Get Ready For Airsoft Warrior’s 2 Year Anniversary!


Get Ready For Airsoft Warrior's 2 Year Anniversary! |

That’s right! is 2 YEARS OLD!  We’ve had a great year, filled with lots of posts, gameplay and gear videos, and just plain fun!

As I’m working hard to get ready for the anniversary celebration, and I would appreciate hearing from you guys about what you would like to see from Airsoft Warrior, both during the anniversary and in this upcoming year!  Also, comment your favorite Airsoft Warrior post/video of 2015 so I can make more of everyone’s favorites this year!  Be sure to check out the Airsoft Warrior Facebook and Google+ page to stay updated as we approach the 2 Year Anniversary!

P.S.  While you’re waiting for the awesomeness to begin, check out last year’s anniversary posts HERE!

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