Tactical Shorts? Why These Are A Real Option for Tactical Apparel


Tactical Shorts | AirsoftWarrior.net
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When Military 1st shipped me a pair of tactical shorts, I was curious to see how they would stack up against my normal BDU pants or a pair of shorts from the store downtown. After using them over the past month (and currently using them while writing this article), I have to say that I am both impressed and enlightened when it comes to the use of tactical shorts. In this post, we’ll dive into what I think this underrepresented section of tactical apparel is for and how they can fit into your gear bag when you head out to the field.


TAW Tactical Shorts1 | AirsoftWarrior.net

The Long and Short of Tactical Shorts

Shorts are not my normal attire on, or off, the field. I prefer the added protection of a solid pair of jeans or BDU pants. I was curious to find out what a pair of shorts (particularly ones branded as “tactical”) have to offer to operators throughout their day.

The first thing I noticed about these tactical shorts from Helikon, was the build quality. The material is 2-way elastic Ripstop (comprised of 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester, and 3% Spandex, for those of you who like details). This sturdy material ensures that these shorts are going to last for a very long time with no issues. The Ripstop has already come in handy when some random sharp object put a small hole in one of the cargo pockets. It’s really nice to not have to worry about that rip causing a major issue down the road.

One of the weakest points on any pair of pants is seams and zippers, and these shorts deliver high quality in both. The seams are reinforced and have additional stitching where it matters most. The zippers are YKK brand (known for quality and longevity) and feel solid with no snags or hang ups. I will note that the stitching on one of the cargo pocket’s cloth zipper tabs did come undone, but this is such an easy fix that I don’t think it will have any lasting impact on durability.


Shorts Zipper | AirsoftWarrior.net


After using them for a while, I realized that the design on these shorts is very, very well thought out. Besides the pockets designed for M4 magazines and the zippered pouches on the thigh, the portion of the shorts around the knees have been cut to prevent them from riding up or reducing mobility. There is a nice, small elastic band in the back for additional flexibility. Also, the traditional button to secure the shorts around the waist has been replaced with Velcro to allow for better adjustment and manipulation when your manual dexterity is non-existent.  It’s details like these that take the Helikon tactical shorts above and beyond ones you would normally purchase.


TAW Shorts3 | AirsoftWarrior.net


Comfort has been superb overall. Although I had a moment of concern when I pulled them out of the package and felt the relatively rough Ripstop material they had used, I quickly forgot about that upon wearing them. They do not have a significant lack of comfort over any other pair of shorts I have owned. In fact, I would consider these almost more comfortable due to the solid durability I notice when wearing them. Due to the cotton/spandex, they do wick moisture effectively and I haven’t noticed any comfort issues due to the Ripstop construction.




Where Should You Use Them

Now this is where I call into question the claims of “tactical” shorts. I would not use these in normal, tactical scenarios I find myself in at the field. Shorts do not offer the level of protection I require when crawling through the brush, kneeling to take that stabilized shot, or sliding across the concrete floors of a warehouse for style points. 😉

That said, here are the applications I would use them in over full length pants:

  • Extreme heat environments (kind of a no-brainer)
  • At the shooting range when you just need something comfortable to practice in that has enough pockets to carry everything on you
  • Everyday wear (which I won’t use my normal combat pants for)
  • When you’re relaxing after a day of work, but still want to feel operator. 😉


Better than Pants?

Overall, I think tactical shorts are a real option for anyone who wants quality and smart design. Helikon has achieved the goal of creating a pair of shorts that feels good, is going to hold up, and has those extra features that someone using them in a more tactical environment will appreciate. The design, feel, and build was clearly created with the operator in mind, while keeping it simple so you can wear them everyday. There are plenty of color options to fit any loadout (I personally went with Coyote). I would highly recommend picking up a pair of these tactical shorts and trying them out. After you do, let me know what you think in the comments!


TAW Shorts | AirsoftWarrior.net



Prime Day Tactical Deals!


Prime Day Tactical Deals | AirsoftWarrior.net
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Prime Day is here and it’s looking like there are a lot of fantastic gear on sale for top-notch operators such as yourself. I’ve listed a few deals below to get you started-


Tactical Storage:

Plano Mil-Spec Long Gun Case
Plano is making it easy to protect your valuable (and awesome looking) investments in a solid, hard sided, gun case. It’s important to make sure you have one to keep you safe and legal when hauling your weapons to the field.

