AirRattle Moving Sale |

If you guys have been on the blog for long, you know I really like AirRattle because they have some of the best deals and shipping I’ve found in the airsoft industry.  As you can tell by the title, AirRattle is dropping prices even further during their moving sale! Make sure you head over there soon to check out some of the deals, but in the meantime, you can see some of the best ones I found below!


VTAC Half Finger Gloves:  If you need a new set of hand protection, AirRattle has got you covered with these half finger gloves selling for just $2.00 right now! They are also offering full finger VTAC gloves for the same price right now.  Both are available in limited sizes and color options, so make sure to search around on their site so you can get the right size and style for you. Not sure why you would need a pair of half finger gloves?  Then check out my Airsoft Gloves: Your Options post.

KWA 1911 Mark II PTP: Do you want rails, blowback, green gas operation, realistic controls, awesome trademarks, and a great price?  Then you have come to the right sale.  You can pick up one of these BB slingers for under $100 right now!  If you have ever looked into buying a quality green gas pistol before, you know that is a deal that is hard to beat, especially for the quality and performance of KWA products.

Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Impact Grenade:  This new version of the popular Tornado grenade has a ton of new features, and now, a very new price.  For just $30, you can have one of the best airsoft grenades for clearing rooms and looking cool.  While you are picking up one of those, make sure to grab a $5 propane adapter kit so you have tons of cheap green gas!


As the website says, once their stock is gone, so are the deals.  Hope you all can snag some awesome new gear during this rare sale!


Airsoft Discoveries: Camera Edition


Airsoft Discoveries Camera Edition |

(affiliate links included)

After searching around the action camera market for some gun cameras that won’t break the bank, I am now prepared to compile some of my findings into an edition of Airsoft Discoveries.  Here are three of the best options I found for filming all those sweet kills on the field!



ATN Trak HD Action Gun Camera:

This little action camera could be a great option for airsofters who want to film their airsoft kills, but don’t like the wide, zoomed out footage that standard action cameras provide.  It delivers 1080p full HD video with 5X magnification for getting every detail of those long-range sniping missions.  Unlike a lot of action cameras out there, it already has the mounting hardware for standard gun rails so you can start rocking it right out of the box.  The Trak is powered by a single CR123A battery and accepts up to a 32GB micro SD card (HERE are the ones I use in my action camera), which will get you a maximum of 420 minutes of recording.  Retail is just over $100.

Here are links to the official ATN product page and the Trak HD Users Guide (PDF) if you want a bit more information on the specifications.  You can also purchase it with a built-in laser if you’re in need of one, although I don’t recommend them for airsoft due to safety factors.




I.C.U. 2.0:

Another camera option for airsofters is the I.C.U. 2.0 from Plan Beta.  Although it can also be mounted to a gun rail right out of the box, it differs from the ATN Trak by offering a smaller package for easy mounting to sidearms, and an integrated pressure switch to make getting the camera running a lot easier in the field.  The 2.0 version has several advantages over the 1.0, including an upgrade to 720p HD video and a 5.0 Megapixel picture mode with burst function for capturing selfies on the field.  Retail for the 2.0 is $80 with the 1.0 version selling for about $40.

Here is a great video from RedWolf Airsoft showing the I.C.U. 2.0 in action-


Mobius Action Camera:

The Mobius is another option for airsofters who are looking for an under $100 action camera (in this case $90) to film games.  It is advertised to film for 4.5 hours on a 32 GB micro SD card although some 128 GB cards may work!  One of the great things about the Mobius platform is the ability to customize the lens to fit what you’re filming on the field, although this may require a bit of modification and refocusing.  BrainExploder offers 3D printed mounts for making the Mobius easy to mount to rails or for dual mounting the cameras inside of a custom PEQ box.

As with a lot of cameras less than $100, there are a ton of knockoffs that don’t perform nearly as well as the real deal.  With that in mind, it may be best to purchase the Mobius from the official website HERE.  You can also check out the Mobius camera FAQ HERE.


Below is a video from BrainExploder about his Mobius PEQ box-


This is just a small idea of all of the action camera options out there.  For example, the SJ4000 is a great action camera for under $100, with tons of mounting options, and great video quality.  You can see my full SJ4000 review in this post.


