping the Chief and his team behind cover (this is easy to do in a CQB game because most players won’t come out with BBs pelting the cover they’re hiding behind, whether there is a chance of BBs hitting them or not!), and practicing good use of their own cover, they would have had a better chance of taking down the Chief’s team.


Fire A String Of Rounds

You will notice that the Chief almost never fires just one BB at an enemy player.  He essentially uses a well aimed “burst,” or 3 or more rounds.  This is an excellent airsoft shooting method no matter what environment you are airsofting in.

By putting a “burst” of several rounds down range at the enemy, you do three things:
1. Up your chances of getting a kill (more BBs=better chances of a hit)
2. You can lead your BBs to the target throughout the enemy’s run from cover to cover (again, giving you a better chance of hitting him)
3. Intimidate the enemy player and team (this is a nice side effect)

I hope you enjoyed this video from The Chief Airsoft.  Be sure to check out his other great videos from Intrigue Airsoft!

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