 Mercury Deployment Duffle Bag
A big duffle bag like this one will give you the extra storage you need to haul BBs, green gas, extra mags, and some tactical noms to the field. Like a proper deployment duffle bag, it has shoulder straps so you can carry it around like a backpack if needed.




 BLACKHAWK! Advanced Tactical Knee Pads V.2
Once you get used to a good pair of knee pads, you’ll never go back. The extra protection when kneeling (or doing a sweet tactical slide) makes them totally worth it.

BLACKHAWK! Tactical Holsters
Tons and tons of these holsters are on sale right now. With a hard case you’ll reduce your draw time while still keeping your sidearm secure when you don’t need it. Check them all out HERE.



Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Sight
I personally use a Sightmark red dot and they are perfect for an airsofter’s needs. Target acquisition is faster; and you can be more confident that your BBs will mow down enemy operators no matter what shooting angle you use.


Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA Tactical Flashlight (350 Lumens)
Streamlight is known for producing some of the best tactical lights on the market. Here is a chance to pick up one for a super reasonable price and start strobing your enemies for the victory!


Bonus Gear


Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers Bundle
Though not typically considered a tactical piece of gear, with so much immersion and fast paced action, the Rift can help you with situational awareness and dealing with high stress situations (try out Robo Recall and you’ll know what I mean).  The price has been reduced by over 30% currently. Make sure you have a PC or laptop that can handle it by checking the recommended specs HERE.


Hope you all enjoy Prime Day and get some great gear to enhance your airsoft load outs! Let me know what awesome deals you score in the comments below.


Average Budgets for Airsoft (Beginner, Casual, and Pro)


Average Budgets for Airsoft | AirsoftWarrior.net
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This post is brought to you by OutdoorEmpire.com. Your One-Stop Destination for Outdoor Gear Talk.

With all of the fantastic gear, guns, and equipment you can get for airsoft, it can be difficult to figure out what a good budget is for your level of airsoft experience. There are a lot of things out there that the beginner or casual player doesn’t need to consider purchasing because they won’t be necessary for the average amount of time they play. In this post, we are going to dive into some easy breakdowns of what a good budget looks like and what you need to buy, no matter how often you play airsoft.


Beginner Airsoft Budget:

Beginner airsoft players are players who have almost no time invested in the sport of airsoft yet. They may have played in a few games and borrowed gear from friends for those games. When beginner players decide they want to start playing more regularly, there are some basic items they are going to need. Most of the items listed below are the bare minimum you need in order to figure out if you actually like the sport while also having a safe, fun time on the field.

Paintball Full Face Mask ($20-$30)
Gun ($20-$50)
Quality BBs (4000 rounds for $15-$20)

Total = $55-$100

In Depth:

For a gun, just a basic springer or CO2 pistol will be fine. No need to spend any more money than you have to at this stage. I recommend a Crosman P311 or Air Mag C11. If you want to spend a little extra, check out the Umarex H&K USP. Keep in mind that I recommend investing in the metal mag for it due to the plastic ones having a high failure rate (You can see my review for the H&K USP HERE). If you want to see more reviews on some of the best airsoft guns, no matter your budget, check out Outdoor Empire’s post on finding the best airsoft gun HERE.

A paintball mask is easy to find and will give you the protection you need to keep your eyes, teeth, and face safe in battle. For BBs, I recommend finding some quality ones at an official airsoft shop, or buying them online. Cheap BBs are known to shatter on impact, creating plastic shrapnel that can be dangerous. Also, many fields have rules preventing you from playing if you use cheap BBs. I use inexpensive, quality Lancer Tactical 0.20g Bio BBs and they work great!

You may notice that I did not list any specific kind of clothing. As a beginner airsofter, there is no need to play dress up on the field (not yet anyway 😉 ). I use a uniform for blending into my environment and for team recognition. If you have some good pants, boots or light hiking shoes for stability and protection, and a shirt that isn’t neon yellow, you can play airsoft just fine. There is no need to invest in a set of BDUs at this stage. Save your money for when you know you really enjoy airsoft and want to play more.

