Tulsa Indoor Airsoft Team Deathmatch RAMPAGE!!!


Tulsa Indoor Team Deathmatch RAMPAGE!!! | AirsoftWarrior.net
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When I entered this Team Deathmatch (TD) round, I had a goal of reaching the enemy spawn and spawn locking (prevent them from leaving spawn) them there.  I ended up making multiple kill streaks, spending 75% of the game behind enemy lines, and attempting a rare, complete stealth kill on an enemy player coming out of spawn.  To see all of this, and more, check out the video below!



Since a majority of my time was spent inside enemy territory (mostly right next to their spawn point), I had to stay as stealthy as possible.  Early on in the video, I refrain from firing on an enemy player on the right flank.  Although I may have been able to take him out, giving away my position and risking elimination so early on wasn’t worth it.  I end up taking out multiple enemies (including that same player) later on because I use some battlefield common sense.

Being Sensitive
If you watched some of my kills and the enemies I fired on, you may have thought “Wow! This guy has super human perception!”.  Although my status as a super airsofter may be debatable, I am definitely not super human.  🙂

I use more than just my eyes to recon the battlefield when playing airsoft.  By listening, I can hear enemy players talking, running, or bumping into the walls and bunkers.  By watching the walls and floors, I can see shadows that players make.  From observation and past experience, I’m  able to figure out the most likely paths enemy players take and what bunkers they use often.

One of the biggest tip offs is a gun barrel sticking around a corner.  Don’t be a target to every observant enemy on the field.  Keep your gun barrel behind cover!

Hiding Out
Towards the end of the video, I end up sneaking behind a stack of pallets with a line of sight to the enemy spawn.  One of my favorite kills to make in airsoft is on an unsuspecting enemy player.  Although some players may think there aren’t any opportunities for a true “stealth kill” in CQB games, you can get one if you are patient.  I spent over 2 minutes sitting there, waiting for the right moment.  Although it didn’t pan out this time, I would gladly try it again if the opportunity presents itself (so watch your back!).

(Note: I do not recommend you try to make a stealth kill during a scenario based game (i.e. capture the flag, a bomb round, etc).  These games rely on a high level of teamwork and tactics if you expect to win.  Hiding behind enemy lines and waiting for a stealth kill, or going “lone wolf”, is not a good way to help your team in these types of games.)


Gear List

I used my KWA SR7 to take out enemy players with accuracy and rapid full auto fire.  I powered it up with a Tenergy 9.6V 1600 mAh nunchuck battery for long battery life and additional Rate Of Fire (ROF) over standard 8.4v batteries.

I carried all of my extra gear in my Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig (Model CA-307A).  This chest rig features lots of MOLLE for customization and the double stack mag pouches held all 6 of the reliable KWA K120 Mid Cap Magazines I used.

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  1. I love this video! You’re getting better and better as a warrior as you play! Is full-auto allowed at Tulsa Indoor? What is the FPS limit there? Keep up the GREAT videos!!!!! 🙂

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