Knowing When To Move


Knowing When To Move |

In an airsoft game, you have to constantly make decisions that will ultimately affect the outcome of the game and whether you complete your objective (even if your objective is the simple goal of taking down as many enemies as you can!).  One of the biggest decisions during a game is moving to a new position.

Often you’ll be confronted with the choice to move or stay where you are.  If you move too soon, you could get eliminated, lose an objective, or create a hole in your team’s lines that the enemy team can then use.   If you stay in a spot too long, the enemy can pinpoint you and take you out, or you’ll become a useless part of the team because you’re unavailable for other missions (i.e. pushing up a flank or protecting an objective on the field).

Obviously, making the right decision to move (and at the right time) is very important.  Here are some ways of knowing when you should move or stay in a position during a game:


You Should Move If:

The Position is Unprotected
If you can’t get behind cover and keep out of the enemy’s BBs then you need to find a new spot.

The Position Has No Good Shooting Angles
A good position should offer you protection and allow you to fire on the enemy with ease.  If the position doesn’t offer both of these, get to a new location.

(Note: Just because there aren’t any enemies around, it doesn’t mean that a position has no good shooting angles and is useless.  Good shooting angles will allow you to fire on multiple locations around the field with minimal movement and maximum protection.  The more shooting angles a position has, the greater chance you have of locating the enemy and getting a chance to take them out.  Find a position that has these great angles and stay away from ones that don’t.)

The Team Needs You Elsewhere
An example of this would be if the enemy forces are pushing up the center and you’re on the flank and can’t see them.  You need to find a new spot that will offer you better shooting angles.  Another example would be if five out of the ten guys on your team are on the left flank and the enemy is nowhere to be found.  Moving to the center or right flank would give your team more support where it’s needed.

(Remember, the enemy may try to use a diversion and then rush through another spot.  If the position you’re at has the best angles on a part of the field that the enemy may try to use in a diversion, and your team already has all the support it needs where the enemy is pushing, then stay put.)


You Should Stay Put If:

You Are Protecting An Objective
If your position is right next to, or near, a key objective (like a flag or “bomb”) and offers good cover and concealment, then stay where you are.  You need to keep the main objective safe from the enemy.

The Position Is Stealthy
Finding a good hiding spot and staying put may be the best plan to deal out some damage on the enemy team.  I’ve often pushed up the field made some stealth kills in enemy territory .  This requires you to stay put when the enemy hasn’t discovered you and then move as soon as they do.

Your Position Has Great Angles On Key Enemy Bunkers
If your position offers great shooting angles and allows you to tie up a bunch of enemy operators, stay put and make yourself a thorn in their side.  Keep protected and snap shoot your way to victory!


Knowing when to move on the field can make the difference in a game.  Use these tips to keep yourself in the game and useful to the team.  If you have any thoughts on moving during a game, be sure to comment them below!

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  1. Jacob (General)

    I loved this post.

    I find while on the field that many Airsofters have trouble knowing when to move. And usually, in a moment of adrenaline rush when they shouldn’t, or in a moment of over analyzing stay put far to long…

    Take just a few seconds to survey your surroundings and you can make an informed decision on what you are doing.

    Great post TAW, lots of valuable info given to us in your great style. Keep it up!

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