Casual Airsoft Budget:

At this point in your airsoft career, you know you enjoy the sport and want to play it more often. Maybe you host games for your friends on a regular basis and want to start playing at official fields. In addition to the beginner airsofter budget, here is what I recommend you invest in:

Good Primary Weapon ($100-$150)
Extra Battery for Primary Weapon ($20)
Smart Charger for Battery ($20)
Set of BDUs (Pants and Top for $50-$75)
Cyclone Mike Fan ($35)
Half Finger Gloves ($15)

Total = $240-$265

In Depth:

Since you are playing airsoft more often, you will need a gun that not only performs better, but will last longer. Guns like the CYMA AK47 and G&G Combat Machine have excellent durability and performance for this budget level and can last for 2+ years of regular games with no problem. They perform well in CQB (Close Quarters Battles) and outdoor fields, and will keep you effective in battle. When shopping around, keep in mind that many of the fancy cosmetic features like intricate rail systems, and blow back slides will just cost you more and have almost no positive effect on performance.

At this stage, I recommend getting some form of BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform) for games. Most fields will have a tan and green camo system for teams, and a set of BDUs will allow you to be easily identified so you don’t get shot at by your own team. The half finger gloves will provide you with additional protection, especially at CQB games. Half finger gloves are also allow you to have full dexterity compared to full finger.

I recommend the Cyclone Mike for a casual airsofter’s budget because it does a fantastic job of keeping your goggles or facemask from fogging during a game. Nothing is worse in airsoft than not being able to see what is going on because your goggles are fogged over. The Cyclone Mike is super versatile and works with almost any eye protection system you can buy (You can see my full review of the Cyclone Mike HERE).

Pro Airsoft Budget | AirsoftWarrior.net

Pro Airsoft Budget:

By the time you reach this point in airsoft, you probably don’t need a whole lot of help deciding what you need to add to your airsoft loadout. You have been in many battles, tested out gear, and probably even know a bit about upgrading your own airsoft guns. Here are a few things I would recommend for your budget if you don’t have them already:

Helmet or Other System for Protection and Camera Mounting ($50-$75)
Action Camera ($100-$400)
High Quality Primary and Backup Gun ($500+)
Extra Batteries and Tactical Accessories for Guns ($100+)
MOLLE Chest Harness or Plate Carrier ($100-$200)
Gear to Complete Your Loadout’s “Look” ($100+)

Total= $1000+

In Depth:

At this stage, you treat airsoft as a hobby or sport and you should want to invest in it. The items on this list do not need to be acquired all at once, and cost will change based on your personal airsoft style and gear needs.

I recommend getting some kind of system for recording your games. Even if you don’t post footage to YouTube, the ability to see how you play is invaluable in making you a better player. By watching footage after a game, you can figure out exactly what went right or wrong, and use that to become a better player. If you are unsure of which camera to get, I recommend the SJ4000. It is budget friendly and one of the best in its price range. Make sure you check out my review, and do your research so you don’t get one of the low quality knockoffs.

A backup gun is a great idea just in case your primary malfunctions. Having an extra gun also allows you to loan it out to friends so they can come to games and play with you. There are so many great brands and weapons out there in the $250+ range that will serve you well and are great for competitive gameplay.

At the pro level, you’ll need a way to carry extra mags, airsoft grenades, and other necessary items for long airsoft games. A good harness or plate carrier with customized MOLLE pouches will allow you to create a system that fits your needs.

You may also want to complete a certain “look” for a loadout. Maybe you are into a “blackout” look and need all black gear. Perhaps you want to replicate a specific military unit or country with your gear. Make sure to budget in the funds to make that a reality so you can look the part on the field.


A special thank you to OutdoorEmpire.com for collaborating with me to produce today’s post. Be sure to check out their website for posts with tips and information on airsoft and outdoor gear. They have a great, in-depth article on how to pick a quality airsoft gun that will fit your needs and combat style that I recommend checking out HERE. If you have any questions about airsoft budgets or recommendations for gear that really helped you in your airsoft career, post them down in the comments!


The Pentagon Philon Backpack: Get Organized


The Pentagon Philon Backpack: Get Organized | AirsoftWarrior.net
(This post is sponsored by Military 1st)

One of the things I struggle with when prepping for an airsoft game is organization. I love organizing and keeping my gear safe while I travel, but most of the time it’s not as easy as I want it to be. Sometimes I don’t have enough room to pack what I want (and I tend to have a lot of “extra” things in my pack that I have convinced myself I need). It is also hard to find a storage solution that allows me to keep everything separated. Without a good amount of internal pouches and compression straps, everything in my pack often ends up looking like it got thrown in a blender by the end of the day. Another thing I have noticed about most backpacks and cases I buy for my gear is that they just can’t stand up to going to games, getting tossed in the back of a car, or dragged along the ground as I crawl through the brush.

