Basic Airsoft Tactics


Airsoft Basic Tactics | Airsoftwarrior.netGood tactics are key to becoming a good airsofter.  Great tactics can make up for the enemy’s greater numbers or better weapons.  A great example of superior tactics winning a battle can be seen in Germany’s invasion of France in 1940.  Germany employed a new tactic, the Blitzkrieg, a combination of fast movement, concentrated tanks, and close air support, to defeat the strong French army in just a few months.  Here are a few tactics that will allow you to up your game and understand what makes a tactic effective.

Stealth is a key factor in good tactics.  Being quiet allows you to sneak into a strong position unnoticed and then hammer down on the confused and vulnerable enemy.  One time I slid quietly along a ravine staying low and avoiding sticks and leaves that would alert the enemy to my position.  I then determined the location of my enemy,  just one unsuspecting sentry focusing on the rest of my team.  I hopped up and hammered down with my automatic.  He never knew what happened until it was too late.  I was then in a good position that the enemy never expected me to be in.  Stealth is key!

Team Coordination is very important to good tactics.  Let your team know what the plan is and what you are going to do and how they can help.  I ask my teammates to lay down covering fire to keep the enemy down while I move up.  Work with the rest of your team and coordinate attacks whenever possible to make everyone more effective in their mission.

Communication can not be stressed enough.  Talk to your team members!  Silence and stealth are important, but there is a time to talk.  Try hanging back in a battle and giving your stealthy teammates information on the enemy’s location and strength so they can be more effective.  Don’t be afraid to call for help if you are in a sticky situation.

I hope these tactics help you advance your game to a new level.  Try to incorporate them as often as you can; and adapt them to your situation or tactic.  Let me know how you incorporated one of the basic tactics, stealth, team coordination, or communication into one of your airsoft battles.


Spring, Electric, or Gas, which is right for you?


Spring, Electric, or Gas | Airsoftwarrior.netWith the large assortment of airsoft weaponry available, it can be confusing even to some experienced airsoft users to determine what firing system they need in a gun.

I have used the three basic types of airsoft firing systems,spring, electric, and gas in my airsoft battles and in my arsenal.  Here is a basic rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Spring guns are known for their reliability. They use the tension of a spring to drive air forward to launch BBs. They are accurate and often higher powered than their counterparts.  Spring guns are single shot and have to be cocked each time after firing; therefore they have a low rate of fire.  Spring guns are cheaper than gas or electric and are often lighter.


Electric guns have a high rate of fire and are often automatic.  Electric guns use a gearbox that rotates using an electric motor to shoot BBs at high rates of fire.  Electric operated guns may have a lower power than their spring or gas conterparts and are often more expensive than spring weapons.  Electric guns also have to be recharged occasionally.


Gas guns are extremely powerful, but they are also the most expensive.  They use compressed gas to blast BBs at high speeds.  They are very accurate and are heavier than most electric and spring guns giving them a realistic feel.  The gas has to be changed out or refilled occasionally for the gun to continue shooting.

I really like my gas powered HK USP made by Umarex.  I whipped it out in a round and made a headshot on a  guy hiding behind a barrier as he popped his head out.  A gas gun’s accuracy can be amazing!

Whichever gun and firing system you choose remember to do your research and, after getting your weapon, to test it and put it through its paces so that you and it can be at maximum efficiency.  What do you think is the best airsoft power system? Spring, Electric, or Gas?


Airsoft Basic Gear List


Basic Airsoft Gear List | Airsoftwarrior.netI go into battle with my gear and trust it to not fail me.  That’s because I wear it, shoot with it, read about it, and learn as much as I can about my gear before I go into combat.  If you expect victory, take the time before the battle to fully understand your gear.  Here is a basic list of what you should bring and wear to an airsoft war.

Basic Airsoft Gear List

Gun:  A rifle, shotgun, and even a pistol will fulfill this need.  You can be effective with any weapon as long as you understand its abilities and how it works.

Light Jacket or Long Sleeve Shirt:  You will need protection for your arms and upper body as this will be the spot the enemy will have the best chance of hitting you.  Get a shirt or jacket with good ventilation so it will wick moisture and keep you dry.

Mask:  A paintball mask is great.  A full face mask will keep your ears and your mouth from damage.  A single bb in the wrong place can ruin your day so opt for maximum protection.

Shoes:  Regular shoes will work in most battles.  Duct tape the laces to keep them from coming untied and to keep dirt and debris from sticking to them.

Pants:  You can use any pants you don’t mind getting ripped and dirty.

Socks:  Hiking socks are a good choice.  They are comfortable enough to wear all day long, they keep dirt out of your shoes, and most are moisture wicking.

Note: Camouflage clothing is recommended for your basic gear loadout .  Blending in with your surroundings is an important strategy in any battle.

Optional Airsoft Gear

Holster/Sling:  Holsters are great for pistols, and a one or two point sling is a very effective carrying system for a shotgun or rifle.  You will get tired carrying a gun through the brush all day long; a holster or sling is the answer.

Tactical Vest:  A vest with lots of pockets and good ventilation is great for carrying extra magazines, water, extra ammo, and more.

Extra Magazines:  Extra Magazines will keep you from having to reload at a critical time in the battle.  It is especially nice to have extra magazines for your pistols because of their lower ammo capacity.

Every soldier owes it to his team to be prepared and starting with the right gear is a great way to show your team you care.  Let me know what other gear you bring to a fight!



The Reason I Airsoft


The Reason I Airsoft |

I immensely enjoy airsoft.  I am able to use tactics that even warriors used thousands of years ago and that are still used today.  I have great times with my band of brothers in my own backyard.  So what is airsoft and why should you do it?

Airsoft is a military/combat simulation that involves weapons called airsoft guns.  Airsoft guns fire small plastic BBs at non-lethal speed under the power of electricity, springs, and/or compressed gas.

My top reasons to airsoft:

It’s realistic:  Airsoft gives you a combat style battle with all the tactics , gun styles, and strategies that you experience in real combat.

It’s inexpensive:  Guns start at less than $10, allowing you to battle on a budget.

It’s cool:  Using airsoft guns allows you to fire M16s, AKs, and other classic gun styles, some are even fully automatic.

It’s social:  Getting together with friends is a great way to play airsoft; and anyone can get in on the action.

It’s historic:  Airsoft allows you to recreate battles from history, using the same tactics, and you are able experience a taste of what it is like to be in combat and under fire.

Airsoft is an excellent sport that is both fun and purposeful.  Experience it for yourself!  Let me know why you airsoft!

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