Out On The Field: Working With Others


Out On The Field: Working With Others | AirsoftWarrior.net

I recently visited a field to get in some summer training and to get back into the airsofting groove.  The team that hosted the day decided to start off the day with scenarios to introduce new airsofters to that form of game play and to enhance the training aspects of the battle.  One of the scenarios involved our team securing and holding a water supply for a set amount of time, while keeping our “interpreter” from being captured.

I had realized by this point of the day that our team needed to have some form of organization if we where going to succeed.  In a previous scenario, our objective was to place a smoke can in a location across the battle field and set it off.  All the while we had to prevent the enemy from deploying their smoke can and eliminating our “interpreter”.  A main bunker complex lie only 50 feet from our re-spawn point and was a major hold up during the game.

Due to lack of understanding and our semi-uncoordinated team, we ended up rushing the main bunker complex with only a few seconds left and deployed the enemy’s smoke for them!

Back to the game at hand….

To prevent the lack of coordination that had occurred in the previous battle from happening again,  I decide to try and get a few players to work as a squad on the left flank of the battlefield.  Three newer players, a battle buddy of mine, and another experience player decided to work as a squad to push the left flank.  Using a few tactics, watching each others six, and  joining up with other players, we were able to form a solid left flank.  Although our impromptu squad dissolved as the battle progressed, we had been effective and helped to win the scenario for our team.

I learned that during a battle at a field to stay coordinated and effective:

  • Form squads to organize a large team into an effective fighting force. A squad is easier to control and work with than trying to coordinate a whole team to capture an objective.  They can be a game changer.
  • Ask for help, don’t command it.  I just asked a few players if they would be willing to go left with me.  They all were fine with it, most likely because it meant they had a sense of direction and purpose.  Try forcing people to join a squad, and you’ll just get some cold stares.
  • Plan as you go.  Besides having a general direction (left flank) we had no other plans on how our squad would operate.  I barely knew most of the people on my team.  We ended up doing just fine.  We used a point man that knew the terrain and implemented  a good team formation recommended  by one of our squad members.  By making up plans as we went and adjusting to the battle, we were able to be effective.

I hope this post helps you to be a good squad member and work with others at your next battle.  Let me know if you have a ideas on how to better coordinate a large team; or if you have had any experiences, good or bad, with coordinating a team and working with others at the field, and how you solve those issues.  See you on the battlefield!


Summer Scenarios: “King Of The Hill”


Summer Scenarios: "King Of The Hill" | AirsoftWarrior.net

Recently I was involved in an airsoft skirmish and played “King Of The Hill”.  I had so much fun capturing and attempting to hold the hill from the onslaught my fellow warriors.  Here is how to play the scenario and some tactics that you can use to be “King Of The Hill”!

How To Play “King Of Hill”:

Players: 3+ (The more players the more fast paced and difficult the game will be)
Re-spawn: Select a series of location (preferable surrounding the hill).  Each player will have a separate re-spawn area.  Re-spawn is 30 seconds for fast paced game play.
Battle Zone: A centrally located hill with lots of cover and places to hide on top and on the way up.
Supplies: No special supplies are necessary.

Battle Zone Set Up: Red dots are Re-Spawn areas (we had three players).  The blue dot is the location of the “King Of The Hill”.

"King Of The Hill" Map | AirsoftWarrior.net

To Play:
1. One player is chosen as the “King Of The Hill”; and starts at the chosen location on the hill top.

2. All other players start at their separate re-spawn points.  They may work together to capture the hill; but only one player can be “King Of The Hill”.

3. Players attempt to capture the hill. First player to the top after the “King Of The Hill” is eliminated is the new “King Of The Hill”.

4. Play continues till a chosen end time (example is 30 minutes).  Player that has been the “King Of The Hill” the most times is the winner.

Keep Your Head Down: The enemy will be looking for your location (Remember: he only knows your general area, not your exact location).  Don’t give it away by “goose-necking”.  Find a piece of cover that works and stay low.

Wait For The Shot:  Get in a position that forces the enemy to expose himself to hit you.  Make him come to you and wait for the right moment before firing.  You don’t want to give away your position prematurely.

Keep Watch: Always be looking around.  The enemy can, and will, approach from any direction. Listen for the enemy making noise and don’t be surprised when the he comes out from that direction.

Let me know how this scenario works for you.  If there are any rule changes/improvements that you made please comment them below.


Why You Should Have A Springer Battle


Why You Should Have A Springer Battle | AirsoftWarrior.net

Spring powered airsoft guns (or “springers” for short) are one of the most overlooked gun types in airsoft.  The reason they are overlooked may be that some believe they are cheap (which most are, the exception being bolt action sniper rifles) or that the low rate of fire will cause them to be less effective on the battlefield.

