New Video Series On Airsoft Warrior TV! – Tac Shack


New Video Series Coming To Airsoft Warrior TV!- Tac Shack |

I’m pleased to announce that Airsoft Warrior TV will now be hosting the new Tac Shack series!

The Tac Shack will bring you quick tips and tricks to help make you a better airsofter and expand your knowledge of the airsoft world.  Everything from How-To Videos to quick talks with TAW, you’ll find the info you need in the Tac Shack!

If you have any ideas for upcoming Tac Shack videos, be sure to leave them in the comments and share this post with a battle buddy or your team so they can provide their impute as well!

Below is the first video in the Tac Shack series!  Be sure to check out (and subscribe to) Airsoft Warrior TV for more in the future!


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  1. Love this idea!

    Can’t wait to see what you have cooked up, this is going to be cool man!

  2. What gearbox are you working on here?

    • Venator,

      The gearbox used in this Tac Shack video is a JG Version 3 (used in AKs, G36Cs, etc.). I purchased it from a teammate that had a boneyard JG AK to learn about V3 gearboxes and have spare parts for repairs on my other AEGs.

      – TAW

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