SHOT SHOW 2015: Airsoft Warrior’s Picks


Shot Show 2015: Airsoft Warrior's Picks |
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SHOT SHOW is a massive event put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The event attracts dealers and commercial buyers from around the globe and all 50 states.  Airsoft companies like G&G, KWA, Krytac, and many more release their latest and greatest offerings at this event.

Though the event is not open to the public, many airsoft stores make videos featuring the latest gear and guns from these great companies.  I encourage you to watch some of these great videos to get a feel for what the airsoft market will look like in 2015.  HERE is a great video from on KWA’s new gas AK to get you started!

Below are my top airsoft guns, gear, and companies from SHOT SHOW 2015!

(Note: Not all guns and gear featured here are available at the time of posting.  Visit your favorite online airsoft retailer or the manufacturer’s website for more information on release dates and pricing.)



KWA AKG-KCR:  This newest offering of the KWA AKG line up is a modern interpretation of the popular AK platform.  It features both the standard AK fire selector, an AR-15 fire selector (that actuates both selectors), an LE-style stock that you find on many AR-15 rifles, and a RIS.  This new gun has a modern flare and appeals to a wide range of warriors.  It operates off green gas and retails for $400.


Krytac LMG: The Krytac LMG was offered last year in a limited edition style.  The new version features an updated handguard with the ability to accept keymod rail segments.  It is scheduled to come out in the middle of the year.  Although no pricing info has been released, the 2014 Limited Edition LMG retailed for $499, and I would expect the new version to retail for around that amount.


Vulcan AR-1:  This new gun from Vulcan is an all in one HPA package.  Featuring the Vulcan V12 HPA system, a 13 cubic inch HPA tank, a new stock design to conceal the HPA tank, and an HPA blow back system, this is going to be a great, all-inclusive gun for an airsofter who wants to jump into the HPA world of airsoft guns!



SL-14 Magazine Adaptors:  The Speed Loader-14 (SL-14) from Elite Force is deemed the solution to loading mid caps quickly without the hassle associated with standard speed loaders. Although it used to only be compatible with M4 magazines, Elite Force has now released that they are making adapters to fit AK and G36 magazines! They may also release an MP5 and H&K 417 adapters in the near future!


Magpul M-LOK: This is a new rail system by the popular manufacturer, Magpul Industries.  As an evolution to the MOE system, it features a number of advancements.

Utilizing simple T nuts, you can lock in a variety of attachments and rail segments on multiple styles of M-LOK rail systems.  Magpul has released the M-LOK as a free licence platform, so many manufacturers are already developing it!

To take a look at the M-LOK, check out THIS video.


Odin Innovations’ Speed Loader:  This new product from ZShot (see below for more on ZShot) is one of the most innovative speed loaders ever. It will fit in a standard double stacked M4 pouch for easy storage and loading on the fly, it has a crank handle for high speed loading (that also has a built-in clutch to prevent any overloading of your mid-caps), and word is out that they will be creating magazine adapters for it shortly!



Condor released a wide variety of new products, including a super customizable plate carrier, a 950 lumen flashlight, and a new set of combat shirts that will retail for under $40!  See Airsoft GI’s take in their SHOT SHOW video HERE.


Zshot has been known for their recent release of the Amoeba series of AEGs (an M4 with a futuristic look).

Now, they are releasing a new version of the Systema PTW (Professional Training Weapon).  The new PTW will come with an unprecedented 5 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY (never fear using an 11.1V Li-Po as much as you want!), as well as a LIFETIME warranty on the motor.

They are also updating the Amoeba line-up and introducing a new customizable hand guard that will retail for around $50-$60.

ZShot has also introduced the new Odin Innovations Speedloader (see above for more on this speedloader).

Check out THIS great Airsoft GI video to learn more about these awesome products!


I’m really looking forward to seeing these new guns and gear in the upcoming year.  Be sure to comment below and let me know what your favorite releases at SHOT SHOW 2015 are!



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