Airsoft Tulsa: Montage of BOSS!


Airsoft Tulsa: Montage of BOSS! |

Here’s a quick montage video for you guys from my first visit to Airsoft Tulsa in 2016!  I had a great time getting out on the field with a bunch of great players!  Be sure to let me know what you think of the video in the comments!

And, because even a montage video can include some tactics 😉 ……


Numbers Change The Field:

The increased number of players (40) change the way the battlefield could be navigated and how positions could be used.  It also causes “traffic jams” to occur in-game.  There were several times I had to stop for a second and think about where I could best support my team.  Taking the time to spread out from the rest of your teammates during a game so you have more shooting opportunities while providing your team with a stronger front.


Rush Things Along:

The first clip is from a “Conquest” round where our team rushed to the flag and secured it before the enemy team had a chance to react.  You’ll notice that several of my team members were moving up at the same time to give a better chance of securing the flag (which consequently resulted in me running into one of them! 🙂 ).  This constant “wave” of operators, combined with a powerful rush of players early in the game, is a great tactic for securing a flag and allows your team to defend for the remainder of the game (which can be a lot easier than attacking most of the time).


Get Some “Moving” Cover:

In one of the clips, I communicate with my teammate to have him provide covering fire while I rushed the flag.  Try to get some covering fire whenever you move from one position to another at the front lines.  Also, listen to your teammates and wait till they’re ready before you move.  Often times, they have a better idea of what you’re going into.  It doesn’t help to rush things along just to get lit up the minute you step out of cover!

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  1. That video is so funny! 😀

  2. Liked the video. I have a question though, I have read your cqb posts, and was wondering in some tips to keeping myself from tunnel visioning and losing situational awareness. Thanks!

    • Glad to hear you enjoyed the video, BlueFalcon! I have a full post on how to avoid tunnel vision on the field that should be just the thing you need. You can find it HERE. Hope it helps, and you can use it to be an even more effective airsoft warrior on the field!

      – TAW

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