Airsoft Discoveries: SHOT SHOW 2016 Edition


Airsoft Discoveries: SHOT SHOW 2016 Edition |

With another SHOT SHOW completed, it’s time for the general public to find out about all the cool, new gear and weapons being released in the near future!  In this edition of “Airsoft Discoveries”, I’ll show you some of the best airsoft videos and gear I found from SHOT SHOW 2016!  Please feel free to share your favorite releases in the comments!


Skyway Airsoft Bomb Prop

The Spain based Skyways Airsoft (you can see their website HERE) brought a lot of cool innovations to SHOT SHOW this year.  Among the most interesting were a motion detector Claymore with an authentic trigger system, a series of new airsoft grenade systems (my personal favorite was the sound grenade with an optional “Bouncy Betty” mod!), and of course a new airsoft bomb prop for MilSim!  With an accelerometer, control panel with remote detonation via mobile devices, ability to activate a fog machine, and intense detonation sequence, this is bound to be one of the best and most adrenaline pumping replicas on the market!

Here is a video of it from


Krytac/KRISS Vector SMG!

Yes, that’s right.  The beloved Vector SMG will be available in the near future from Krytac (a KRISS owned airsoft company).  This new AEG version of the popular weapon is still in the prototype stage, with the planned release being around the end of the year.

Here’s a video from the Airsoftdb channel including a demo firing test-

Krytac also announced their “Alpha” line of AEGs.  This appears to be composed of “sport line” weaponry aimed at airsofters that don’t want to spend $300 for a “competition grade” Krytac but still want the Krytac brand.  Main changes from the competition line include a new rail system (not Keymod) and some “downgraded” internals (likely reducing FPS).  I’ll share a test video with you guys when the Alpha line hits the market.


Airsoft Innovations Cyclone Grenade

The Cyclone grenade looks like it will be a great addition to the Airsoft Innovations line of grenades.  All BBs now fire at a consistent, and higher FPS (rather than the quite variable FPS the Tornado line had).  It also adds a spoon system to prevent accidental detonations, and they have simplified the reloading process to make it easier to do in-game.  HERE is a link to’s product page which includes a description of the Cyclone.

You can also check out this SHOT SHOW video from Airsoft Atlanta for more information on the Cyclone and some tips on how to make it even more effective!-

Let the Airsoft Warrior community know about your favorite airsoft discoveries from SHOT SHOW 2016 in the comments.  Also, since this post barely scratches the surface of all the awesome new products announced at SHOT SHOW, do yourself a favor and search around for more release videos!



Airsoft Discoveries: December 2015


Airsoft Discoveries: December 2015 |
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This is The Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries”, where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month to help you discover new things!  Here’s what I found this past December!



Element Comtac II Style Headset – These headsets are a working replica of the real Comtac II headsets that retail for over $600!  They have built-in noise canceling, you can buy the adapter to attach them to FAST Helmets, and they work with various Push To Talk (PTT) units to meet your tactical communication needs.  If you want to avoid the hassle of finding a suitable PTT unit for them, they’re often offered in a packaged deal.  HERE is the packaged deal for Motorola 1 pin radios.  If you want more information on this headset, I found THIS video review to be helpful.



Elite Force Race Gun–  This pistol from Elite Force is designed for competition shooting.  Spring assist magazine ejection for faster reloading, enhanced trigger, half slide for less recoil, and swappable, adjustable rear sights (including a fiber optic one) make this an awesome and accurate airsoft pistol for the airsofter who demands accuracy and function from their sidearms.  The current price is $129.99 at the Airsoft ‘R Us Tactical online store, which is plenty reasonable for a tuned up pistol.


B.O.S.S. (Ballistic Ordinance Sound System)–  This unit developed by B.L. Tech looks like an M203 grenade launcher.  It turns your airsoft gun into a much more realistic weapon by creating a gunshot-like sound using propane gas.  A microchip regulates the B.O.S.S. system to match your specific weapon’s rate of fire (and can also be adjusted manually).  The extra immersion factor of this system will appeal especially to MilSim players or airsofters who want to use their airsoft guns for training purposes.  Proposed price is $600, so start saving!  Here’s a video from Spartan117GW to give you a taste of what this thing can do!