Just before I went crazy trying to figure out how I was going to keep my old gear functional, Military 1st (winners of the 7th Popular Airsoft Players Choice Award for Best Gear Retailer for Europe) stepped in and offered to let me test out the Pentagon Philon backpack. Let me just start out by saying this pack has blown me away with its quality, features, and overall feel. Everyone else I have shown it to has the same reaction. But, before I get ahead of myself, let me explain just why organization is so important for airsoft and any other activity you would use this pack for.

Pentagon Philon White Background | AirsoftWarrior.net

Keeping Sane

I have been to enough games to know the stress of not being able to find that one thing I need to be ready for the game. I end up digging through every pack, case, and duffle bag I brought trying to find that bag of 0.25g BBs, an extra battery I just know is in there, or the repair kit I need to fix that simple issue I meant to take care of last week.

This is where the power of organization and having a plan on how you want to keep your gear together will pay massive dividends. When I go to pack my gear, I make sure that everything has a place and that I organize items in a way that I can easily pull out exactly what I need, when I need it. Using the Philon’s awesome assortment of pouches, I can keep a mini repair kit in one pouch, a pair of goggles in another, and keep that extra energy bar where I can grab it before the next round. This is one feature of this pack that I was instantly impressed by. I’ve been enjoying how well thought out everything is when it comes to keeping things separate and easy to get to.

Pentagon Philon Mag Pouches | AirsoftWarrior.net

Keep Your Gear Protected

By organizing your gear, you can insure that nothing gets crushed or left behind when you head out for the day. I enjoy going on backpacking trips and it is necessary to have things packed in a way that makes sense, in case you fall or drop the pack just a bit too hard on a rock. This also applies to airsoft. Keep your softer or more flexible gear (i.e. BDUs, bags of BBs, etc.) on the outside or near the bottom of the pack so you have a buffer to protect the items inside. Also, pack some softer items near your back so you have that extra padding.

With the Philon, I was able to keep my gear protected even better with the addition of the compression straps and solid, 600D Polyester construction. I have used the pack on an almost daily basis for weeks and never had an issue with something falling apart or the gear inside getting damaged. Pentagon did a lot of smart things to make sure that once you get the pack configured, it stays that way. Quality Velcro straps are everywhere you need them to keep gear secure inside, and the zippers are super beefy. If any of you have used a normal backpack, or tried to use a typical school backpack for games, you know that sooner or later those flimsy zippers are going to fall apart. Not going to happen with these zipper warlords having your back 😉 .

Pentagon Philon Collage | AirsoftWarrior.net

Help Others Out

There are a lot of times at a game when a fellow airsofter needs a screwdriver to fix their gun, an extra bottle of water, or some other general purpose item. Quite frequently I have been able to whip out what they need from my backpack. In turn I get to know them a bit better and we have a great time on the field. By keeping your stuff organized, you can help out your team and the other airsofters around you. If you’ve read the blog for any time at all, you’ve come to find that I am a big supporter of doing my part to make the airsoft community a better place and expand it whenever possible. Although it may seem like a small thing, organization can help you do the same and insure that you have a better experience. You can be the person who quickly steps up to help other people out when they need it, if you organize. By doing this, you can grow the community and make airsoft a better experience for everyone.


I want to finish out this post by talking just a bit more about Military 1st and the Pentagon Philon tactical backpack:

In case you couldn’t tell by this post, I really, REALLY like this backpack. It has all the features you need to keep everything together, it’s comfortable, and it is an awesome-looking pack. From the laser cut MOLLE on the back to the well placed hydration pouch that allows you to carry water on the field (it runs the hydration tube through these sweet holes on either side of the shoulders that you can see in the photos below), it is truly a great pack for those of you who want to upgrade your gear and have a better time at every game you go to. It is hard to find a pack that has this quality and can be used for just about anything. For more information, you can see the impressive list of specs on this pack HERE.

Pentagon Philon Hydration Holes | AirsoftWarrior.net
Pentagon Philon Hydration Pouch | AirsoftWarrior.net

As a small note, if there is one thing I would change about the pack, it would be some minor changes to the shoulder strap adjustments. I noticed after a week or two of daily use that the straps loosened up just a bit due to the Velcro and elastic retention loops having trouble keeping them in one place. Nothing that can’t be fixed in a couple of seconds but it is worth noting. Of course, if you are really concerned about it, just slap some duct tape on there and those straps won’t be moving anytime soon.

