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This is The Airsoft Warrior’s Gear Page. ¬†Feel free to ask questions about gear or give your thoughts on your favorite gear in the comments below!

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  1. Hey Blake, I was wondering if you could review these. Also which do you think is better? Fingerless gloves or just regular gloves.

    V-Tac Half Finger Polymer Armored Tactical Gloves ( Black )

    • Jason,

      Hand protection is very important in airsoft games especially if you participate in CQB battles. These gloves are a good price and will provide you with the basic protection you need. I like the dexterity that finger-less gloves give you. If you buy the full finger model, consider cutting off the trigger finger to make firing and winding your magazine easier.


    • I have those gloves and I really like their feel. They have protected my hands and don’t feel too cheap, although the quality of the fabric could be improved. That’s just my opinion.

  2. Would you consider making sure you have the gear first, or rather first have the gun? Such as, would getting the helmet, mask, and the right outfit, be the first thing to do?


    • Saftey is first in airsoft. I would recommend purchasing a full face mask first. Like the Tactical Airsoft Mask. Your second item should be your weapon so you can play. When you are starting out any uniform will work as long as you don’t mind it getting torn up. A camouflaged uniform is preferred.


  3. Hey Airsoft Warrior,

    What do you think of this helmet. It’s a little on the pricy side. But the visor, mounts, and adjustable size are great.


    • Jason,
      Thank you for your question. I am actually thinking of purchasing a helmet to add to my load out. The Lancer Tactical FAST helmets have the features and looks of a great helmet. Be aware that the retractable visor is for looks only and will not protect you from airsoft BBs. This helmet will also not provide you with face or ear protection. I like the head protection and adaptability of the FAST helmets. If you have the money and want to enhance your load out it may be a great option. Be sure to check out the other models of FAST helmets and extra features like the PJ Light Weight and the attachable face armor.

      Blake the Airsoft Warrior

  4. Hey Blake,

    I was wondering what your thoughts on this gun would be. I liked the looks, and the functions that it has.

    • Jason,

      G&Gs are good guns. I have a friend who has the G&G gr16 EBB (Electric Blow Back) and he really likes it. The G&G combat machine has a lot of the features you want. The RIS will allow you to attach flashlights, fore grips, etc. The battery in the crane stock is like my JG M4 CQB and helps to balance the rifle. If you want to use the gun for CQB you may have to modify it to shoot at a lower fps. I think that the G&G combat machine would serve you well if you are looking for a affordable platform, well known airsoft AEG that is made by a reputable company.

      Blake the Airsoft Warrior

  5. How About this one.

    G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider Metal Gearbox Airsoft Rifle

  6. Hey Airsoft Warrior,
    I was wondering if you could do a video review on this gun.
    I’ve got a part time job, so I’m able to spend a little bit more on airsoft gear. Thanks a lot,

    • Jason,
      I have never personally used the SRC Dragon SR4 before. But I will do my best to give you an idea of what to expect of the gun base on the description from the link you provided. At $130 it is a budget priced airsoft gun. It has a metal gearbox, which is a must for any competitive airsofter due to the reliability and power.

      It says that it has an M110 spring but the FPS is 430+ (I think this is a typo). With an M110 spring you should get about 330 FPS with 0.20g BBs. This is a good fps for CQB play and will be accepted on most fields. The length is also good for close quarters. Be aware that often the shorter the barrel the lower the accuracy because the bb is not stabilized for as long.

      The battery is in the stock which I prefer for ease of access, but this may limit your battery choices a bit. I use a 9.6v Tenergy battery in my crane stock. The body is polymer which will wear and crack faster than a metal body gun. A metal body gun will run $200+.

      A gun I would recommend if it is in your budget would be the KWA CQB MOD 1 or MOD 2. I have heard good things about both; and it is hard to beat the reliability of the 2gx gearbox. Both models will cost about $190 each.

      I hope this helps you make a decision on what gun to buy. If you have any questions feel free to send them my way.

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

      • airsoft warrior what is the highest volt a gr15 raider by g&g can handle it works great with a 9.6 moderatly with 8.4 just wondering if i dare pusing it

        • Hey daniel,
          Almost any airsoft gun can use a standard 9.6v battery as long as it has a metal gearbox (like the G&G raider series). I would say you would be perfectly fine going with a 9.6v battery on your gr15. Make sure you pick up a smart charger to go with it for that fast (and safe) charging. You can find a link to the battery and other gear I use on my KWA SR7 HERE. Should be just what you need if you can fit a standard nunchuck battery in your gun. If not, Tenergy also makes a great selection of other battery configurations. I would expect a 3ish round per second increase in your fire rate on full auto and a noticeable improvement in trigger response on semi auto. Hope you enjoy your new firepower!

