Recognizing a Good Airsoft Leader


Recognizing A Good Airsoft Leader |
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Airsoft is a team game.  Due to the nature of airsoft, airsofters often end up on a team with a wide variety of players with different levels of experience, tactical and field knowledge, and leadership skills.  You may end up on a team of 10 players where nobody has ever played at the field before and is trying airsoft for the first time.  On the other extreme, you may get mixed in with a team where everyone thinks they are SEAL Team 6 material and their sole mission is to beat the other team into the ground.

No matter what kind of team you end up on, often there is a dominant leader that other players on the team look up to for directions and guidance before the game begins.  Sometimes a leader rises through having played at the specific field more than anyone else or having more tactical knowledge.  Sometimes a leader comes to power by having a lot of good friends on the team or knowing how to find the best spots on the field to hold down the enemy offensive.  No matter how a leader is chosen, the amount of success you have on the field and the fun you have while you’re there, is often determined by how well a leader is able to do their job.  Here are some questions that you can ask to determine if the leader at your next airsoft event is good at what they do, as well as pick up some good tips for the next time you command a team!


Is The Leader There To Have Fun?

This is the biggest question to ask when deciding if someone is a good airsoft leader.  Airsoft is a game, not a talent and gear show.  It isn’t about decimating the enemy team all day long, having the highest kill streak, or laughing at the enemy team while they get mowed down by a bunch of over-serious players.  Airsoft at its core is about FUN!!!  A good airsoft leader will be willing to have fun no matter how the game is going.  Usually they will crack a few jokes when things are going rough, as well as be the first to congratulate a player when they push the objective and secure a win.  If the team isn’t having fun, or at least having a good laugh now and then, it is a clear sign that the leader is being too serious or isn’t doing enough to keep up team moral.


Is The Leader Including Everyone?

A clear sign of a good leader is the ability to get everyone involved in the game.  No matter the experience level or amount of gear someone owns, everyone and anyone can play airsoft and be a part of a team.  Every player needs to be included in the execution of a mission, and also the planning of that mission if possible.  Granted there are always a few players that don’t have a team mentality when playing airsoft (you know “that guy” on the field).  Don’t expect a leader to get those kinds of players involved every round, but they should at least be making an effort to keep the team working together.

(Interested in getting new or young players involved during a game? Than THIS post is for you!)

Is The Leader Knowledgable And Able To Communicate Well?

This is an excellent question to ask about a leader after seeing them command for a few rounds of a game.  A knowledgeable leader will be able to identify issues in the team’s gameplay and strategy and be able to communicate his plan for fixing those issues in upcoming battles.  The good leader will also be able to find the spots on a field that are the best to defend at, as well as the best places to attack from.  Being a knowledgable leader with good communication skills doesn’t mean that they are a walking dictionary of tactics, or are able to shout out orders like a Drill Sergeant.  A real leader will have the common sense to make decisions and get their point across to everyone quickly and clearly before and during a battle.

(If you want to learn more about good communication in airsoft, check out “The 3 E’s of Communication”.  If you are needing some good radios to help enhance communication on the field, HERE is the pair I use on the field.)


These are some great guidelines to use to improve your own leadership skills in airsoft.  Use these questions during a game to discover what other leaders do well, or struggle with.  Armed with the knowledge these questions will provide,  you can become a stronger leader and command the field in a way that keeps airsoft fun and exciting for every player!




AirRattle Moving Sale |

If you guys have been on the blog for long, you know I really like AirRattle because they have some of the best deals and shipping I’ve found in the airsoft industry.  As you can tell by the title, AirRattle is dropping prices even further during their moving sale! Make sure you head over there soon to check out some of the deals, but in the meantime, you can see some of the best ones I found below!


VTAC Half Finger Gloves:  If you need a new set of hand protection, AirRattle has got you covered with these half finger gloves selling for just $2.00 right now! They are also offering full finger VTAC gloves for the same price right now.  Both are available in limited sizes and color options, so make sure to search around on their site so you can get the right size and style for you. Not sure why you would need a pair of half finger gloves?  Then check out my Airsoft Gloves: Your Options post.

KWA 1911 Mark II PTP: Do you want rails, blowback, green gas operation, realistic controls, awesome trademarks, and a great price?  Then you have come to the right sale.  You can pick up one of these BB slingers for under $100 right now!  If you have ever looked into buying a quality green gas pistol before, you know that is a deal that is hard to beat, especially for the quality and performance of KWA products.

Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade:  This new version of the popular Tornado grenade has a ton of new features, and now, a very new price.  For just $30, you can have one of the best airsoft grenades for clearing rooms and looking cool.  While you are picking up one of those, make sure to grab a $5 propane adapter kit so you have tons of cheap green gas!


As the website says, once their stock is gone, so are the deals.  Hope you all can snag some awesome new gear during this rare sale!


Airsoft Gloves: Your Options


Airsoft Gloves: Your Options |

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If you spend some time on an airsoft field, you’ll quickly realize that every airsofter has an opinion on what kind of gear to wear.  Some airsofters have a one-kit-fits-all approach and do amazing.  Others buy individual gear to best match every environment they play in.  With all the plate carriers, combat belts, bump helmets, and knee pads, a somewhat overlooked piece of gear is the humble glove.  In this post, let’s take a look at what options airsoft players have in the realm of hand protection and which option is best for you!


Airsofters have essentially 3 options when it comes to hand protection, no protection, half finger gloves, and full finger gloves.


No Protection:

One of the best things about not having gloves on at a game, is the freedom of movement and maximum dexterity you keep.  You can easily manipulate the trigger, switch the fire selector, and grab out gear from pouches.

Obviously, not wearing gloves leaves you open to receiving a dreaded “knuckle shot” as well as getting splinters and cuts.  No hand protection is not a good idea if you are attending a field or playing in an environment that may have hazards in it.  Only ditch the gloves if you’re doing target practice or the like (but why would you if you have sweet pair?!).


Half Finger Gloves:

I use half finger gloves a lot on the field.  They give you a good level of protection, while still allowing you to access gear and maintain a high level of dexterity.

The pair I use is by Lancer Tactical.  THESE of gloves are dirt cheap (I got them under $5) and have lasted me around a year and a half (I just started to get a hole in one of them).  Are they the “best” out there?  Probably not.  But they do the job really well and give you the extra protection you need to get your job done on the field.  Just goes to show that good deals can be had on great gear.

One thing to note is that this style of glove does leave you open to some shots on the hand, especially depending on how you hold/grip your weapon.  Personally, I’ve had minimal issues with getting hit in the hand while wearing them.  Having a basic first aid kit with band-aids in it will be plenty to take care fixing up any shots your hands take.


Full Finger Gloves:

This style of glove will give you maximum protection during games.  They are also the choice of many MilSim airsoft players because of the environments they play in.

Full Finger gloves can get expensive depending on what type, style, and color you choose.  One of the popular options among airsofters is Mechanix brand.  You can get THIS basic pair of Mechanix for under $20.  Other options in the Mechanix line include the Fast Fit and Tactical M-Pact.  Most styles come in a variety of colors and camouflage options to fit your load out.  I would highly recommend trying on a few pairs at a local store to see what size and variation fits you best.

Before you head the Mechanix route, make sure to do some research into other brands.  For example, 5.11 makes a pair of tactical gloves with a special finger tip construction that claims to increase dexterity (a major issue with some full finger gloves).  Although, most unique features come at an increased price.


If you enjoyed this post, make sure to let me know in the comments, and subscribe to get updates from The Airsoft Warrior.  Be sure to let me know what style of glove you prefer in the comments or on The Airsoft Warrior Facebook page.


Airsoft Discoveries: Camera Edition


Airsoft Discoveries Camera Edition |

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After searching around the action camera market for some gun cameras that won’t break the bank, I am now prepared to compile some of my findings into an edition of Airsoft Discoveries.  Here are three of the best options I found for filming all those sweet kills on the field!



ATN Trak HD Action Gun Camera:

This little action camera could be a great option for airsofters who want to film their airsoft kills, but don’t like the wide, zoomed out footage that standard action cameras provide.  It delivers 1080p full HD video with 5X magnification for getting every detail of those long-range sniping missions.  Unlike a lot of action cameras out there, it already has the mounting hardware for standard gun rails so you can start rocking it right out of the box.  The Trak is powered by a single CR123A battery and accepts up to a 32GB micro SD card (HERE are the ones I use in my action camera), which will get you a maximum of 420 minutes of recording.  Retail is just over $100.

Here are links to the official ATN product page and the Trak HD Users Guide (PDF) if you want a bit more information on the specifications.  You can also purchase it with a built-in laser if you’re in need of one, although I don’t recommend them for airsoft due to safety factors.