I also want to say that Military 1st has been fantastic to work with through this process. They are a company that knows how to work with blogs and is actively seeking out bloggers to help spread the news about their awesome products. I just want to finish up by giving them a big shoutout and encouraging all of you to go check out their website HERE when you are searching around for some new gear to upgrade your airsoft kit with. If you guys have any further questions, just leave them in the comments below!


(Special Thanks to Diverse Reflections Photography)


Small Battles, Big Potential


Small Battles. Big Potential. | AirsoftWarrior.net

I was reading through some comments on the blog and I ran across a comment asking if it was possible to have an airsoft war with just a few players.  This got me to thinking about what is possible with just a few players and the lessons I have learned from small battles and backyard skirmishes.  In this post, I want to share some of those moments with you, and hopefully inspire you to take advantage of all the small battles you can have with just a couple of friends over.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

In medieval times, when a knight “threw down the gauntlet” it was a challenge to other knights to fight him for honor and glory. Whoever picked up the gauntlet accepted the challenge, and a one on one battle began.  As ancient as this tradition is, small airsoft battles essentially do the same thing.  They challenge you to fight a single enemy (or two) in combat. They force you to think about that specific player’s airsoft skill, their tactics, and how they think. This personal challenge not only makes you a better player, but it allows you to learn from other players.  Often times the biggest lesson to be learned during a small skirmish is patience and timing.

One battle I was involved in was a simple 2 vs. 2 match in an open field with just a few trees on the edges.  This field was only a few hundred feed wide and a few hundred feet long. The center of the field was filled with waist-high grass. After each team lost a player to shots lobbed across the battlefield, I decided to go into stealth mode and circle for a flank, using just the tiny bit of natural cover available. This battle lasted an entire HOUR!  Yep, that’s right, an HOUR.  Because the enemy player also used stealth and circled the field hunting for me, we each went undetected.  At one point he started patrolling for me and we were less than 5 FEET from each other! In the end, I was able to secure a short burst of BBs on him after he decided to take a more straight forward approach and march through the field looking for me.  Just goes to show that even a small battle, when taken seriously, can teach you a lot about tactics and what you excel at as an airsofter.

Winning One Fight At A Time

Another thing that small battles taught me was focus can make a big difference in how you play. Small battles force you to think before you move or shoot. You have to consider what the result of your actions will be. You learn to fight with precision and focus during the fight at hand, rather than considering what everyone else on your team is up to.

Although one on one battles are not the best way to learn overall battlefield awareness, they do teach you much more about personal awareness. You learn to move with stealth, anticipate enemy moves, and control the in-the-moment-adrenaline. All of these skills make you a better player in large battles and will make you more effective at being a contributing team member.

Defeat Does Not Mean Failure

Nothing in airsoft seems to hurt more than losing to your friends or battle buddies (and believe me, I have lost my fair share of one vs. one games). But, this is a major learning opportunity.

I remember a one vs. one battle that did not go in my favor in any way, shape, or form. I was playing in unfamiliar territory against a stellar airsofter (you can check out Chief’s YouTube channel HERE), and I got pounded…. badly. Every fight seemed to end up with me in a position will zero cover and perfect firing lanes for him. But, I was able to walk away from that battle with a deeper appreciation for terrain knowledge and its effect on a battle. In that way, a loss turned into an amazing “ah-ha” moment for me as an airsofter.


So, the next time you have a few friends over, that the opportunity to do some good airsofting. Even with just a friend of two, you can learn so much about your personal airsofting style and ability, and also get a deeper appreciation for the battle buddies you play with.


Special thanks to Delta Charlie 7 for his comment that sparked the idea for this post. If you have a question about airsoft, or idea for an upcoming post, leave me a comment below!



Airsoft Base Defense


Airsoft Base Defense | AirsoftWarrior.net

One of the most satisfying moments in an airsoft game can be found through defending a well thought-out base. As you lay down suppressive fire on the enemy from a well protected position, you get the feeling of a special sort of superiority that can’t be found in any other situation on the field.

Bases can be constructed or found in many ways, and may not even be thought out ahead of time. I have had many instances where the certain configuration of cover and brush has lent itself to becoming an impromptu defensive base of operations during a game. I have taken advantage of these “natural bases” to give my team the edge on the field.