          See you on the field,
          – TAW

  7. Armaggedon

    Hey i was wondering is this a good gun?

    G&G Tan GR15 Raider XL Electric BlowBack Airsoft Gun ( w/ 9.6V Battery & Smart Charger )

    • Hey Armaggedon,
      Thanks for the question. G&G is a well known airsoft company that produces some of the most well known guns on the airsoft market. They created one of the best blow-back systems, due to its air powered (pneumatic) nature that doesn’t wear down the gearbox and reduce performance. They are also known for quality ABS plastic externals.

      I have a battle buddy that owns a G&G GR16 (basically a non-RIS/battery in the hand guard version of the GR15 you are looking at). He had good performance from his, and ended up purchasing another one that had been upgraded to use as his AEG of choice.

      I prefer the GR15’s rear wired battery for ease of access, and the monolithic RIS system for mounting accessories and optics. G&G’s 45 day warranty is icing on the cake.

      I hope this helps you to better understand what G&G offers airsofters on today’s market. If you have any airsoft gear questions, be sure to let me know.

      Good Airsofting,
      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  8. Thanks Airsoft Warrior.

  9. Armaggedon,

    I found out that they had that gun on sale, so leaning towards this more affordable one and was wondering if it is a good one

    G&G Combat Machine Tan CM16 R8-L Airsoft Electric RIS M4 AEG Gun ( w/ 9.6V Battery & Smart Charger )

    • Armaggedon,
      The G&G CM16 R8-L is essentially like the GR15 you mentioned; but without the blow back. Therefore, the same things that make the G&G GR15 a good option make the CM16 R8-L a good option.

      The CM16 R8-L has a good FPS (350 with 0.20g BBs), an included 30mm Red Dot sight (since it doesn’t have iron sights), and a 9.6v battery bundled with it. The battery should give you a good rate of fire; and the smart charger will take the hassle out of recharging.

      Best wishes on finding your new weapon,
      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  10. Thanks that’s what I needed to know.

  11. Airsoft Warrior,

    My gun isn’t feeding properly should I oil it?

    • armaggedon,
      Without having a look at the weapon in question, it is hard to diagnose the issue. Feeding problems can be caused by a variety of issues. If it is an AEG, your mag may be the cause of the problem. Some mags can wear out and require replacement. Mid-Cap mags need occasional cleaning to feed smoothly; but they usually feed better and faster than High-Caps.

      Some times an AEG will not feed due to an internal issue. If the air nozzle can’t pull back far enough and fast enough to let the next BB in, it will cause feeding issues. Switching to a lower voltage battery may solve feeding issue as it will lower the speed of the gun.

      Check your hop up and barrel for obstructions and clean out the barrel. Note: I only use water as a liquid when cleaning my barrel.

      Try some basic diagnostics on your weapon. If it is still having issues get a tech’s opinion.

      Thank you for the question,
      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  12. Armaggedon,

    The mag could not be the problem I tried my brothers in it and it still did not work but I will try to clean it out like you said and I only have a 8.4 volt battery so that could not be the problem. Thanks a lot Airsoft Warrior.

    • armaggedon,
      I hope that everything works out. I would do some research online on your specific gun (AK, M4, etc.) and gearbox (Version 2, Version 3, etc.) and see if someone has had this issue and solved it. Sometimes other airsofters can be your best allies when it comes to gun issues.

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

  13. Armaggedon,

    Thanks I will do that.

  14. Hey Blake I am thinking about this certain gun called the KWC Tanfoglio IPSC Full Metal “Gold Custom” CO2 Blowback Airsoft Pistol – Licensed do you think this is a good gun?

  15. What do you think about the Lancer Tactical M4 Chest Harness MOLLE Rig w/ 11 Pouches and Hydration Pack? I bought it and then noticed that you use a different type. I bought it off of air

    • Looks like a nice vest. The MOLLE is a great feature, and the integrated mag pouches are a nice touch since you won’t have to buy them separate. One of the great features of most Lancer Tactical vests are that they come with most of the pouches you need to play on them!

      Blake The Airsoft Warrior

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