Airsoft Discoveries: November 2015


Airsoft Discoveries: November 2015 |

This is The Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries”, where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month to help you discover new things!  Here’s what I found this past November!



Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder Speedloader Release! – I reviewed the M12 prototype a few months ago.  This great speedloader by Odin Innovations allows you to fully load mid caps in a fraction of the time traditional speedloaders take!  I loaded a 120 round KWA K120 mid cap in 5.4 SECONDS!  Another bonus is that it fits in a double stack M4 magazine pouch for easy transport on the field!  No more excuses for those of you who use high caps because they’re “easier”! 😉



Popular Airsoft 6th Player’s Choice Awards – It’s time to nominate the best airsoft gear, guns, and websites!  Nominations will be accepted till December 30th.  Be sure to fill in the “Best Airsoft Blog” section! 😉 – This website allows you to find retailers, teams, and fields around the United States quickly and easily!  Now you can find new places to play at, and airsofters to meet, with the click of a button!  You can add your team or store HERE.



Operation: IRONHORSE – The Guardian Center will be hosting this American MilSim operation in Perry, GA in just a couple of months!  Guardian Centers are designed to help soldiers and emergency response personnel practice scenarios in a real world environment.  Looks like this AO will be a great place to test airsofters as well!



Taya Kyle Wins American Sniper Shootout – Although not airsoft-related, I found this to be a very interesting article.  Taya Kyle (wife of American Sniper, Chris Kyle) was able to make 100% of her shots during the competition using TrackingPoint weaponry.  The advance technology will allow our troops to fight enemies with minimal exposure of themselves and with maximum accuracy.  To find out more about TrackingPoint, go to their website HERE.




Airsoft Discoveries (October 2015)


Airsoft Discoveries- October 2015 |
(affiliate links included)

This is Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries,” where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month.  So without further ado, let’s jump into the airsoft discoveries I’ve made this past month!



ICS Airsoft– ICS is know for their AEG’s proprietary split gearbox design, giving you the ability to make rapid FPS changes and easily diagnose and repair your AEG on the fly.  I just purchased their CXP16S from to try out the brand and see what I think.  I’ll be posting a review in a couple of months after thorough testing, but initial impressions are good.

Steelmouth Mesh Mask–  I heard about this product on the Pneumatic Musketeers podcast.  This ultra low profile mesh mask by is designed to give you adequate protection without ruining that certain “look” you’re trying to achieve with your load out.  They retail for $13.95.

M-3 Tri Shot Shotgun Mag Converter– This 3D printed adapter allows you to use an M4 magazine with your Tri Shot M3 shotgun!  It looks like it may include a tracer unit for night or CQB games.  All of this for the price of $30!  AEG operators will fear your 300 round shotgun of doom! 😉

MilSim Drones?

Drone Rules– One of the tools that is becoming more prevalent in the airsoft community is drones.  Drones can take great ariel footage and aid in recon operations.  But how does a team neutralize a $700+ weapon the enemy is using without destroying it (and paying the owner for the damages)?

Milsim Tactical Training Podcast suggested using a Polaroid camera to take a picture of a drone and, after showing the drone in the picture to a ref, the drone would be disabled for a certain amount of time.  Let me know your solution in the comments!

Anti-Drone Systems– I heard about the Battelle Drone Defender on  It is designed to give the user the ability to safely disable drones and bring them under the operator’s control.  Although likely to be very expensive (and restricted to law enforcement and military use), the concept would still be awesome for disabling drones during MilSim games if it became available to the public!


Websites:– Airsoft Mike’s YouTube page has tons of reviews on gear and guns for airsofters.  I recently watched his review of the SJ5000+ (an upgraded, built-in WiFi version of the SJ4000 I use) on Popular Airsoft and liked his style and thoroughness.  His website also features lots of airsoft gear pics for airsofters to download!– This website is the home of some really cool, 3D printed airsoft gear!  You can purchase unique airsoft stuff like shotgun shell to M4 mag converters, a “wrench” for melee kills,  or trip wires for your next airsoft game!