Sometimes my bases have been more planned out, but this doesn’t mean they were complicated facilities. During a game, I established a hasty base with a battle buddy using just some logs and a ghillie poncho that I had in my pack. Although it wasn’t the most tacticool or best laid out bases I have ever used, it accomplished its purpose to protect and camouflage us while we laid down fire on the enemy team.

(Gear Note: I highly recommend picking up a ghillie poncho if you get the chance. They are way faster to get on and off during a game and can be adapted to provide a temporary source of soft cover for camouflage or to hold gear like a net. Although not as stealthy as a full set of ghillie gear, the price and function is perfect for airsoft!)


Back to the primary purpose of this post, how to defend your base effectively. Below are my main tips for keeping your base as secure as possible and general tactics you should use while defending.


Get a Location with Cover

No matter the size of the base, or the amount of time you have to set it up, focus on finding a location that will give you maximum cover. Even if the base is established, move around it and get an idea of the shooting angles it will provide to both your team and the enemy. If possible, try to get a look at it from the enemy’s perspective. Sometime by simply looking at the outside of the base, you can find weak points to avoid or fortify.

While you are in the base, see if you can add cover or adjust the current cover to provide better defense and shooting angles. Tables, logs, and even brush laying around can all provide adequate cover to keep the BBs out of your base.

Set a Perimeter

Once you are in the base, get an idea for how far you can hit enemies, where they will be coming from, and what kind of defensive positions you have outside the base. By “thinking outside the base” you can find better locations that will provide “mini-bases” to hit the enemy from without letting them walk right up to the main base. By having a few team members in forward positions, they can provide better firepower and surprise the enemy. When the enemy begins to overwhelm them, they can fall back to the main base. This was a very common tactic for German machine gun operators in World War 2. They would slowly fall back from multiple firing positions, maintaining strong firepower and making the Allies fight for every foot of ground.

Know When To Leave

Not every fight can be won. Sometimes you have to give some ground to win the overall game. If your position is about to be overrun, use an escape route (preplanned if possible) to deny the enemy any satisfaction from putting you out of the game. Fall back, regroup, and fight the enemy on your own terms.

The good news is, if you need to recapture the base later, you now have significant knowledge about the base and can use that to make the offensive operation easier. 🙂


All in all, base defense will always be a tricky thing to pull off effectively. However, when done correctly, it is one of the best things in airsoft to experience.  Thank you so much to my faithful reader, Delta 1, for giving me the inspiration for this post through a message on the official Airsoft Warrior Facebook page. If any of you have an idea for a post, please feel free to share it with me either through the comments here on the blog or through any of my Airsoft Warrior social media!


Airsoft Warrior Resolutions 2017


Airsoft Warrior Resolutions 2017 | AirsoftWarrior.net

Here we are. 2017 has arrived and it’s time to start thinking about how we can make this the best year yet. Many of you probably have made some resolutions to improve yourself in the new year. For airsofters, that includes going to more games, training more often, and finding ways to introduce new airsofters to the sport. How will AirsoftWarrior.net become a better airsoft blog in 2017?  I have jotted down some of my thoughts below, but I would love to hear your thoughts on making the blog better in the comments!

Get To More Games

2016 was a bit of a down year in the number of games I was able to attend.  Of course, I love to get out to games, meet new people, and swap BBs with some of the coolest players around.  This new year, I’ll be making the extra effort to get to games and attend more local fields. Keep up with the Airsoft Warrior Facebook page for announcements when I am heading to a field so I can hang out with some of you!

Try out an Airsoft Warrior Live Stream!

I have been tossing around the idea of making a live stream for a long time.  They are a great way to interact with all of you in real time. I think it will be an excellent way to get you the unique tips you need. I am working on putting together one in the near future; and I’ll be posting more info on the live stream as I iron out the details. If you have any questions that you would like to have answered live by me and any guests I have on the stream, be sure to post them in the comments here so I can start putting together a list!

Grow The Airsoft Warrior Facebook Community 

As many of you guys know, I have an Airsoft Warrior Facebook page.  There has been some amazing growth on the page over the past year, and I would like to start supporting that platform in new and interesting ways. Some ideas for what may be seen on the Facebook page in 2017 include Facebook exclusive material (short posts or tips that are only found on the Airsoft Warrior page), live streams, and more posts on news from around the airsoft world!

As always, I will continue to post my highest quality content on the blog and will be answering comments and questions you guys have right here on AirsoftWarrior.net.  I hope that with these resolutions, I’ll be able to give you all better, faster, and more current airsoft advice and news that is more personalized to you!