I.C.U. 2.0:

Another camera option for airsofters is the I.C.U. 2.0 from Plan Beta.  Although it can also be mounted to a gun rail right out of the box, it differs from the ATN Trak by offering a smaller package for easy mounting to sidearms, and an integrated pressure switch to make getting the camera running a lot easier in the field.  The 2.0 version has several advantages over the 1.0, including an upgrade to 720p HD video and a 5.0 Megapixel picture mode with burst function for capturing selfies on the field.  Retail for the 2.0 is $80 with the 1.0 version selling for about $40.

Here is a great video from RedWolf Airsoft showing the I.C.U. 2.0 in action-


Mobius Action Camera:

The Mobius is another option for airsofters who are looking for an under $100 action camera (in this case $90) to film games.  It is advertised to film for 4.5 hours on a 32 GB micro SD card although some 128 GB cards may work!  One of the great things about the Mobius platform is the ability to customize the lens to fit what you’re filming on the field, although this may require a bit of modification and refocusing.  BrainExploder offers 3D printed mounts for making the Mobius easy to mount to rails or for dual mounting the cameras inside of a custom PEQ box.

As with a lot of cameras less than $100, there are a ton of knockoffs that don’t perform nearly as well as the real deal.  With that in mind, it may be best to purchase the Mobius from the official website HERE.  You can also check out the Mobius camera FAQ HERE.


Below is a video from BrainExploder about his Mobius PEQ box-


This is just a small idea of all of the action camera options out there.  For example, the SJ4000 is a great action camera for under $100, with tons of mounting options, and great video quality.  You can see my full SJ4000 review in this post.


What Makes An Airsoft Field Great?


What Makes An Airsoft Field Great |

When I visit fields, I can quickly tell whether my experience is going to be a great one or one of those “well, that was fun, but not the best” kind of experiences.  Here are a few criteria I use to define a great field and would like to see all fields implement.  As always, be sure to leave a comment with your opinion on what you look for in a great field!

Amazing Staff:

Staff really do make or break a field.  If the staff is knowledgable about the field, is up-to-date on various airsoft weaponry, and understand tactics that work well, players tend to respect them and gameplay is better as a result.  Staff that understand the scenarios that are being played, enforce the rules on everyone, and don’t play favorites, just make my day.  On the flip side, staff that don’t interact with me and make me feel welcome, stand by when players need help, or fail to explain rules or missions well, just put a damper on the game for everyone.


Easy Staging and Good Timing:

I really enjoy a field that has a comfortable, or at least well laid out, staging area.  Enough tables, some seating, room to move around, and easy access to bathrooms and water, make getting reset after a hardcore round of airsoft way faster.  A couple of community/info boards are nice for both helping out local airsoft groups and making players more informed about airsoft in their area.

Another key feature of a great field is a well thought out time table for games and staging.  If games drag on and players aren’t having fun, or if staging takes 10 times longer than it needs to, I start to wonder if I’ll be coming back to that field again.  Games and staging need to be focused.

This doesn’t mean that adding a bit of unexpected elements into a game is a bad thing.  I enjoy it when the staff insert an extra challenge or switch up the scenario to something the players really want to do.  But, does anyone really need 20 minutes to reload 3 mags….. really?….


Good Rules and Gameplay:

Even if you have the best staff in the world, a staging area that looks like the Ritz, and a time table strict enough for a SEAL team, if the gameplay doesn’t meet that standard, then people won’t be coming back.

Some field rules don’t work well unless implemented properly and enforced (like safety kills).  Refs need to be patrolling the field without being intrusive to the gameplay.  It is also essential to have a Ref at each respawn point to make sure that players are following the rules.

(To see my thoughts on why safety kills aren’t all that safe, check out my post HERE)

Plenty of scenarios that are unique to the field make gameplay a ton of fun.  If a field tailors classic scenarios (like TDM and Capture the Flag) to the field design itself, players are able to enjoy coming up with tactics that work for that field.  For example, if “Capture the Flag” is the scenario and the field’s design caters to teams that rush to the frontline, Refs should put the flags in positions that rely on a strong defense to protect (like out in the open, or in an area that has little protection).  This way, each team has to be strategic on how they position players and distribute their force if they hope to capture the other team’s flag and keep their own.


I hope you got some ideas of what makes a field great and how you can improve even backyard games.  Feel free to provide some input and mention a field that you really enjoy playing at here in the comments or on the Airsoft Warrior Facebook page.