I hope you enjoyed this month’s “Airsoft Discoveries.”  Be sure to stay tuned for November’s edition!  If you have anything airsoft related you’ve discovered this month, be sure to comment about it!


Airsoft Discoveries (September 2015)


Airsoft Discoveries September 2015 |

This is The Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries”, where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month.  So without further ado, let’s jump into the airsoft discoveries I’ve made during September!


Super Core Piston–  This piston is said to be one of the best on the market.  It has is a metal side rail reinforcement on the half rack of metal teeth for added strength and durability!

Apex Airsoft– If you haven’t heard of this airsoft gun company based out of Hong Kong, then do yourself a favor and check them out.  They are one of the up-and-coming companies that is developing airsoft guns that meet the needs of airsofters.  Their new Gen. 2 guns have many enhancements for better reliability (they removed the mechanical blowback), accuracy (6.03mm tightbore barrel), and awesomeness (like the Keymod rails)!

Black Talon Concepts MOSFETs: These Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (aka MOSFETs) are some of the best on the market.  They enable your gun the become “smart” and enhance its capabilities.  Your AEG will get new functions like burst fire (for hardcore MilSim), active motor braking, pre cocking (for ultimate trigger response), a shortened trigger pull, and a big increase in gearbox reliability.  Of course this all comes at a cost (around $100 to be exact), but with enough durability to run car batteries, and all these other features, you get what you pay for.



Washing Your Airsoft BBs– I saw this video by novritsch (an airsoft sniper) on the Popular Airsoft news site.  It demonstrates how to wash airsoft BBs to remove the manufacturing residue for maximum accuracy.  Not sure I would see much results with my CQB guns, but I won’t deny it works till I try it!  Remember that Bio BBs might have a few issues with the water used to clean them (he mentions that fact in the video).

40 Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades!– Ever wondered what $240 worth of Enola Gaye smoke grenades looks like?  Here you go! (skip to 0:52)-


Websites:– This website is a massive database of airsoft gear available from many airsoft stores around the country.  Its powerful search engine allows you to find the gear you want and shows you exactly what sites have it in-stock.  Now you can buy the gear you need when its out of stock at your favorite airsoft shop, without scouring the internet!– This is the official website of the Austrian airsoft sniper, novritsh.  He sells sniper cams, tune up kits, and more.  He also sells a PDF guide to airsoft sniping for just $3.50!


Airsoft Discoveries (August 2015)


Airsoft Discoveries August 2015 |

This is Airsoft Warrior’s “Airsoft Discoveries”, where I write up a post about airsoft videos, news, tips, and much more I’ve discovered during the month.  So without further ado, let’s jump into the airsoft discoveries I’ve made this past month!


Rhodesian Revolt– I heard about this annual event (the 4th one so far) that occurred in June through THIS podcast.  It features a full 24 hours of MilSim in a immersive environment known as the Sandbox in Central Utah.  Each player is given a special role to play in the game after passing specific training requirements (which can be very difficult, as you can see by the Sniper MOS (Military Occupation Specialty).  Definitely one to mark on your calendar for next year!

MilSim West’s Assault on Derbent–  I heard about this through Popular Airsoft and Merlin’s Airsoft News.  MilSim West is know for having long (40 hour), massive (hundreds of acres) airsoft games. Since this is their first event in Missouri, and it will be at a 1800 acre facility, you can expect a lot of long range battles, outflanking, and squad maneuvering.  Tickets are currently $150.  Dates are October 16th-18th.



Speed Airsoft–  These guys produce all sorts of cool airsoft products (including these nice red dot lens protectors).  They also make lots of machined keymod accessories.  You can see all of their products HERE.

A&K PTW:  This $270 version of the Systema PTW (which goes for $2000+) has a low ROF but excellent trigger response according to reviews.  It features a quick change cylinder system (like the original PTW) to allow you to change the guns FPS to meet field and mission requirements.  Other comparable guns include the WE Katana and AEGs made by ICS.



AirsoftGI’s Offical BB Wars Website– Now you can check out the latest stats and info on the conflict between the Rebel and Imperial forces!  Worth checking out even if you haven’t joined the battle yet.



Cooking Your MRE In Style!Evike Matt is now know the world around as a celebrity chef!  Check out his MRE cooking video HERE.