In Game At Tulsa Indoor Airsoft: Capture The Flag!


In Game At Tulsa Indoor Airsoft: Capture The Flag!  |
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Recently, I was able to visit Tulsa Indoor Airsoft in Tulsa, OK.  This 30,000 sq. ft. Indoor Field features an expansive battle field with multiple rooms, a maze of 50 gallon drums, and a friendly team of staff.  Airsoft Tulsa also owns a dedicated airsoft store, as well as an 80 acre outdoor field named “Kashistan”.  For more information about Airsoft Tulsa, visit their website HERE.

The group I battled with on that Wednesday consisted of a smaller number of elite players with an excellent knowledge of the field (Saturday is the field’s big day with up to 70+ players).  Although this made for a more difficult group of warriors to battle against on my first visit to the field, I had a great time and got to learn the field with some great airsofters.

In this round at Tulsa Indoor Airsoft, the scenario was “Capture The Flag”.  Due to the smaller number of players (15-20), there was only one flag with one team defending and the other attempting to capture.  I teamed up with  “Chief” and “Joker” to push up the field towards the flag.  Working to capture the flag with a great group of players made this one of the best rounds of the night.   Watch the video below to find out how we fared!


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Muzzle Control:
You will notice that while in battle, I try to maintain my muzzle control.  I avoid swinging my gun around without knowing where my barrel will end up.  I also avoid shooting when a teammate is in front of me. By using proper muzzle control, you can avoid accidentally hitting at a teammate.

Consolidate The Warriors:
You’ll notice in the video that “Chief” and I wait for “Joker” to move up before making an attempt to grab the flag. By waiting, we were able to get twice the covering fire to give “Chief” more protection while he attempted to grab the flag.  By massing warriors together and pushing toward an objective, you can be much more effective then just using a few warriors here and there.

One of the features I appreciate about this field that allows you to consolidate your manpower is their respawn rules.  When you reach respawn, you have to wait till a certain number of players are in the respawn.  This number increases the more players there are.

By having this respawn system, you’re able to consolidate the troops, make a gameplan, and move on an objective together, in force.  I would love to see this system implemented on other CQB fields since it makes the game much more strategic then if you get right back after you reach respawn.


Gear List:

My primary weapon in this round was my KWA SR7.  This short, CQB gun performs excellently in close quarters while still giving me the range to hit enemies at 100+ feet (which can happen in a 30,000 square foot indoor field).  I powered it with a Tenergy 9.6V battery to ramp up the Rate Of Fire (ROF) so I could put more rounds down range while shooting full auto.

I used a Lancer Tactical Chest Harness to carry my magazines and extra gear.  I removed the hydration pack to reduce unneeded weight.

I use a Cyclone Mike to prevent mask fogging which is common at indoor fields (you can see my full review of the Cyclone Mike HERE).

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  1. Hey Knuckles I saw both rounds unfortunately I cant comment on Chiefs round. So when you get a chance that I said that both rounds are great and that I got alot of tips from both of you.

  2. That place was Awesome!

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