Building An Airsoft Bazooka


Building An Airsoft Bazooka |


Awhile back, I got the urge to build something new to use at my airsoft games.  I wanted somthing effective, easy to build, and easy on the wallet.  After searching the airsoft DIY section of the internet, I found a great video on building a compressed air powered, airsoft bazooka.  The design was simple but effective.  Check out the video below to see how to build your own!


The design’s genius lies in the air compression system and the removable shells.  This makes it safe on the field and easy to reload.

In testing, I found that the effective range is about 30 feet with a horizontal spread of around 20 feet when the bazooka was charged to 40-60 psi.  FPS was around 100 (no need to worry about going over field FPS limits!).  Each shell holds approximately 70 BBs.

It only took me about an hour to get everything cut (using hand tools) and glued together.  Total cost was $30-$35 and I have enough PVC to make another one after I buy the extra fittings.

Another awesome feature of this type of airsoft weapon is the endless modifications and improvements that can be made.  I could easily see adding on a better trigger system, dual air tubes for fast follow up shots, and some cool paint schemes.

Although this bazooka is more of  a “just for fun” weapon than a serious battle winner, it’s a lot of fun to make and use.  The kick I get out of using it was well worth the effort and money I put into it!


Let me know in the comments what modifications you’ve made to this design when you build it!  Be sure to share this with your team members or battle buddies!

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