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Player Profile: "Chief" |

(Player profiles are interviews that has done with real airsoft players.  These airsofters all have a different style of game play that can teach and help other airsofters.  I hope you enjoy these profiles and learn a thing or two.  Don’t forget to ask questions for the featured player to answer!)


The featured player in this player profile is “Chief”.  You can check out all of his airsofting action at The Chief Airsoft YouTube Channel.

"Chief" Aiming |


  • AW: What is you Call Sign and the story behind it?

Chief: The first time I went to play airsoft at an actual field, I decided I needed a call name. I was thinking of different names but none that I liked. Then I was thinking of how some of my family’s heritage is native American, and that is how I got the call name: Chief.


  • AW: When did you start airsofting; and why?

Chief: I first started airsofting in August of 2012. I started because my friend (The Airsoft Warrior), along with other friends of mine, played and I wanted to join them. My first gun was a Beretta spring pistol that I still use in backyard battles today.


  • AW: What is your favorite part of airsofting?

Chief: My favorite part of airsofting is getting to hang out with my friends and getting to work with them as a team and collectively deciding tactics and making decisions TOGETHER on the battlefield. Being part of a team is not a one man show, and I like that.

Chief NOT A ONE MAN SHOW quote |


  • AW: What are your favorite pieces of gear; and why do you like them?

Chief: My number one favorite piece of gear would have to be my KWA KM4 SR7.  I like it because it is high quality and I don’t ever feel “if I just had a better gun I could have hit him” , which did cross my mind before I had it.

Some other of my favorites include (but are not limited to): My HK USP co2 pistol, MOLLE vest, FAST helmet and my SJ4000 action camera.


  • AW: If you could have one piece of airsoft gear, and money was no object, what would it be? 

Chief: If I could have one piece of airsoft gear, and money was no object, it would probably be a high quality, custom M4 AEG with the best internals and externals money could buy that could also easily be changed from a CQB length gun to a field length gun.

 "Chief" Helmet |


Thank you very much to “Chief” for his player profile.  If you would like to do a player profile for, just let me know by email at!

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