Airsoft Discoveries (August 2015)


Airsoft Discoveries August 2015 |

This is Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries”, where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month.  So without further ado, let’s jump into the airsoft discoveries I’ve made this past month!


Rhodesian Revolt– I heard about this annual event (the 4th one so far) that occurred in June through THIS podcast.  It features a full 24 hours of MilSim in a immersive environment known as the Sandbox in Central Utah.  Each player is given a special role to play in the game after passing specific training requirements (which can be very difficult, as you can see by the Sniper MOS (Military Occupation Specialty).  Definitely one to mark on your calendar for next year!

MilSim West’s Assault on Derbent–  I heard about this through Popular Airsoft and Merlin’s Airsoft News.  MilSim West is know for having long (40 hour), massive (hundreds of acres) airsoft games. Since this is their first event in Missouri, and it will be at a 1800 acre facility, you can expect a lot of long range battles, outflanking, and squad maneuvering.  Tickets are currently $150.  Dates are October 16th-18th.



Speed Airsoft–  These guys produce all sorts of cool airsoft products (including these nice red dot lens protectors).  They also make lots of machined keymod accessories.  You can see all of their products HERE.

A&K PTW:  This $270 version of the Systema PTW (which goes for $2000+) has a low ROF but excellent trigger response according to reviews.  It features a quick change cylinder system (like the original PTW) to allow you to change the guns FPS to meet field and mission requirements.  Other comparable guns include the WE Katana and AEGs made by ICS.



AirsoftGI’s Offical BB Wars Website– Now you can check out the latest stats and info on the conflict between the Rebel and Imperial forces!  Worth checking out even if you haven’t joined the battle yet.



Cooking Your MRE In Style!Evike Matt is now know the world around as a celebrity chef!  Check out his MRE cooking video HERE.


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