In Game At Tulsa Indoor Airsoft: Bucket Round


In Game At Tulsa Indoor Airsoft: Bucket Round |

In my last visit to Tulsa Indoor Airsoft in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I got to participate in a unique scenario.  In the Bucket Scenario, the goal is to sit on a 5-gallon bucket located near the middle of the field for 2 minutes without getting eliminated.  While on the bucket, you may not move or get off of the bucket, but you can rotate in a circle to fire on the enemy.

Although this round was quite humorous to watch and to play, there were some definite strategies and tactics that were effective.

Although neither team was able to achieve the goal in this round, it was still a lot of fun and enabled me to observe some useful tactics.





Meat Shield:

The rule set allowed a tactic dubbed “Meat Shield”.  Essentially, other teammates could move up and “shield” the player on the bucket from incoming BBs until they were hit.  This tactic was very effective when the team using it communicated and moved up quickly to protect the airsofter on the bucket.  As you noticed in the video, when I first got on the bucket, a player used the “Meat Shield” tactic to give me protection.  After he was hit, I tried to communicate to my team that I needed others to step up and take his place.  Unfortunately, no one was able to make it before I was eliminated.


Team Support:

One of the key elements in the round was team support.  Once a player reached the bucket, other players could support him by using the “Meat Shield” tactic and giving covering fire.  Communication was also a key element of team support.  At 2:09, I hear one of my teammates requesting support, and I move into position to try to provide support.  I also tried to use the firing angles that my position provided to give covering fire.


Using the Lanes of Approach:

Once I got into the excellent position I use for most of the game, I had an amazing angle on the main approach that the enemy was using to try to get on the bucket.  When you’re on the field, identify where these lanes of approach are and sling some BBs into them.  You’ll notice that even though the bucket was on the far right flank and I was on the left, I was still effective.  Sometimes the center of the action is not the best place to be.  Focus on staying where you can be the most effective.


I hope you enjoyed the game play footage from Tulsa Indoor Airsoft.  The bucket round was very unique and was a lot of fun to play.  Let me know what your favorite airsoft scenario is in the comments below!

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  1. A couple of points on that round:
    1. Can you use full auto at Tulsa? What’s the FPS limit?
    2. I always carry an extra battery in one of my M4 magazine pouches so that power losses are fixable.
    3. Did you even have a pistol to supplement your SR7 in case your gun went down?
    4. Great round!

    • Venator,

      1. Airsoft Tulsa Indoor allows the use of full auto (although some scenarios restrict you to semi only).

      2. I try to carry a charged battery in the admin pouch of my chest rig when I think that I need it. The battery I was using was 2 years old and needed to be replaced, which led to it running out at the end of the round. I can usually get by with one 9.6v 1600 mAh battery during a 3 hour CQB game.

      3. I often don’t carry a pistol on me. See my “Why You Should Own An Airsoft Sidearm (But Don’t Need One!)” post for more information on why.

      4. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your comment. Be sure to stay tuned for more videos!

      – TAW

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