Change of Mind: The Airsoft Warrior’s Opinion


Change of Mind: The Airsoft Warrior's Opinion |
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As I learn more about airsoft, research, talk to players, and test new gear, I find that my opinion occasionally changes on what I prefer to play with or how I like to airsoft.  Some of the things I think are useless pieces of gear, designed to suck money from players, may suddenly become a functional item that I enjoy using.  I try to never express a negative (or overly positive) opinion on gear, tactics, or events that I mention on the blog until I have a chance to do some through testing to decide whether I think it would benefit you guys and work for me.  Here are a few examples of gear that I have changed my mind on over the years to demonsrate this point-


Mid Cap Magazines

When I first started airsofting, I was an avid high cap mag user.  After all, it was the only one that came with my AEG and it got the job done.  Later I heard about these new fangled things (even though they weren’t so new of things 😉 ) called mid caps.  I considered mid caps (short for mid capacity magazines) to be for the elitists of the airsoft community that played in those events called MilSim.  I never though I would be able to understand the concept of carrying 2 or 3 magazines extra when I could carry one high cap and get the job done.


After playing with high caps for an extended amount of time, I began to get tired of winding the wheel on the bottom, not knowing for sure if the mag was empty, and rattling around the field like a one man band.  I decided to give mid caps a try when I purchased my SR7 and picked up some K120 magazines.  After using them for several months, I came to appreciate the better quality, zero winding, and reduced noise that came from using them.  Although mid caps due require a bit more care, and a longer loading time if you don’t have one of the advanced speed loaders, my personal opinion is that they are worth the effort if you desire increased realism, less fiddling with the mag itself on the field, and like to practice your epic reload skills. 😉

If you want more of my opinions on mid caps, check out THIS post.

Note: I have yet to get in some testing with “flash mags” (a high cap with a rip cord that reduces winding time).  I’ll be sure to let you guys know my opinion of them once I do!


0.25g BBs

Earlier on in my airsoft career, I wasn’t sure I needed any other BBs than the standard 0.20g variety you find at your local sporting goods store.  I also didn’t buy the whole “BBs are bad unless you buy them from a real store” plug.


After doing some more research into BB weights, and not wanting to void the warranty on a new gun I was purchasing by using the “bad BBs”, I decided to pick up some Lancer Tactical Bio degradable 0.20g and 0.25g BBs.

Although I have never personally had BBs from a sporting goods store wreck one of my guns yet, I am liking the extra peace of mind and improved effective range I am getting from my BBs now.  I would recommend getting some quality BBs the next time you order, especially if you’re picking up a new piece of weaponry and want to keep that warranty intact.

If you want to know more about what 0.25g BBs can do for you, check out THIS post.

If you need to know what BB weight you should get for your gun, check out THIS post.


These are just a couple of ways that my opinions have change on different elements of airsoft as I’ve gained more knowledge of the sport, had a chance to try new things, and read your comments on the blog.  Don’t let your personal opinion influence other players or even prevent you from trying new things if you haven’t done the necessary research to back them up.  Let me know what airsoft opinions you have change your mind about in the comments! Also, feel free to ask other airsoft related questions and use the search box on the sidebar to find more posts about airsoft!




How To Go From Backyard Airsoft To Field Games


How To Go From Backyard Airsoft To Field Games |

One of the places many airsofters first get to experience a game is in a backyard.  A couple of spring pistol battles later and their hooked.  After awhile, they want to expand beyond those small battles on the lawn and check out what the rest of the airsoft world has to offer, namely dedicated airsoft field games!  But the transition from the casual backyard games to the highly competitive and structured field scenarios can be a harsh one.  If you want to learn more about how to make this transition better and help other players too, you’ve come to the right place!

(Note:  Backyard games must be safe and comply with local laws at all times.  Be sure to do your research and require full seal eye protection as well as proper face protection at all the game you host or play in.  The backyard is not a time to slack off or stop using common sense.  Respect your neighbors and notify them if you plan on playing.  If you think you shouldn’t play, DON’T!  The airsoft community thanks you for keeping the sport honorable and safer for everyone.)


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

The biggest thing to remember when you’re going to your first field game is to be prepared (in case the title of this section didn’t get your attention).  Preparedness requires that you hone your skills on more than just the tactical level (although you’ll want to spend a lot of time on that too!).

The first way you can prepare for a field game is mentally.  Understand that field games aren’t really like a backyard game.  There will be a lot of people you don’t know and they will all have a different style of airsoft.  Some of them will have a lot more experience and understand how to “play” the field better.  Don’t let that concern you.  You just have to mentally accept the fact that not everything is going to go right and you may be sitting in respawn a bit more than usual for the first few rounds.

