In Game At Tulsa Indoor Airsoft: Bomb Round


In Game At Tulsa Indoor: Bomb Round |
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In this round at Tulsa Indoor Airsoft in Tulsa, OK, my team’s goal was to transport a crate (loaded with the “bomb”) to its detonation position on the field before time runs out.  Once the “bomb” was in position, we had to guard it till the detonation time (a couple of minutes).  We had to have two people (one person holding each handle on the crate) to transport the “bomb”.  Our team selected the code word “Squirrel” to signal that we were going to push up the field with the “bomb”.





Don’t Think That Anywhere Is Safe

As you’ll notice at 6:25, I move into a location near a car.  My goal was to push up the field while the enemy was off balance from our team’s placement of the “bomb”.  Unfortunately, an enemy had hidden himself in a dark corner behind the car and proceeded to safety kill me.

Later in the video, I work with some teammates to lay down supressive fire on the room the enemy is hiding in. The enemy was in a well protected position (although it was not really great for firing out of).  He quickly got pinned to that position after my team and I located him.  In hind sight, I should have moved up the right side of the field and rushed his position because he was so vulnerable.

The key point is to not think that just because your team had the advantage you can rush up the field. Use caution and approach every situation with a tactical mind.  Take advantage of the team’s momentum when you can, but do so with a tactical mindset.


Concentrated Firepower

At one point during the game, our team concentrated forces to push the left flank and enter into the enemy’s territory.  This plan worked well and allowed us to start the momentum for our team.

If you have the opportunity on the field to concentrate your forces into a powerful squad while still keeping a defensive presence on your flanks, do it.  Make sure you use violence of action (i.e. lots of shooting and yelling) and communicate as well.  If you can keep the momentum going, you may be able to push the enemy team back to their respawn and rule the field.


Use The Natural “Terrain”

When we make the above mentioned push on the left flank, we used the natural terrain of the field to our advantage.  The wall on our left eliminated the potential of enemies from striking us from that direction.  Once we got into the main “street,” we were able to lock down any enemy attacks into our territory.

On large fields, the unique angles of a large field allow you to position yourself so you can cover multiple bunkers and work with other teammates to lock down parts of the field.  Find these key positions so you can use them to your advantage.

Of course, these positions can work both ways.  The more firing angles you have, the more vigilant you have to be to watch out for enemy operators that try to use these positions.


Gear List

I used my trusty KWA SR7 to lay down the fire on the enemies at Airsoft Tulsa Indoor.  I powered it with a Tenergy 9.6V 1600 mAh nunchuck battery for additional Rate Of Fire (ROF) over standard 8.4v batteries.

I carried all my gear in a Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig (Model CA-307A).  This chest rig features lots of MOLLE for customization and the double stack mag pouches held all 6 of the KWA K120 Mid Cap Magazines I used.

The K120 mags have superior feeding on full auto over high caps, and they also have the awesome tendency to load on the first shot (which can be a bit unusual with other mags)!


Tulsa Indoor is a great place to airsoft.  If you’re near Tulsa, Oklahoma, then definitely add it to your list of places to visit.   Don’t forget to check out their great store as well [Quick Airsoft Warrior Tip:  The items at the field’s shop are marked down over the prices at the store (due to the fact that they figure you’ll play while you’re there, which you should).  Although you don’t get the selection you do at the store, it can be a great way to pick up patches and such with a small discount!].

Let me know what you think of Airsoft Tulsa Indoor in the comments below!


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