Airsoft Warrior Products Release!!!


Airsoft Warrior Products Release!!! |

That’s right!  The Airsoft Warrior Products are here!!!


Airsoft AEG Buyer's Guide ebook |

Product #1 is a FREE Subscriber ebook!

This ebook features information on buying, and maintaining, your AEG (Automatic Electric Gun).  To get the FREE Airsoft Warrior AEG Buyer’s Guide ebook simply subscribe to, go to the bottom of any Airsoft Warrior email, and click on the link to download your FREE ebook!


Airsoft Warrior T-shirt | AirsoftWarrior.netAirsoft Warrior T-shirt back |

Product #2 is Airsoft Warrior T-shirts!

Show off your airsoft skills with these Airsoft Warrior T-shirts.  They are offered in 3 colors (Black, Smoke Gray, and Forest Green).  Simply click HERE to pick the one you want.  This sale will be limited to 14 days, so make sure to get yours before the sale runs out!

(Note: T-shirts will be made after the sale has ended.  Expect to see them within 10-14 days of the sales end.)


I hope you all enjoy these products.  Be sure to check the new Products page to keep up to date on future product releases.

I would appreciate your feedback on these new products and any suggestions for future products.  Just leave me a comment or send me an email!

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