Stay In The Game: Avoiding The Staging Mentality


Stay In The Game: Avoiding The Staging Mentality |
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I’m sure you’ve seen it many a time.  After a great round of airsoft at your local field, you head back to the staging area to reload, get some water, and then get back into the next round.  Although this is supposed to be a simple grab-and-go thing, it turns into a time to gab about the latest gear and a time for players to outdo each other with tales of their airsofting awesomeness.  Your short reload and refuel time, quickly turns into a 15+ minute ordeal (at a CQB field, the staging time can take longer than the round itself!).

This is not to say that there isn’t a time and place to talk with other airsofters about their gear and stories, but in the staging area, with a limited amount of time to enjoy doing what you planned on, namely airsoft, may not be the best use of your (or others’) game time.

In this post, I will outline some ways to avoid getting into the “staging mentality”, and how to get back into the game faster, and still have time to talk with your fellow airsofters about the finer points of this great sport!


Keep Focused

This sounds easier than it is.  Keeping your focus on the task at hand (reloading and refueling) while others are chatting and hanging out can be difficult.

Having your ammo bottles at the ready, a couple of extra mags pre-loaded, and having  a couple of water bottles and a snack bar (I’m a fan of Clif Barseasily accessible can go a long way toward getting you back in the game, faster.

You can help other players keep their focus by helping them refocus.  If a player wants to talk, ask them if you can help them reload and refuel (be sure to have some extra water bottles on hand to offer to other players).  Get them refocused on the game by asking if they know what the next round’s scenario is, or how many extra magazines they think you’ll need to carry for the next scenario.

Be friendly, but be focused.

Be Friendly, But Be Focused |


“Be Prepared”

This Boy Scout motto still rings true.  It’s common sense that having all your gear in a row and ready to go will shorten the amount of time you spend in the staging area.

Before every game, organize your gear so you can easily find it.  Make sure you have some basic repair equipment (screw driver, electrical/duct tape, extra batteries, etc.) so you can fix minor gear malfunctions without having to ask around for some tools.

If you have room, carry a spare mask or goggles in case something goes wrong with the eye protection setup you have. (HERE is a very inexpensive option for a back-up mask)


Chat With The Staff

Try asking the staff a simple question like “What’s the next scenario” or “When do we get the next round started” to jump start the next round.  Ask if there is anything you can do to help out, and don’t be a problem creator.

Show that you’re eager to get some more airsofting in and want to make the game time fun for everyone, no matter who’s winning.


Be sure your eagerness to get on to some more airsoft action doesn’t get in the way of having good time.

Remember, the most important aspect of airsoft is the people that play it.  Be friendly and helpful, ask other players about their experiences when it’s an appropriate time, and do your best to be the first one ready to get back in the game, and you’ll get plenty of fun-filled airsofting!

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  1. Great post, I agree that reload times can get out of hand. When I go to a Field or Arena to Airsoft, I want to Airsoft! It seems a lot of players come more to socialize then to play. Don’t get me wrong I love talking about the game, but not until after the game is over.

    You gave some great tips and I hope more people utilize them between games to maximize on in-field game time!

    Keep it up Knuckles!

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