If you have any ideas to improve these resolutions, be sure to let me know in the comments!  I hope you all have a great 2017!



State of the Warrior 2017


State of the Warrior 2017 | AirsoftWarrior.net

AirsoftWarrior.net is now 3 YEARS old!!! That is an amazing accomplishment that I can only attribute to the support and interactions I have had with all of you guys over these past years.  It has been an amazing journey, and will continue to get even better, as we start this 4th year of posts on AirsoftWarrior.net! To kick off this year’s “State of the Warrior”, where I present an overview of how the blog has thrived in the past year, I will show you some stats that will give you an idea of how the blog has been reaching the airsoft community in 2016:

In 2016:

Numbers of readers totaled 10,274.

Pageviews climbed to 18,544.

The most popular post on AirsoftWarrior.net was Airsoft CQB: Basic Tactics for Buildings.


AirsoftWarrior.net continued to expand in the realm of social media as well, with the Facebook page climbing to over 300 followers. This is an incredible honor that you all have given me in supporting the other platforms I use to share airsoft tips and news on! The YouTube page currently has 77 subscribers and I hope you will join me on there as I release more gameplay footage, airsoft tips, and reviews in 2017.

I want to especially thank everyone that has kept up with the blog through this past year, and continue to provide the valuable support this blog needs to release better content to the airsoft community.  It has been a rough year for me personally, with a variety of things happening in my life, and it has frankly created some gaps in my posting and in the number of airsoft games I have been able to be involved in.  I am already planning to attend some more events this year, and will continue to post on the blog as frequently as possible.  Since I strive to provide quality content, and not just quantity, it does take longer to produce a post than it might otherwise.  I hope that you all are enjoying the content; and as always, any ideas you have for future posts would be greatly appreciated.  Simply post them in the comments, and provide some specific things you would like to see addressed!

In this new year on AirsoftWarrior.net, expect to see more content to make you a better airsofter and ways to help you make the community a better place for every airsoft warrior!

Here’s to a great 2017!



Airsoft Warrior Christmas List 2016


Airsoft Warrior Christmas List | AirsoftWarrior.net
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We are coming up on that time of year again. Time to put up the tree, hang the stockings, and put together an airsoft wish list! This year, I have complied some of my favorite picks from a variety of airsoft gear. Feel free to check them out and add them to your list.  Also, make sure you let me know if there are any specific items you have on your airsoft wish list this year!


Airsoft Guns:

ICS CXP16L Full Metal – I personally own the ICS CXP16S (Sportline). Basically just a shorter version of this CXP16L. I have found mine to be an excellent performer on the field with a great rate of fire. The 16L version features a longer barrel, higher FPS, a full metal body, and a longer rail system for all of those tactical accessories we are convinced we need. 😉

The best part of ICS guns is the unique split gearbox that allows you to easily tech on the gun and change out compression components on the fly. If you do pick up an ICS gun, make sure to grab an extra upper gearbox so you can take full advantage of this truly amazing system!


Elite Force 1911 TAC – I know I have probably told you all about Elite Force pistols before, but I’ll do it again. Elite Force is known for making some of the best airsoft sidearms on the market (and BBs if you haven’t tried them yet). I have seen them in action many a time, and they just seem to work in every way you want a sidearm to. The classic 1911 style is hard to beat, and it will be easy to find accessories and holsters to fit it. Combine that with a realistic blow back system and an “oh-so-operator” two-tone paint job, and you have a pistol that will enhance any load out.





Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade – Airsoft Innovations essentially owned the impact airsoft grenade industry with their top notch Tornado grenade. Earlier this year, they outdid themselves by releasing the Cyclone. The Cyclone still features the impact tech found in the tornado, but in a smaller, easier to manage size.  They also ramped up the FPS for a wider BB spread and better coverage. After using one, it was hard to deny that this could be one of the most valuable items to have in your airsoft kit.

Magpul Original Mag Assist – These may not seem like the most amazing thing to ask for this Christmas season, but being able to reload quicker on the field is one thing every airsofter needs. Magpul is known for making some of the highest quality polymer gear for weapons. These mag assist loops slip onto the bottom of a magazine, and give you a handy way to grab it in the middle of fight. It is important to note that they do not work on all mags, so be sure to check if they’ll work with yours before buying a bunch.


Airsoft Parts:

(Warning: Bit of technical jargon to follow.)

