Airsoft Gloves: Your Options


Airsoft Gloves: Your Options |

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If you spend some time on an airsoft field, you’ll quickly realize that every airsofter has an opinion on what kind of gear to wear.  Some airsofters have a one-kit-fits-all approach and do amazing.  Others buy individual gear to best match every environment they play in.  With all the plate carriers, combat belts, bump helmets, and knee pads, a somewhat overlooked piece of gear is the humble glove.  In this post, let’s take a look at what options airsoft players have in the realm of hand protection and which option is best for you!


Airsofters have essentially 3 options when it comes to hand protection, no protection, half finger gloves, and full finger gloves.


No Protection:

One of the best things about not having gloves on at a game, is the freedom of movement and maximum dexterity you keep.  You can easily manipulate the trigger, switch the fire selector, and grab out gear from pouches.

Obviously, not wearing gloves leaves you open to receiving a dreaded “knuckle shot” as well as getting splinters and cuts.  No hand protection is not a good idea if you are attending a field or playing in an environment that may have hazards in it.  Only ditch the gloves if you’re doing target practice or the like (but why would you if you have sweet pair?!).


Half Finger Gloves:

I use half finger gloves a lot on the field.  They give you a good level of protection, while still allowing you to access gear and maintain a high level of dexterity.

The pair I use is by Lancer Tactical.  THESE of gloves are dirt cheap (I got them under $5) and have lasted me around a year and a half (I just started to get a hole in one of them).  Are they the “best” out there?  Probably not.  But they do the job really well and give you the extra protection you need to get your job done on the field.  Just goes to show that good deals can be had on great gear.

One thing to note is that this style of glove does leave you open to some shots on the hand, especially depending on how you hold/grip your weapon.  Personally, I’ve had minimal issues with getting hit in the hand while wearing them.  Having a basic first aid kit with band-aids in it will be plenty to take care fixing up any shots your hands take.


Full Finger Gloves:

This style of glove will give you maximum protection during games.  They are also the choice of many MilSim airsoft players because of the environments they play in.

Full Finger gloves can get expensive depending on what type, style, and color you choose.  One of the popular options among airsofters is Mechanix brand.  You can get THIS basic pair of Mechanix for under $20.  Other options in the Mechanix line include the Fast Fit and Tactical M-Pact.  Most styles come in a variety of colors and camouflage options to fit your load out.  I would highly recommend trying on a few pairs at a local store to see what size and variation fits you best.

Before you head the Mechanix route, make sure to do some research into other brands.  For example, 5.11 makes a pair of tactical gloves with a special finger tip construction that claims to increase dexterity (a major issue with some full finger gloves).  Although, most unique features come at an increased price.


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  1. Me and my battle buddies just ordered several pairs of the LT Half Finger gloves, they look very comfortable and the price was great!

  2. I really want one of the Mechanix Breacher gloves—they have very good protection against BBs…

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