Research is another valuable tool to use when you are preparing.  Look up the rules of the field and the layout if possible.  Use a program like Google Earth to see a satellite view of an outdoor field, or ask players that have visited the field before to give you some tips or draw a simple map.  If you understand the dynamics of the field, you can prepare for the most likely scenarios that will occur.


Train for the Field

If you have prepared properly and understand as much as possible about the field itself, then you should take some time to implement that knowledge.  Go out and practice running scenarios specifically for the field.  Implement proper tactics and shooting principles to enhance your skills.  The muscle memory you build, and your better understanding of tactics, will boost your confidence when you show up at the field.

Here are some training ideas:

  • Watch videos from the field and analyze the tactics used.
  • Practice the different shooting positions (standing, kneeling, prone, etc.).  Both supported and unsupported.
  • Have a backyard game and try out some squad tactics.
  • Practice using different communication skills to relay battle information.



Proper gear is a vital to making the transition from backyard to field games easier.  Make sure you have the basic gear you need for the field you are visiting (right BB weight and number of BBs, batteries, hydration, kill rags, eye and face protection, etc.).  Don’t worry about having the best gear or most tacticool load out.  This is your first field game.  Just bring what you NEED and use the game to learn what you WANT in the future.

HERE is a link to my Basic Gear List to give you some ideas of what you may need to bring to your first field game.  Check the field’s website or give them a call if you want further information on recommended gear.


Extra Tips:

Here are a few ways to make your field experience better:

  • Arrive earlier than you think you need to if possible.  You’ll have more time to set up your gear and get settled in.
  • Fill out your field safety waiver before hand (most fields post them on their website).
  • Organize your gear and know where everything is so you can find it quickly in between games.
  • Bring a small repair kit or tool box for minor fixes on both guns and gear.
  • Remind yourself that you are there to have FUN!


Thank you for reading this post.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I would be happy to answer them.  Also, let me know any tips you have for making backyard to field game transitions better!




Airsoft Tactics: Speed verses Strength


Speed verses Strength |

Sometimes to understand the purpose and usage of advanced tactics, you have to go back to the mentality behind them.  Most tactics, on the very basic level, emphasize either speed or strength to accomplish their purpose and be effective on the battlefield.  In this post, I’ll show you a couple of real in-game scenarios that demonstrate this:


Scenario 1: Rushing The Flag

A common scenario I play at fields is “Domination”.  This scenario requires you to capture an objective and hold it for a period of time.  In one Domination round, my team decided to make a rush at the very beginning of the game and capture the objective before the enemy team could react.  Making a unified attack  and not worrying about securing other positions or protecting out flanks, we were able to overwhelm the enemy operators and win the game almost right off the bat.  By using speed tactics, we were much more effective then if we had taken a strength based approach.


Scenario 2: Flank and Protect

In a large outdoor game I was involved in, a similar “Domination” scenario to the one above was presented.  Some of our team was able to execute a small rush up the field at the beginning of the game; but I quickly realized that the enemy team’s snipers would make any further attempts costly and prone to failure.  I took the time to transition to a flank, set up shop in a protected position, and proceeded to eliminate multiple players approaching on that flank.  By the time the enemy team had gathered enough manpower to stop the slaughter, the game was essentially over, and our team claimed victory!  Strength based tactics, like outflanking and defending, made me more effective and served my team better than if I had continued to rush up the field.



When To Use Speed or Strength in an Airsoft Game?

Now that you have seen how speed verses strength (or vise versa) looks in a gameplay situation, here are some criteria to help you analyze which is better in a given situation.



  • Aggressive Offensive: Speed tactics, like rushing, are great for a fast pace offense!
  • Playing at a Smaller Field: You don’t need to spend a lot of time planning or outflanking, so take advantage of speed!
  • More Players with Fast Respawn:  Speed based operations can have high casualties. But, if you can keep the momentum of the operation going even if you lose a lot of team members, go for speed!


  • Solid Defense:  Take strong tactics, like base of fire and proper use of cover, to enhance defensive operations.
  • Need To Hold Key Points:  Use strength based tactics to keep objectives and hold strong points.
  • Better Planning:  If you have time to plan, use strength tactics to take advantage of that extra time and increase the tactics level of your op.
  • You Have Great Teamwork: Strength tactics work best with numbers and teamwork.  If you have good players that work well together, implement strength tactics to get the most out of your game.