Black Talons Concepts MOSFET – Christmas is the time for dreaming. Why not throw one of the best, most expensive, and almost never in-stock MOSFETS on your wish list? This MOSFET is known throughout the airsoft world as the best of the best. You get more features then a normal human will ever need, the ability to run your airsoft gun off a car battery without damaging it (so much for all the other parts), and increased reliability (you actually don’t even need the cut off lever anymore). And now, the MK. II comes with built in Bluetooth to allow you to adapt the gun at any time to fit your needs! So, throw it on the list and hope that you have been REALLY good this year.

Flat Hop – If you are the tech type (and don’t feel bad if you aren’t), then trying out a flat hop may be a great way to ramp up the performance of your current guns for the new year. A flat hop essentially gives the hop up in your gun more stability and better consistency, which equals more accurate shots and better range. To get started, all you need is a flat hop nub.  I would recommend picking up a new bucking as well (the Prometheus Purple Bucking is recommended for flat hopped guns with an FPS under 400).  Below is a great video on flat hopping from Amped Airsoft:


Well, that will do it for my top picks for this year. There are a ton of other great options out there, so be sure to check around and see what catches your eye. Hope you all have a great Christmas season this year, and don’t forget the real reason for the season!

(Need some more ideas?  Check out my 2015 Christmas list.)



Lone Wolf: Are You Harming Your Team?


Lone Wolf: Are You Harming Your Team? | AirsoftWarrior.net

Before I dive into this post, I want to define who is a “lone wolf” in airsoft?  For the purpose of this post, a lone wolf is a player that prefers to play alone on the field and is isolated from the normal team structure. Lone wolf players can range from those that picture themselves as the uber, lone sniper type seeking a stealth mission thrill, to those that simply find the time alone on the field to be the best way they play airsoft and have fun.  But if you play as a lone wolf, are you hurting your team and being selfish?  Should you be back with your team fighting on the front lines, rather than poking around in the back woods hoping to find an unsuspecting enemy to sneak up on?  Hopefully this post will answer those questions and provide some solutions to make you a better team player during those lone wolf adventures.

I will start by saying that I am a firm believer in players being committed to the team.  Most of the tactics post around the blog focus on how a player can be better involved with a team and complete team missions. I often try to play closely with my team. I include other players by asking them to join me on a push up the field or help me provide cover fire as the rest of the team captures the objective.  But there are times that I prefer to head out and see what I can accomplish all on my lonesome. Below are a few ways that a lone wolf player can still be involved in a team while playing with the airsoft style they enjoy most.


Tell The Team What You Are Doing

I know half the fun of being a lone warrior on the field is being invisible and no one having a clue where you are or what you are doing; but if you want to be a team player you need to communicate what you are doing to the team.  Communication is what teams thrive on.  By giving your battle buddies a heads up that you will be scouting the enemy lines and outflanking them, you end up with a win-win situation. Knowing that you are going to be sneaking behind enemy lines gives your team a moral boost and also keeps them from viewing you as “that guy” just hanging out by himself.

Communicating your plan to the team also prevents friendly fire.  I can’t count how many times I have taken aim on a player, or become very suspicion of what they were up to, before realizing it was a friendly teammate that had pushed too far up the field without me knowing.  Not only does it hurt them if I am forced to engage them as a target, but it also takes my focus off the real threat.  So please, give your team the respect they deserve and let them know you are going lone wolf if possible.


Have A Mission and Return Plan

Going lone wolf for no reason makes zero tactical sense.  Every move should have a mission, otherwise you don’t contribute anything to the team and can’t judge if you are even good at being a lone wolf airsofter.  The best success I have had as a lone wolf player have been when I took the time to decide what my mission was.  A simple goal such as outflanking the enemy team, finding their leader and taking him down, or even defending a key position that is off the path the rest of the team is taking will give you an edge.  If at all possible, align your plan with the overall mission of the scenario and do your part to make the mission a success.

In addition to having a primary mission, you should also consider how you plan to get back to friendly lines and rejoin the team.  Sometimes this issue sorts itself out when you get overwhelmed by attacking operators and are sent back to respawn, but never go into a battle without having at least some idea of how to make it back in one piece.


These are just a couple of ways that a lone wolf player can still be an important part of the team.  By being in communication with the team, everyone will benefit.  On a closing note, it is important to remember that even the best military snipers don’t hunt alone.  Their trusty spotter is right there to back them up and prove the point that two are better than one.