I contend that basic springers can still be an effective weapon type if used properly in the right setting.  They force you to up your game.  You can no longer “spray and pray” that your bbs will hit the target, you must use tactics and accuracy to win the battle.

The best way to break out those spring guns and still be effective and tactical is to have a dedicated springer battle.  As you can imagine, in a springer battle everyone can only use spring guns that are relatively equal in ammo capacity and power.

I like to use spring weapons for training purposes.  I just recently had a springer battle at one of my battle buddy’s HQ.  I used my trusty Crosman Stinger P311 pistol.  I was able to refine my communication and teamwork skills without the stress of a full-on battle.  (I will be putting some videos that the Chief took of the battle on AirsoftWarrior.net soon)

Now that you know why you should have a springer battle, here are some ideas to help you refine your skills and gain new ones for your more full-on battles-

1. Try new things
Test new tactics and strategies in a springer battle.  You have nothing to lose, and you may end up with a new tactic that will apply to you bigger battles.

2. Focus on your weakness
Have you noticed that you aren’t properly using cover?  Are you too impatient in battle?  If you notice an untactical habit you have picked up, try to fix it during a springer battle.  Focus on that issue and train yourself out of it.

Springer battles are meant to be fun.  Get out there and relax.  Enjoy just airsofting and hanging out with your teammates.  If you don’t feel like being tactical, this is the time (just don’t train yourself into a bad habit).  If coming up with objectives and scenarios is your thing, go for it; but don’t let that get in the way of a relaxed game.

Let me know how your springer battle goes; and if there are any ideas you have to improve the training/relaxed atmosphere of them.  Watch for the videos of my recent springer battle, coming soon to AirsoftWarrior.net.



Summer Scenarios: “Hold the Flag”


Summer Scenarios: "Hold the Flag" | AirsoftWarrior.net

Scenarios are a great way to train for an operation; or just to add an extra element to your backyard battles.  In today’s post I wanted to give you guys a scenario that you could play with your battle buddies during the summer. During Operation C14, I was able to participate in several scenarios, all of which were a lot of fun.  One of the scenarios was “Hold the Flag”.  I will be outlining how to play “Hold the Flag” and some of the tactics and strategies that worked for me.

Basic Rules of “Hold the Flag”

Size of Battle Zone: We used a 120′ by 100′ area.  It would have been better to have a larger area; but we made do. (The more players you have, the larger the playing area and number of bunkers you will need.  You may also need to limit the AEGs to semi only depending on the battlefield size)

Number of Players: 4+ (we played 2 on 3)- You will need one player be on the sidelines and keep track of time.

Re-spawn: Unlimited per player/30 seconds per re-spawn (If you have more players have a longer re-spawn.  The goal is for re-spawn to be long enough to tactically affect the battle.)

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 different colored flags (we used red and green bandannas)- put flags on a pole at different ends and stick pole in a 5 gallon bucket.
  • Bunkers- pallets covered with constructor-grade trash bags, trash cans, barrels, and even an old couch will work

Set Up:  Two (2) HQ Bunkers at each end of the battle area (these will also be your re-spawn point).  The flag should be centrally located and in an open area to make it more difficult to get to.  Spread several bunkers around the play area (more players=more bunkers)

Below is the lay out of our field for this scenario.  The couch is brown, trash cans are blue, wheelbarrow is gray, black lines are pallets, green circles are trees, and the flag is red.  Our play area was 120′ by 100′.

'Hold the Flag' Scenario Diagram | AirsoftWarrior.net

To Play: 1. Both teams start at the HQ bunkers. 2.  At the start signal from the ref,  both teams begin the fight.  You can use a whistle or a air horn to start the game. 3.  Both teams try to flip the flag to their color.  After a set amount of time (we played a 10 minute game and counted points every two minutes) the ref will blow the whistle or air horn and count one point for the team that has the flag in their possession. 4. After the time limit is up the ref will end the game.  The team with the most points wins.

Tactics that worked for me:

  • In this small of an area you have to be very aggressive.  I often waited for an opening and then rushed the flag.  I got eliminated quite a bit; but sometimes it was a very effective move that secured my team some points.

I remember one instance where I rushed the flag; and accidentally slid.  I ended up with       the flag bucket in between my feet.  I was able to flip the flag, get up, and run back to             cover without getting hit by the three players that where pounding away on semi from           30 feet away!  Sometimes you just get lucky (or have skill, as my battle buddies like to             call it).

  • Be sure to use teamwork and get a good position near the flag.  When my teammate got eliminated it left a large hole in our defenses.  I was able to hold the flag by getting a good angle on the flag bucket and waiting it out till my teammate was back in.  Also, communicate with your teammate to coordinate rushes so you can get some covering fire.

I hope that you have a lot of fun with your team, battling through this scenario.  Let me know how it goes; and if there are any rules that you changed to make the scenario even more fun.