I hope this post has given you a better understanding of how tactics work and when to use them.  If you have any questions or thoughts on speed verses strength, be sure to leave them in the comments!


Run Back To Respawn


Run Back To Respawn |

It’s a well known fact that no one likes to head back to respawn.  Depending on the field, you may have to wait in respawn for several minutes before being able to get back in the game.  Even though it’s just respawn, you should still look at it as an opportunity to implement some tactics.  While I don’t like going to respawn, I’ve always preferred to run back to it instead of walk.  I hope that this post encourages you to do the same.


Here are some reasons to “run to respawn”:


You Decrease Total “Out of Game” Time

I go to airsoft fields to airsoft (as I hope most everyone does).  When I’m playing, I want to get the maximum amount of time in the actual game as I can.  Depending on the field rules, you can get back in a game right after you reach respawn (which adds an even bigger tactical advantage to your team when you get to respawn faster than the enemy team does).  Running to respawn just makes sense.

But you might say “My field doesn’t have that rule.  All I do is stand in respawn for 5 minutes when I get there”.  Running back to respawn still makes sense because the second you get to respawn the countdown begins, meaning you’ll still get back in sooner than if you’d walked.


You’re More Tactical

Some fields require a set number of players to be in respawn before they can leave.  This creates a “wave” of players reentering the game.  If you run back to respawn you can get to that respawn limit faster and get players back in the game.  If your whole team ran back to respawn when they got hit, the enemy team would have almost zero reaction time to move up the field before the “new” players came back into the game!

This can give you a giant tactical advantage over the enemy team and keep the momentum rolling during a game.  Since momentum is vital to winning any airsoft game,  don’t let respawn slow you down.


Everyone Has More Fun

The more time you’re in-game, the better experience you’re going to have.  The more time your team is winning because of tactical players, the better time everyone has.  Look at respawn as less of a “rest time” and more of a time to collect your thoughts and gather the troops.


I hope this post encourages you to “run to respawn”.  Make every second count during a game; and remember to keep the enemy team WALKING to respawn! 😉



Airsoft Discoveries: SHOT SHOW 2016 Edition


Airsoft Discoveries: SHOT SHOW 2016 Edition |

With another SHOT SHOW completed, it’s time for the general public to find out about all the cool, new gear and weapons being released in the near future!  In this edition of “Airsoft Discoveries”, I’ll show you some of the best airsoft videos and gear I found from SHOT SHOW 2016!  Please feel free to share your favorite releases in the comments!


Skyway Airsoft Bomb Prop

The Spain based Skyways Airsoft (you can see their website HERE) brought a lot of cool innovations to SHOT SHOW this year.  Among the most interesting were a motion detector Claymore with an authentic trigger system, a series of new airsoft grenade systems (my personal favorite was the sound grenade with an optional “Bouncy Betty” mod!), and of course a new airsoft bomb prop for MilSim!  With an accelerometer, control panel with remote detonation via mobile devices, ability to activate a fog machine, and intense detonation sequence, this is bound to be one of the best and most adrenaline pumping replicas on the market!

Here is a video of it from


Krytac/KRISS Vector SMG!

Yes, that’s right.  The beloved Vector SMG will be available in the near future from Krytac (a KRISS owned airsoft company).  This new AEG version of the popular weapon is still in the prototype stage, with the planned release being around the end of the year.

Here’s a video from the Airsoftdb channel including a demo firing test-

Krytac also announced their “Alpha” line of AEGs.  This appears to be composed of “sport line” weaponry aimed at airsofters that don’t want to spend $300 for a “competition grade” Krytac but still want the Krytac brand.  Main changes from the competition line include a new rail system (not Keymod) and some “downgraded” internals (likely reducing FPS).  I’ll share a test video with you guys when the Alpha line hits the market.


Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade

The Cyclone grenade looks like it will be a great addition to the Airsoft Innovations line of grenades.  All BBs now fire at a consistent, and higher FPS (rather than the quite variable FPS the Tornado line had).  It also adds a spoon system to prevent accidental detonations, and they have simplified the reloading process to make it easier to do in-game.  HERE is a link to’s product page which includes a description of the Cyclone.

You can also check out this SHOT SHOW video from Airsoft Atlanta for more information on the Cyclone and some tips on how to make it even more effective!-

Let the Airsoft Warrior community know about your favorite airsoft discoveries from SHOT SHOW 2016 in the comments.  Also, since this post barely scratches the surface of all the awesome new products announced at SHOT SHOW, do yourself a favor and search around for more release videos!