Airsoft Tulsa Indoor: That’s The Way The Flag Goes!


Airsoft Tulsa: That's the Way the Flag Goes! |
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Nothing like fumbling around trying to figure out how to run a flag up a pulley while under enemy fire! ūüėõ ¬†Domination is one of my favorite scenarios because it relies on aggressive action and tactical defense¬†to win. ¬†I had a great time visiting the field with my teammate, Chief, from the Front And Center Airsoft Team (You can visit his YouTube channel HERE).

I hope you enjoy the gameplay.  If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment!




Tactical Spacing:
Spacing out from your teammates is an important tactic while playing in CQB environments. ¬†Often times, you’ll feel like you want to stick as close as possible to your teammates during a game. ¬†Try to resist that tendency and spread out 10-15 feet from them. ¬†This will provide your team with better protection, give you more firing angles to use, and prevent enemy operators with grenades from taking out multiple players.


Use the Path of Most Protection:
You’ll notice¬†at 3:38 that an enemy player attempts to switch the flag to his¬†team’s color. ¬†To get there, he has to cover a relatively large area of the field while completely exposed to our firepower. ¬†Try to always use a path that will provide you the most protection. ¬†Also, coordinate with your team and have them¬†provide covering fire while you move.


Control Your Stress
Even in a game where you have unlimited respawns, there is still a level of stress during a game. ¬†This will cause “interesting” mistakes to occur (like forgetting how to run a flag up a string). ¬†Knowing that stress is there, and controlling it (an example would be¬†continuing to figure out how to get the flag where you want it to go), will allow you to stay in the game and claim victory!


I used a Condor MOLLE Drop Leg Platform with a MOLLE 6 M4 Mag Pouch to carry the gear necessary for short, CQB games.  I also used my Condor Dump Pouch to hold my empty magazines.  My primary weapon was an ICS CXP16S (I used K120 Mid Caps and a Tenergy 9.6V Nunchuck Battery to fuel the BEAST MACHINE)!


To see all my Airsoft Tulsa Gameplay, visit the “Gameplay” tab.

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