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Airsoft Warrior Resolutions 2017 |

Here we are. 2017 has arrived and it’s time to start thinking about how we can make this the best year yet. Many of you probably have made some resolutions to improve yourself in the new year. For airsofters, that includes going to more games, training more often, and finding ways to introduce new airsofters to the sport. How will become a better airsoft blog in 2017?  I have jotted down some of my thoughts below, but I would love to hear your thoughts on making the blog better in the comments!

Get To More Games

2016 was a bit of a down year in the number of games I was able to attend.  Of course, I love to get out to games, meet new people, and swap BBs with some of the coolest players around.  This new year, I’ll be making the extra effort to get to games and attend more local fields. Keep up with the Airsoft Warrior Facebook page for announcements when I am heading to a field so I can hang out with some of you!

Try out an Airsoft Warrior Live Stream!

I have been tossing around the idea of making a live stream for a long time.  They are a great way to interact with all of you in real time. I think it will be an excellent way to get you the unique tips you need. I am working on putting together one in the near future; and I’ll be posting more info on the live stream as I iron out the details. If you have any questions that you would like to have answered live by me and any guests I have on the stream, be sure to post them in the comments here so I can start putting together a list!

Grow The Airsoft Warrior Facebook Community 

As many of you guys know, I have an Airsoft Warrior Facebook page.  There has been some amazing growth on the page over the past year, and I would like to start supporting that platform in new and interesting ways. Some ideas for what may be seen on the Facebook page in 2017 include Facebook exclusive material (short posts or tips that are only found on the Airsoft Warrior page), live streams, and more posts on news from around the airsoft world!

As always, I will continue to post my highest quality content on the blog and will be answering comments and questions you guys have right here on  I hope that with these resolutions, I’ll be able to give you all better, faster, and more current airsoft advice and news that is more personalized to you!

If you have any ideas to improve these resolutions, be sure to let me know in the comments!  I hope you all have a great 2017!


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  1. Great resolutions!

    I’m glad you are focusing on expanding your reach, I think you could benefit the Airsoft community as a whole. I am personally looking forward to the LiveStream! Make sure it’s during hours when I am not driving! ;-P

  2. Dear TAW, I have been saving for Broken Home 6, and wanted to know if you had any tips for mental preparation for the game, as I have never attended anywhere but Airsoft Tulsa’s fields. Also, what are some battery options to go for an aeg in that type of scenario? Thanks, and love how much you contribute to the airsoft society!
    BlueFalcon, out.

    • Hey BlueFalcon!
      Mental preparedness is something that takes a lot of time and training to achieve even on a basic level. To be honest, full mental preparedness may not even be possible due to the constant changes that occur on the battlefield. But don’t lose hope! There are a few things I would recommend to give you a mental edge at a big event like Broken Home.
      First, keep reading up on tactics and practice them. Nothing will prepare you better than getting the basic tactics down to perfection. As you know there are a ton of posts on here that can give you a good starting point to understanding and applying tactics on the field.
      Second, organize all of you gear and know where everything is, whether it is in your travel bag or on your plate carrier. Nothing will frazzle you more on the field than fumbling around trying to find that one thing you need RIGHT NOW! Get a packing system down long before you go to the game so you don’t waste time or brain power on it later.
      Third, practice battlefield awareness. I wrote a post that can help you HERE.

      If you combine all of these tips and practice them, you will be much better prepared for the mental challenges that come up in big games. Also, accept the fact that things are going to go wrong. It will happen. Once you know that not everything will be perfect, you can move past the hiccups that happen on the field and have fun slinging BBs with some of the most dedicated airsofters around!

      – TAW

      P.S. Be sure to read as much material as you can on the procedures of American Milsim events (lots of info can be found on their forums HERE). Also, watching videos can be a great help in preparing yourself for what may happen at Broken Home. Have a great time!

  3. Thank you TAW for the advice. I definitely need to get a system down for packing, and have never thought about that.

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