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Player Profile "The General" |
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(Player profiles are interviews has done with real airsoft players.  These players all have a different style of game play that can teach and help other airsofters.  I hope you enjoy them and learn a thing or two.  Don’t forget to ask questions for the featured player to answer!)


The "General" |

The featured player in this player profile is the “General” (You can find him in THIS video on the Airsoft Warrior YouTube Channel).


AW: What’s your Call Sign and the story behind it?

 “That goes back to my childhood, my family would call me that because I was all about getting work done before play.  I wanted to get all the work done and then go play around, and would sometimes get frustrated when my siblings took all day to get jobs done because they were goofing off.  So “General Jake” became the title for a period of time.  I’ve learned to appreciate it now, I want to do all the planning and working that needs done before an Airsoft game so I can go onto the field and have a blast!”


AW: When did you start airsofting; and why?

 “I started Airsofting around sixteen, 2008 I believe.  When I first learned about it I was fascinated with the idea and look.  It was a million times cooler then paintball would ever be!”

“I started with all plastic 150 FPS Junkers, and at the time thought they were awesome.  I had tons of them just so I could give them to my friends to use so we could game with them.”

“Over the years I learned of the growing interest in Airsoft throughout the country and started getting more serious in it around 2011.  Since then I’ve pulled my brother in law into it (Bear) and we have created a vision for the future of airsoft.  I love it!”


AW: What is your favorite part of airsofting?

 “I don’t know that I could nail down “One” thing honestly.  I love the game! The planning, the strategy, the teamwork, the gear, the guns, the fields.  I truly love Airsoft for every aspect of the game, on and off field.”


AW: What are your favorite pieces of gear; and why do you like them?

 “That’s hard…I love a good plate carrier, or any vest with plenty of MOLLE webbing.  I like having the ability to custom fit my gear and the amount of gear for each game.  Light weight for CQB, or extra equipment and pouches for a longer game.  Being able to diversify and customize my Loadout is one of my favorite things to be able to do.

“That and my face mask I guess, I have the Gen 2 Striker unit.  Having full facial and ear protection while being able to see and hear comfortably has made the game ten times better.  I started with just glasses, then a full face meshed mask.  Both of those didn’t work very well, I was either worried about getting a tooth shot out or had a very small field of vision.  The Striker with a pair of goggles is the best setup I’ve found yet.”


AW: What is your vision for the future of the sport of airsoft? What do you think airsofting will be like in 10 years?

 “My vision is one of growth and recognition for the sport and game.”

“I want to see Airsoft shops and fields opening in all city’s and large towns across the country.  People need safe places to play Airsoft and get guns and gear.  I’d like to see more actual teams formed and training regularly, maybe even one day have national competitions on one level or another.  I want Airsoft to always be able to be a game, but also a sport and training tool.”

My Vision - Quote by The General |

“I also want to see safety being taught by every seller of Airsoft equipment as well.  If the majority of Airsofters in the nation are trained and can maturely and properly be safe with a Gun, I believe we will have little to no issues with groups and politicians making laws against Airsoft, thinking they are doing right.”

“I really hope to see the game instill a better sense of personal honor and integrity with all players. This game gives everybody the chance to really test themselves on personal levels, and I pray to see that most use the challenge as a way to better themselves.”

“Overall, in ten years I want to see Airsoft be a sport and game recognized by most people in the nation.  I want kids to be able to safely enjoy it and teams be able to travel to large games to play with it. I want it to grow!”

Many many things.


Thank you very much to the “General” for his player profile.  If you would like to do a player profile for, just let me know by email at!


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  1. I love this player profile, but I would really like to know what each player uses in his armament! 🙂 Thanks for an excellent player profile, General!

  2. Venator, I just realized I never replied to your request for a loudout breakdown! Sorry for the delay.

    A basic breakdown of that picture is:

    Emerson tactical helmet with a SJ4000 cam on the front and a Cyclone Mike defogging system.

    I can’t remember the brand of goggles right off head but they are an $90 pair with interchangeable lenses and I got them new for $20 (with the lenses) at my local Military Surplus store.

    Below the goggles is the gen two Striker full face mask that covers everything up to the ears. (Love that thing!)

    The plate carrier is Matrix brand with detachable arm and neck protection. On the vest I have multiple Condor MOLLE attachments to fit my needs on the field. Mag pouches, grenade pouch, kill rag, utility pouch, and so on. I swap out attachments according to the type of game I’m playing. I may also have been carrying a hydration bladder on my back.

    I wear hard shell fingerless gloves.

    PROPPER black pants.

    Black Military jungle boots (Also from my local Military Surplus)

    I run a RedJacket C02 blowback 1911 in a Condor holster attached to a Condor dropleg platform.

    The primary is a JG G3-T3, which honestly doesn’t have a single original internal part in it. EVERYTHING has been swapped out for high performance parts. On the outside I have a green dot on a cantilever mount, Magpul grip, “Shark” flash hider, and a snipers MOLLE cheek rest for the buttstock. It’s running around 375 FPS with .20g bb’s right now because I was doing a lot of gaming in Atlanta this year (Work had me down there) and they allow 400FPS indoor.

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