Tac Shack: Installing A Crane Stock Battery


TAC Shack: Installing A Crane Stock Battery | AirsoftWarrior.net

In this Tac Shack video, we’ll look at how to install a crane stock battery into your AEG.  I’ve included some helpful tips to make it a lot easier and get you up and gunning as fast as possible!




The battery used in this video is a Tenergy 9.6V nunchuck battery.  This is a great battery used by many airsofters due to it featuring a solid amount of power, no “battery memory” to reduce performance, and being easy to fit in most crane stocks!

The gun used is a KWA SR7.  Its crane stock is very similar to most generic crane stocks in size.  The main difference is the stock plate attachment, which varies from gun to gun.  Be sure to read your manual before attempting to install the crane stock battery.


Let the Airsoft Warrior Community know what type of battery you use in your AEG in the comments.  Be sure to share any tips you have for installing batteries into airsoft guns as well!

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