Change of Mind: The Airsoft Warrior’s Opinion


Change of Mind: The Airsoft Warrior's Opinion |
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As I learn more about airsoft, research, talk to players, and test new gear, I find that my opinion occasionally changes on what I prefer to play with or how I like to airsoft.  Some of the things I think are useless pieces of gear, designed to suck money from players, may suddenly become a functional item that I enjoy using.  I try to never express a negative (or overly positive) opinion on gear, tactics, or events that I mention on the blog until I have a chance to do some through testing to decide whether I think it would benefit you guys and work for me.  Here are a few examples of gear that I have changed my mind on over the years to demonsrate this point-


Mid Cap Magazines

When I first started airsofting, I was an avid high cap mag user.  After all, it was the only one that came with my AEG and it got the job done.  Later I heard about these new fangled things (even though they weren’t so new of things 😉 ) called mid caps.  I considered mid caps (short for mid capacity magazines) to be for the elitists of the airsoft community that played in those events called MilSim.  I never though I would be able to understand the concept of carrying 2 or 3 magazines extra when I could carry one high cap and get the job done.


After playing with high caps for an extended amount of time, I began to get tired of winding the wheel on the bottom, not knowing for sure if the mag was empty, and rattling around the field like a one man band.  I decided to give mid caps a try when I purchased my SR7 and picked up some K120 magazines.  After using them for several months, I came to appreciate the better quality, zero winding, and reduced noise that came from using them.  Although mid caps due require a bit more care, and a longer loading time if you don’t have one of the advanced speed loaders, my personal opinion is that they are worth the effort if you desire increased realism, less fiddling with the mag itself on the field, and like to practice your epic reload skills. 😉

If you want more of my opinions on mid caps, check out THIS post.

Note: I have yet to get in some testing with “flash mags” (a high cap with a rip cord that reduces winding time).  I’ll be sure to let you guys know my opinion of them once I do!


0.25g BBs

Earlier on in my airsoft career, I wasn’t sure I needed any other BBs than the standard 0.20g variety you find at your local sporting goods store.  I also didn’t buy the whole “BBs are bad unless you buy them from a real store” plug.


After doing some more research into BB weights, and not wanting to void the warranty on a new gun I was purchasing by using the “bad BBs”, I decided to pick up some Lancer Tactical Bio degradable 0.20g and 0.25g BBs.

Although I have never personally had BBs from a sporting goods store wreck one of my guns yet, I am liking the extra peace of mind and improved effective range I am getting from my BBs now.  I would recommend getting some quality BBs the next time you order, especially if you’re picking up a new piece of weaponry and want to keep that warranty intact.

If you want to know more about what 0.25g BBs can do for you, check out THIS post.

If you need to know what BB weight you should get for your gun, check out THIS post.


These are just a couple of ways that my opinions have change on different elements of airsoft as I’ve gained more knowledge of the sport, had a chance to try new things, and read your comments on the blog.  Don’t let your personal opinion influence other players or even prevent you from trying new things if you haven’t done the necessary research to back them up.  Let me know what airsoft opinions you have change your mind about in the comments! Also, feel free to ask other airsoft related questions and use the search box on the sidebar to find more posts about airsoft!



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