Prime Day Tactical Deals!


Prime Day Tactical Deals |
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Prime Day is here and it’s looking like there are a lot of fantastic gear on sale for top-notch operators such as yourself. I’ve listed a few deals below to get you started-


Tactical Storage:

Plano Mil-Spec Long Gun Case
Plano is making it easy to protect your valuable (and awesome looking) investments in a solid, hard sided, gun case. It’s important to make sure you have one to keep you safe and legal when hauling your weapons to the field.

 Mercury Deployment Duffle Bag
A big duffle bag like this one will give you the extra storage you need to haul BBs, green gas, extra mags, and some tactical noms to the field. Like a proper deployment duffle bag, it has shoulder straps so you can carry it around like a backpack if needed.




 BLACKHAWK! Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2
Once you get used to a good pair of knee pads, you’ll never go back. The extra protection when kneeling (or doing a sweet tactical slide) makes them totally worth it.

BLACKHAWK! Tactical Holsters
Tons and tons of these holsters are on sale right now. With a hard case you’ll reduce your draw time while still keeping your sidearm secure when you don’t need it. Check them all out HERE.



Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Sight
I personally use a Sightmark red dot and they are perfect for an airsofter’s needs. Target acquisition is faster; and you can be more confident that your BBs will mow down enemy operators no matter what shooting angle you use.


Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA Tactical Flashlight (350 Lumens)
Streamlight is known for producing some of the best tactical lights on the market. Here is a chance to pick up one for a super reasonable price and start strobing your enemies for the victory!


Bonus Gear


Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers Bundle
Though not typically considered a tactical piece of gear, with so much immersion and fast paced action, the Rift can help you with situational awareness and dealing with high stress situations (try out Robo Recall and you’ll know what I mean).¬† The price has been reduced by over 30% currently. Make sure you have a PC or laptop that can handle it by checking the recommended specs HERE.


Hope you all enjoy Prime Day and get some great gear to enhance your airsoft load outs! Let me know what awesome deals you score in the comments below.

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